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Ugandan police raid US-funded HIV project accused of ‘training homosexuals’

  • Colin

    The more headlines this gets the more governments and the UN need to act.

  • Serkan M

    Only in Africa. No wonder people are racist.

    • Redfern

      I know there’s an urge to do so, but let’s not make this about race – let’s face it, out LGBT Ugandans are some of the bravest people on the planet. They don’t deserve racism on top of everything.

  • Halou

    I thought Uganda wanted to deal with it’s HIV/AIDS issues, not exacerbate them. Country run by fools.

  • Ali Cat

    Yet our government is still sending gay Ugandans back there instead of offering them asylum.

  • Truth

    Are there no depths to which these people will not stoop? I suspect this is far more about searching for the funds which are no longer being paid directly to corrupt government officials.

  • Tobias
    • Truth

      Thanks for that link, Tobias. Seems to confirm my theory about the real reason behind this raid: money. These people are the absolute SCUM of the earth. If there really was a god, he’d send these vile specimens immediately to hell ….

      • Tobias

        I try not to think in terms of hell, but sadly this sort of thing undermines my good intentions. The sheer depravity of the man beggars description. He causes and uses the suffering of others to cling to power and amass personal wealth.

  • mike

    Oh yes the way to deal with AIDSHIV is to have sex with a virgin; the younger the better, according to the President of South Africa that is. As to a Gay training Centre what a good idea (although its already been done its called an Air Steward Course)!!!!
    :-) (controversial comment eh? eh?)

  • Jock S.Trap

    I thought they had removed the death sentence…. clearly not.

    Ugandans stop being so nasty, dangerous to humanity, stupid but most of all…. be careful what you wish for? This vile attitude has a habit of turning around and biting!

  • Jones

    And our government is refusing to impose travel bans on Ugandan government officials. However they were first to move on travel bans for Russians over Ukraine. Shame.

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