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Scotland: Man who murdered wife said she was a ‘cheating lesbian whore’

  • Truth

    So, was it infidelity which drove him to kill or some weird, misguided religious belief that homosexuality is wrong which caused him to disobey a fundamental ‘Commandment’? Whatever it was, this man needs to be locked away for a VERY long time …..

  • Ali Cat

    Every single day we read about women being murdered by their husbands, boyfriends, ex-partners, how many more women have to die before something changes? Women and children are not property that can be got rid of. I love my partner to bits, if she cheated on me I’d be rather cheesed of, but I don’t own her, if she chooses to leave me then that would be her choice. Clearly men who murder their partners don’t see it that way.

    • Rehan

      Sadly, in terms of evolutionary biology, it’s unlikely things will ever change substantially: many men – and some women too – simply cannot control their violent instincts. Let’s not forget, though, that generations of women all over the world too have colluded in promoting the idea of the “real man”, which includes a capacity to exert strength and dominate.

  • Lunarria

    ….ooooook….maaaybe she shouldn’t have been having an affair…but I have to wonder if it had been a man…would he have stabbed her to death…or the other guy?

    • Ali Cat

      Having an affair doesn’t justify his actions.

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