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Family Research Council: Allowing gays in the military has caused its ‘absolute destruction’

  • Jones

    What absolute tripe. The United States military remains the biggest if not one of the biggest in the world.

    Family Research Council. They obviously don’t do their research very well.

    • Steven Gregory

      You’re right. The U.S. military is larger than the next 14 countries COMBINED.

  • Halou

    What a load of rubbish. The so-named “Family Research Council” is more of a risk to America’s military than gay people could ever be.

    The FRC is partly funding an international organization that calls itself the ‘World Congress of Families’. By the invitation of the government, this organization is set to convene in Kremlin itself later this year with several Russian lawmakers and a wide array of American bigots all in attendance. In addition to applauding Putin’s domestic policies, Jerry Boykin and his lot are funding an organization that has been sending pro-Russian agitators to Ukraine to advance Putin’s anti-western foreign policies as well.
    To understand just what they are willing to overlook in their pursuit of their homophobia, it took near enough a whole week for the WCFs American contingent to come to the conclusion that celebrating the work of a hostile government would make them look like bad guys to the American public, so they temporarily put a hold on a meeting this summer. Despite this they are still scheduled to fly out to Putin’s castle for the main event nearer the end of this year.

    If FRC wants to talk about threats to the US military, then they can start by talking about themselves.

  • Carl

    They don’t care about research (unless is their own biased unethical one), all they care is about imposing to society their narrow bigoted view of “family”. They are evil and nasty.

    • Truth

      ….. and Christians ….

  • Truth

    Seems to me the FRC is deliberately breaking one of those 10 Commandments they go on about all the time… Thou shalt not bear false witness. The University of California’s study clearly shows there has been no negative impact whatsoever. So this individual is simply telling lies to suit his own agenda. These people disgust me. The self-hatred is palpable. They are simply homophobic bigots and closet cases and it’s high time we started answering them back more forcefully.

  • Liam

    If all it takes to destroy it is a few gay people, perhaps it’s not worthy of the 3.5 billion dollar budget it receives.

    • Steven Gregory

      Homosexuals are powerful beyond belief! We can recruit otherwise heterosexual people with just a wink in the showers. All kinds of natural disasters are attributed to our awesome strength. We can sink nations and military forces. We can even goad almighty GOD into action.

  • Mihangel apYrs

    1 we have been serving since the beginning of time

    2 in times when the military need people (e.g. war) they retain gay soldiers, even when they were on the verge of discharging them

    3 the UK army seems to be OK, with all its non-straights

    • The Israel Defense Forces have allowed gays and lesbians to serve openly for twenty years. Anyone want to tell me the IDF is not an effective military force?

  • Obviously, this is just more absolute bullsh*t from a right wing religious group of nut jobs. They often make these kinds of unfounded bombastic statements because they, and their audience, are imbeciles.

    This is the kind of unfounded nonsense their lunatic followers believe, they’re not capable of rational thought, understanding facts and accepting reality, they’re really no better than the conspiracy theorists who believe in the NWO and Lizard People.

    They’ll watch a video or listen to a podcast with all kinds of ridiculous things being claimed and believe it because it suits their fantasy, ignoring reality.

    Even their name is complete bullsh*t. It rarely says or does anything related to the “Family”, it’s incapable of conducting any “Research”, and these people couldn’t operate a “Council” overseeing the sale of cheeses.

  • Si

    The Sacred Band of Thebes, Hadrian, Alexander the Great and more. has the fool not heard of some of the greatest military minds throughout history were out and out homosexuals who married women and bred only to have sons and heirs to take over when they died?

  • Stuart

    Ah, the Family Research Council, who accused other groups of ‘gaystapo tactics’ for telling people to boycott Chick-Fil-A then months later were themselves pushing for a boycott of a baking company that made some wedding cakes for same-sex couples. And yes, further to Carl’s above comment, I also resent the way that the word ‘family’ is used as the antithesis of homosexual/ equal rights.

  • That There Other David

    If this man’s opinions and proper logic touch do they negate each other and turn into pure energy?

  • Rumbelow

    Thing is Family Research Council have been crying wolf for so long and telling so many vile and ridiculous lies about gay people that nobody but idiots takes them at all seriously, they are a sick joke.

    • Steven Gregory

      FRC and many similar organizations rely on homosexuals for the bulk of their fundraising. If people become unafraid of gays and lesbians, FRC (et all) are sunk.

      • Guillermo3

        And on WHAT,other than delirium dreams,do you base your statement,Steven Gregory? I assume you did not intend to imply that homosexual are the major contributors to the FRC,FOF,AFA, and other such F-ing groups?

        • Steven Gregory

          The Southern Poverty Law Center and Human Rights Campaign both analyze outreach and fundraising efforts, and have found that over two-thirds of such efforts are based on anti-gay themes, versus abortion, which makes up roughly one-quarter of their efforts. Does that help?

  • Jordy

    He needs another medal to pin on him, the medal of stupidity.

    • Steven Gregory

      Hammer the pin into his forehead.

  • Steven Gregory

    The FRC and other Christian frighteners specialize in lighting their own hair on fire then running around pointing at it. What they say is of zero importance to anyone.

  • Michael Patrick

    What a stupid comment. Gays have always been in the military, they were just hidden and the only difference now is that you know who they are or that they are there. Dumb ass

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