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Killer vet who bludgeoned man with toothbrush and metal bar in S&M sex session gets 10 years

  • SMT

    What a vile, disgusting man. His activities make me want to vomit. It is perverted idiots like this that make the wide community think gay men are sick.

    • James!

      So does each hetrosexual man speak and act for all of them? You’re paranoid mate

    • saintlaw

      People who are inclined to take this monster as representative think we’re sick regardless.

  • Roger

    We’ve all done it…

    • Darren

      Have we?

  • Rob

    Please don’t go giving Michael Lucas any more insane ideas, Pink News……

  • Homo Demon

    I guess that stapling somene’s nostril shut with a surgical stapler, forcibly inserting a metal pole up someone’s anus and mutilating someone with surgical implements goes beyond what one may otherwise affectionately refer to as a bit of ‘slap and tickle’.

    Putting that brutality to one side, what I find most sickening is the total disregard for life and the callousness of detachment. How can you kill someone and then get another shag round? The victim was literally tossed to one side so that he could crack on with sexual conquests and toss someone else off.

    The disgust that people have shouldn’t be about extreme sex, but about the disrespect for the value of human life.

  • Andrea_Rae

    10 years seems kinda light for torturing someone to death, no?

  • Sister Mary Clarence

    Sweet Mother of God, how the f*&+ did the guy only get 10 years – this is one piece of scum they should have bought back the death penalty for.

    I felt physically sick reading this. What sort of world are we living in?

  • david m

    Just explain, please, how do you bludgeon someone to death with a toothbrush?

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