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Australia: High Court orders recognition of ‘non-specific’ gender option

  • pete london

    I think this is nonsense. So if this person ends up in hospital, how are the doctors going to evaluate risk of diseases as many of them are related to the sex of the person. Unless you are an hermaphrodite the animal world is divided in 2 sexes. Sexual identity on the other hand is a different ballgame altogether. I am gay, but i don’t need to have that in my document and sexuality and sexual orientation does not define my anatomy.

    • Christie

      You misunderstand the point – identity documents (ie. passport, birth certificate etc.) do not record a person’s sexuality but do record a sex and, by association, a gender. It is not appropriate for someone, such as Norrie, who does not define as either male or female to have a gendered reference on their identity documents.

      • Mikey

        unless Norrie has had his/her genitalia removed (and from the article, they had “gender reassignment, so obviously a gender was “chosen”) they are not “gender neutral”.

        • DZ

          You can remove genitalia all you want, you’ll still have people (unconsciously) trying to place you in the female or male category. The reason? Gender norms and expectations. Plus the fact that we use clothes, meaning we can’t just look at people’s private parts just like that.

    • DZ

      It isn’t that many diagnoses that’s related to one’s sex as you think it is, and a simple ‘m’ or ‘f’ in a document isn’t enough to rule things out completely under diagnostisation.
      Also, we can’t divide our population into two biological sexes without having people who don’t fit either category. Even if we add a third option, we’ll still have the problem with not having a clear definition of biological male and biological female.

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