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‘Art School Stole My Virginity’ takes place, and it’s not what you expected

  • waldo

    I can’t comment on what he did, because I wasn’t there but I am relieved he didn’t have sex.

    • Six

      Relieved? Why? What would it matter to you if he had?

  • thenumber2goose

    This may be the first piece of ‘modern art’ that I actually kind of understand

  • Cal

    Sound like pretentious w@nk to me.

    • Ed

      Honestly, it sounded kind of clever. ;)

      • Johnny

        I thought so too. Good on him.

      • Cal

        Doesn’t believe in vicinity? Well I don’t believe in rain. Am I an artist now?

  • Silly Old Bastard

    Poor troubled sod. I hope he manages to stay this side of psychiatric treatment in the future, but it’s not starting well, is it?

  • VP

    Mhm…. yes, but is it art?

  • Ray

    Just another mod art trying to get an audience. Bring back the ‘Banana Splits’ (1970’s US TV show if your not as ancient as moi) ; at least they were funny (sometimes)…
    Cute lad though- maybe he’ll try the anal for real one day- and not with a squiggy banana!

  • I have to wonder, first of all, why this got the media attention and outrage it seems to have garnered. Artists do plenty of “odd” things in live performances every week, but I guess it’s more “shocking” when it’s about “gay sex” and a “student”. No doubt the Daily Heil would lave loved to held this up as an example of “everything that’s wrong with liberal broken Britain!!!!”

    Second, as a former art student, don’t be fooled into thinking this can’t be “pretentious w@nk” (as another here has put it), or that we just don’t understand it. Sometimes it’s not clever, or meaningful, or deep, sometimes it’s is just a kid wanting to emulate Emin and shock people. There is a lot of ambition and ego in young artists. It’s not always about art, it’s sometimes just about the shock factor.

    But – and this is the often baffling thing – it’s still art, and sometimes because of that ego and need for attention.

    Everything that someone creates can be considered art. Some of the rantings about the entries to the Turner Prize have interested me before, because while I might not see the traditional “talent” (I’m an oil on canvas, pencil, sculpture type myself) I see that a lot of people don’t understand what art actually is – again, it’s usually the Daily Heil crowd who rant about Turner because they just don’t have the capacity to understand art.

    • Cal

      Art. Noun. The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power:
      Have some Turner prizewinners (Martin Creed’s The Lights Going On And Off springs to mind) made this definition defunct?

  • Steve Masters

    He is so far up his own backside he never had a “virginity” to lose in the first place!!!!!

  • Matthew Black

    The young man needs psychiatric treatment.

  • bythethamesisatdownandwept

    Moving and powerful, by PN’s description – a young human being reclaiming their personhood from objectification, and using art to do so powerfully and publically.

  • Šibanje Napušavanje

    Performance is not visual art. It is cabaret theatre.

    It is high time we explain this to our “art students” worlwide after 40 years of being lead astray by the likes of the pretentious spotlight addict Marina Abramovic.

    Visual art does not include video clips. They are a different kind of art forms. Not even photography is visual art stricto sensu.

    Visual art is painting, sketching, and sculpture making. End of story.

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