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This company takes a lot of anti-gay comments and turns them into ‘love’

  • Ali Cat

    Whoever came up with the idea of doing that deserves a raise. It’s sweet, simple, and positive.

  • Steve_R

    Kudos to Honey Maid for turning the negatives it received into a positive creation. I loved the ingenious honeycomb of “love”. A simple and yet creative way of turning the other cheek in non offensive way. This is probably lost on the bigots and one million mom’s (all 9 of them) who’s toxic actions are the embodiment of intolerance without conscience

  • Pure genius!

    Whoever runs their marketing and PR needs a raise, and other companies need to look into hiring similar.

  • Emily

    Spot on! Such a sweet, lovely and non-aggressive way of putting the bigots back in the cave and celebrating those who supported their message!

  • Colin

    Classy. Well done

  • Rumbelow

    Love wins out

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