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Archbishop of Canterbury defends Anglican position on gays from Ann Widdecombe attack

  • Colin

    The blind and stupid leading the blind and stupid…Bigots…. Diversity in society is a good thing. There is no one way. How controlling and arogant Widders is. Shocking in this day and age.

    Get religion off this planet please.

  • Truth

    Divisive, destructive, childish. Religion has caused more wars and suffering on this planet than anything else. Instead of hand-wringing over what might happen if his organisation accepted the concept of equality, he would be better announcing the disestablishment of the church, shutting up shop and going home. If he could talk the pope and ayatollahs into doing the same, we would have a much happier and more peaceful world. But that’s not going to happen is it? These people enjoy their privileged, powerful positions too much ….

  • Mark Y

    She left the church of England because they accepted that Women were (nearly) equal to Men and joined an organisation that says Women are not equal. What a stupid Woman.

    • Truth

      A very mixed bag …. and how she’s changed her tune! She used to be one of the most homophobic bigots in the Tory party.

  • OMG What is the world coming to when the ArchBish is on our side? have I fallen down a rabbit hole?

  • Cal

    Well, if sex is always wrong outside of marriage, thank goodness we can get married now and be sinners no more! Welby says he accepts same-sex marriage meaning (presumably) that he accepts our ‘conjugal’ rights. So where’s the issue?
    As for Ann, thank God she laid into ordained women and abortion too. Puts her ignorant words in context.

  • Sparkyu1

    Hah, it takes someone as utterly vilely bigoted as Ann Widdecombe to make this man look progressive!

  • James Orpin

    “We couldn’t get a clear steer on abortion. It is quiet on a whole range of issues. What I want is a Church which says what is right, regardless of whether it is popular or not, says what is wrong, but gives a very straightforward teaching.”

    In other words she is too stupid or lazy to think for herself and needs the church to tell her what to think.

  • Toni Massari

    Slated by Ann Widdicombe? HE MUST be so proud! I can’t think of a better accolade than being targeted by The Fascist Toad herself!

  • Russ T

    Ughhh. The old toad strikes again!!

  • JackAlison

    I luv bigots like Ann Widdi jus for pure entertainment value. She just never gets off the gay bandwagon which of course is highly suspicious like her good friend Nigel Tebbitt thinking now he can marry his son or nephew after SSM was passed.

  • Rumbelow

    Ann Widdicombe has now totally demonstrated that she is incapable of determining for herself what is morally right or wrong and she needs to be told.
    It is her misfortune to be so incapable and stupid as to not be able to use logic and reason to decide for herself what is right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable, we also now know Widdicombe has no moral authority at all, she’s just a severely daft sheep who wants to be coralled and ordered to do things by an authority figure rather than think for herself, why would anyone want to listen to her opinions on anything?

    • Wingby

      I think she’s well capable of working out what she thinks. She just wants a big authoritarian organisation to agree with her so she can borrow their stick to bully others.

  • CHBrighton

    She likes the good smack of authoritarian religion and politics does our Ann. None of that namby pamby do as you would be done by nonsense nor, heavens forfend, any careful and sensitive thinking-through issues.

  • Mike

    I don’t think we need to worry too much about Auntie Ann, boys and girls. She’s just a frustrated old would be catholic “holier than thou” sad old cat lady with a fixation on a number of issues she don’t like(!) Never mind Ann, be grateful its 2014; if you had been born in the 17th Century they knew what to do with your sort then….BURN HER!!!!!!

  • Jones

    If the Church was a political party it wouldn’t receive any votes. Doesn’t believe gay people should be able to marry and won’t allow gay people to represent them, bans eating shellfish and believes everyone should worship something that has no evidence of being.

  • Paul J

    Yet another “Christian” obsessed with homosexuality and sexism, rather than following Christ’s teachings of love, not judging others and not worshiping money. I almost wish there was a God for the laugh of watching Him reject Widders and her ilk.

  • Matthew Black

    We all have a right to an opinion, we are a democracy. If you do not like what they have to say ,you do not have to listen or read about it. There is no need to post
    nasty comments.

    • Wingby

      The right to an opinion includes the right to respond to others’ opinions. Nastiness is subjective. I find Widdi’s comments intensely nasty.

  • Widdecombe obviously wants to be told what to think. And this woman was an MP?

  • MOA

    looking forward for the day when all will be clear that she is just another closeted case….

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