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Mississippi Governor pledges to sign law legalising anti-gay discrimination

  • Dave G

    Pernicious bigoted crap from a state with a terrible history of race discrimination.

    That’s another one crossed off the tourist itinerary, then.

    • ChrisInLA

      Had you seriously considered touring there? Hard to believe.

      • city2city

        Darling – all those repressed Southern Boys and their hospitality? A visit there and a mobile phone with Grindr and Scruff is sure to be finger licking good.

  • CHBrighton

    Mississippi must be twinned with Ukip.

  • Bikerman

    Tote dat barge!
    Lif’ dat bale!
    Git a little drunk
    An’ you land in jail.

    Mississippi – The land that time forgot

  • Euro1989

    Why not bring in segregation whilst your at it! What an absolute weapon! I am truly ashamed of the human race sometimes.

  • feduplegalcitizen

    the first decent thing I seen from Mississippi in years!

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