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European Parliament wants guaranteed free movement for LGBT people

  • CHBrighton

    No doubt this news will cause Monsieur Farage to choke on his cornflakes this morning, but tough. This type of initiative from the EU is spot on.

    • Jones

      He’s probably not bothered. I don’t think gay rights are anywhere on his agenda.

      • CHBrighton

        I agree. And even worse is his and his party’s (and dare I say it the conservative party’s) cavalier attitude to European Human Rights bodies which Fargage and co want Britain to withdraw from.

        • Madgeographer

          I suppose he misses Oswald Mosley a lot

      • Madgeographer

        Well, he opposes it. In fact when someone from the UKIP said that the party changes its stance, he actively opposed it. It is on his agenda. To deny us equality.

  • Dimitris T

    I think that freedom to move from one country to another, within the EU, means nothing without a common, agreed and applied basis of legal satus for lgbt people and lgbt couples. I am from Greece, which is notorious for lagging behind in lgbt rights. I said “agreed and applied” because Greece is also notorious for aggreeing to many things and then not to apply them. For example, ALL (present) MEPs voted for Lunacek Roadmap, even MEPs form governing right party, New Democracy. The recent scandal about ND MEPs and high-ranking members closely related to Nazi Golden Dawn (which was though rumured long time ago) does not guarantee much hope for application for anything Lunacek Roadmap is all about. We are citizens, we pay taxes and we want to be guaranteed safety and decent treatment all around the EU. You are able to come here, visit Greece, or stay here, but you have to know that there is absolutely no legal recognision, even when it come to hospital visiting and decision making about illness. Discrimination is present almost everywhere and you should rather avoid Greek TV… (An interesting and recent book on those matters is Athens, the Truth, by David Cade). The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of a company who sacked a HIV positive employee and he won the case in ECHR, as well as lgbt couples and individuals have won a case in ECHR over civil unions. People who want to be incernated after death will have to make arrangements that when they die, this has to be done in another country etc. We do not want to impose any way of life to anyone, but Greek Orthodox Church and conservative people in Greece do impose their attitude to others, who may not agree with that. Lgbt people should never vote for political parties that deny the notion of human rights and the notion of an EU which cares about human rights. The new French MP said he wants to protect French people from a “crazy EU”, but the EU has also to protect European citizens from “accidents” in “crazy countries” !

    • Madgeographer

      This is a very good point. I had a conversation about it yesterday and we realised that the EU is actually a motor for change. National politicians love to criticise it because it’s convenient to do so, but many reforms begun in Brussels

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    I can see the Eastern Countries like Romania and Lativa blocking this

    • Madgeographer

      I can see a person who uses cold war terms to relegate countries of the West as Eastern. this attitude towards fellow EU countries only polarises Europe, creating tensions and consequantly impeding social liberalisation in these countries, which survived 40 years in communism. That definitely doesn’t help our brothers and sisters living in them. Also, we have to Remember Italy, where LGBT rights are below the rights in Baltic states, or Romania:

      ALSO, Romania is geographically in Central/Southern Europe, while Latvia in Northern Europe.

      We should be happy about the news! :) :) :)

      • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

        I don’t get that, what criteria did they use?

        I am just surprised to see the UK ahead of the Nordic countries, Denmark especially

        • Madgeographer

          Well, this is their methodology:

          Perhaps this is because Denmark refuses anyone have civil partnerships

        • Zambanini4Equality

          I’m also shocked to see the Republic Georgia rated above Italy! (21% to 19%) WTF?! Italy may not have laws protecting LGBT people but you would never see a vicious genocidal mob attack in Italy against a Gay Pride parade like was seen in Georgia a couple of years ago, led, aided and abetted by their police! I think the IGLA map means little in some cases. ISTAT (the Italian state statistical association) polls have actually shown the Italian public is relatively open-minded about Gays and Lesbians – support for equal marriage is virtually identical to levels in France (!) – Italy lacks civil rights laws for LGBT people because the majority of the politicians are still spineless sycophants of the Catholic Church! That is beginning to change in the Pd, M5S etc.. . I shudder at what a similar public poll would show about the citizens of the Republic of Georgia or the Ukraine for example! That appalling display of hatred in Georgia was reminiscent of mob attacks you would see against Jews in WWII Nazi Germany – or worse!

        • Merv99

          It was absurd for the UK in May 2013 to be ranked higher than countries that recognize same-sex marriage. Even now, not all parts of the UK recognize same-sex marriage.

    • Zambanini4Equality

      As an American, I never understood how such homophobic countries like Poland, Romania and Latvia etc… ever got into the EU in the first place! Obviously human rights for LGBT people don’t mean that much to the EU. And the thought of the EU admitting such hateful, bigoted countries as Georgia or the Ukraine is absolutely unthinkable!

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