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US: Newly out Arizona senator told to ‘act more gay’ by colleague

  • That There Other David

    How exactly is he supposed to “act more gay”? Some people really show how ignorant they are about us with comments like that, don’t they.

  • MrPeterCat

    Someone should ask her to “act more Latino” so that she can understand what she’s said.

  • JCF


  • I would have turned to her and asked her if she had a darker shade of hate she might wear because the one she was wearing clashed with her bold face bigotry.

  • Mikeylano

    Typical troglodyte whose only interaction with gay people is what they have seen on glee.

  • Truth

    A classic example of pig-ignorance. The only personal knowledge this Neanderthal nut job has probably ever had of someone ‘gay’ is seeing Liberace on TV. That is why it is so important to challenge every stereotype of us portrayed in the media and why gay men, across the spectrum of character, must be open about who they love. The more familiar the general populace becomes with us, the more accepting they will be … and presumably will then refrain from the kind of imbecilic remark made by this ignorant woman.

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