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Former prisons minister: It’s ‘disgraceful’ how the UK Border Agency has handled LGBT asylum cases over the years

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    They are right.

    The media has made a song and dance about the deportance about that 19 year old from the normally safe country of Mauritius who claimed Asylum based on an un-proven claim about a threat from a mad relative.

    However when people are actually under threat from their family, government of death or insane prison sentences just for being LGBT. The UK Asylum system is a joke really

  • GulliverUK

    It’s difficult to promote human rights and set a clear globally-leading high standard for others to follow when you behave badly yourself. We’ve behaved badly in LGBT asylum, and asylum generally. This is an international treaty obligation, not negotiable, not up for discussion, there are absolute procedure which need to be followed, but yet we seem to have immigration chiefs (and workers I guess) making up illegal and peculiar procedures to thwart asylum seekers, many of whom are genuine, with results risking their lives. These are some of the most vulnerable people on the planet and they deserve, their cases need to be handed with compassion, and in a clear dignified manner. I really don’t understand why we find it so difficult to determine genuine cases and process them promptly. Given a chance these people will really want to make it here, make something of their life, and contribute to society, to pay back the chance of a free life.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    This is a very very tricky area. Every day 1000s of people around the world are saying “To hell with visa applications! I’m just gonna chance turning up wherever the hell I like”! And these people are so disrespectful of borders they will do and say anything to get themselves into whatever country they choose. We therefore have to consider that these unprincipled chancers who flout international law will squeal for asylum on the grounds of being LGBTs, when in fact they’re nothing of the sort. But how can our border agents determine whether they are or not? It’s very very difficult in most cases. There may be some cases who can produce documentation, or convincing and genuine videos and suchlike, and there may be some who may seem “obviously LGBT”. But even “obviousness” is not reliable. There are some heterosexuals who look like LGBTs or who behave like LGBTs but they are NOT LGBT! And bearing in mind the extraordinarily clever work that some chancers will do to forge passports that fool the most eagle-eyed border staff, we have to consider the other lengths they’ll go to. For example, staging convincing videos of themselves being beaten up by “villagers” back home – when in fact the villagers are being paid for the production of the video.

    I’m all for giving asylum to those who are genuine, but the counterfeiters are, and have always been, legion!

    • GulliverUK

      “how can our border agents determine whether they are or not? It’s very very difficult in most cases.”

      I generally agree that it seems difficult to you and me, but then we are not experts in asylum and immigration, we don’t have years of experience.

      I’ve just restored my Win 2012r2 server, which uses Windows Spaces, with write-back caching via SSD on a raid array, after the system drive failed. Imported all the virtual machines back, and everything is happily running as it was last night. I’ve got the skills to do that. I have to believe that the Home Office has people who actually know what they’re doing, are experienced professionals capable of determining who is genuine with some reasonable accuracy. They must certainly have information and techniques and checks which we can’t even imagine without much greater knowledge of how they do their jobs. Some of the things we read about, and some of the things said by immigration officials – “just go back home and act less gay” – is incredible, as well as having been proved to be illegal. I’d find the person who authorised people to say that and sack them.

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