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Former Attitude publisher slams Sainsbury’s for covering up gay magazines

  • Truth

    Homophobia is alive and well …. and living in Sainsbury’s. Well, Pink Pound People …. you know what to do, don’t you …?

  • john p

    I always move attitude & GT to in front of the boards in my local Sainsbury. I have made a point of doing this for some time now as they have been using this underhand homophobic censorship in my local Sainsbury for months now.

  • Daniel

    It would seem that Sainsburys thinks that lads’ mag FHM or Toilet-Humour Viz is perfectly acceptable to have in view, but a Gay Men’s magazine must be censored. It’s backward and pretty shameful of Sainsburys.

  • jmemanc

    I’m not sure why this is being covered by the Pink News again. Seems as though they are looking for malice when cock up is much more likely, and giving their readers the chance to be offended/outraged all over again.

  • Adam

    If true its not acceptable, but these stories often end in a different way. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that the person who took the photo, first removed existing covers on lads mags, then took the shot, just to start this kind of a stir… might not be the case, but we’ve seen it happen.

  • AdrianT

    There has been lobbying from a group called the Front Page Campaign which has been targeting lads mags and LGBT publications – their rationale being that semi-nakedness is shameful. This campaign has unified fundamentalist Christians and feminists and the retailers have caved in. Time to fight back – some kind of campaign in store or a protest outside it, because the retailers cave in to those who shout the loudest,

  • Rehan

    …THAT’S what the law was designed to do – not to invite any individual or retailer to exercise a random act of censorship based on a personal prejudice – which is exactly what this is.

    Well said, Darren.

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