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Police probe zoo owner who said: Equal marriage is abnormal, unnatural and makes me feel disgusted

  • Beelzeebub

    “…the end is certainly nigh… when nature is twisted and society accepts totally
    abnormal and anti natural (sic) behaviours in humans….”

    This pillock runs a zoo and he is completely unaware that homosexuality exists in nature.

    He cant be very good at his job….

    • MaryMarriott

      I thinkin this be ” April Foolls “! Surely ? !

      • Stirry

        Unfortunately it’s not :( it was posted two days before April fools and he very much has this homophobic view.

  • si

    Everyone has a RIGHT to their own views but they have a RESPONSIBILITY to air their views without offending others. If he wants to protect his kids then show them how to be a responsible adult and keep your degrading comments to yourself

  • CRW

    I can see why this is a reason for people to call him an idiot, to not visit his zoo, and to generally not want anything to do with him.

    But it shouldn’t be a matter for the police. That is just stupid. And a bit chilling.

    • Ra

      If he substituted the his disgust for blacks or mixed race marriage and posted that, would you still feel the matter was not for the police?

      • CRW

        Yes. Just because someone holds revolting opinions and expresses them doesn’t mean he should be branded a criminal.

        Be careful what you wish for. If you make offending people a crime it only takes a slight shift in public opinion before we gay people can find ourselves back in the courts.

        Words are not actions. And if anyone is to be free then there can be no right not to be offended.

    • Stephen MOLE

      Couldn’t agree more. When are the thought police coming? I’m gay, he thinks I’m disgusting, I can live with it. I’m not too keen on fat ugly gits but it’s not a crime.

      • David Greensmith

        Indeed. If I say “this guy is a vile, disgusting bigot and his views are unacceptable” should the police come for me? My expectation is that the police are more interested in the death threats – I certainly hope that they are.

  • Rehan

    He’s such a “tolerant person” that he has a same-sex couple working for him (as though, say, employing Jewish people absolves anyone from being anti-Semitic!), but the thought of them being able to marry sends him into a tailspin on Facebook. He sounds a better candidate for being an exhibit in his own zoo.

    Having said that, as he didn’t advocate violence against gay people and broadcasted nothing more than his stupidity, I don’t really see why the police need to probe him (so to speak).

    • Truth

      If you condone even one homophobic rant, as you have just done, you are complicit in homophobia and could be regarded as a self-hater. Personally, I hope the police challenge and prosecute. every homophobic attitude. That way, perhaps these bigots will eventually get the message that their feelings of ‘discomfort’ are due to their own suppressed and internalised homophobia and thier verbal abuse is simply unnaceptable.

      • Rehan

        Good Lord, you really are only capable of seeing the world in black and white (in every respect), aren’t you? “Condone” – where? “Self-hater” – preposterous: I’m not such a delicate little flower that the thought of some dimwit exhibiting his idiocy on FB is going to worry me. If the thought of what this fool said upsets you, you should have a look sometime at the comments that follow any gay clip on YouTube, that would show you what offensive drivel passes for public comment elsewhere.

        You should strive to recognise the difference between having (and expressing) a personal opinion, foolish or otherwise, and advocating violence based on that opinion.

        • AdrianT

          Well said Rehan.

      • Maryland Kid

        You know, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen the self-hater label thrown around, and it gets me every time. I’m sick and tired of how “internalized homophobia” has become this default ad hominem attack that gets thrown against anyone in the LGBT community who isn’t “gay” enough. Obviously you and I hold several conflicting opinions on freedom of speech and the rule of law. That’s fine. But you ought to be able to express and support your opinion on the basis of it’s own merit, without resorting to labeling everybody who disagrees with you as some self-loathing screwbag.

  • Serkan M

    The word ‘abnormal’, coming from a man who deals with animals that regularly show signs of homosexual behaviour.

    Oh the irony…

    • Barry Scarfe

      Indeed. The ONLY way you can legitimately describe homosexuality and bisexuality as ‘abnormal’ is that both sexualities are uncommon. Simply put, both homosexuality and bisexuality are VARIANTS of the normal RANGE of human sexualities. A society which had no-one who was homosexual or bisexual would be an abnormal society as both homosexuals and bisexuals have been present in all societies across the world since we humans first walked this planet.

  • MaryMarriott

    April Fool !!! :)

  • pwnage

    “when nature is twisted and society accepts totally abnormal and anti natural (sic) behaviours in humans… Am I on my own feeling so disgusted at same-sex marriage?” nope, none of that sounds homophobic in the slightest to me! given that “the end is certainly nigh…” if there is anything anti-natural (sic) it’s man’s obsession with religion. err… shouldn’t we all be smoted™ by now or should we give the supposed-supreme being a little more time to get his legendary groove-on?!

  • Brett Gibson

    Yeah cause running a zoo and keeping animals confined against their will is the mark of normality? Pr*ck needs a f*cking reality check.

    • Barry Scarfe

      He is a complete cretin. As somebody who runs a zoo, you would think he would be aware that homosexuality exists just as much (if not more so) in the animal kingdom as it does within the human race. That is a scientifically proven fact.

  • Liam

    The man is clearly an idiot and a bigot, but why are the police involved? Unless you’re inciting violence you should be able to say what you want. Getting in to dangerous territory here.

  • David Greensmith

    He is entitled to his opinion. Nothing he is quoted as having posted looks like hate speech to me. Just an outpouring of homophobia. If you support freedom of speech then you have to accept people might say things you don’t like. I assume any police involvement is related to death threats rather than his rant. Certainly he’s said nothing we haven’t heard before from politicians and religious leaders. His claim of not being homophobic is clearly belied by his posts. Like most bigots he comes across as inconsistent in his arguments and somewhat thick.

    • Danielle

      David, there was another message he posted on facebook along with the one mentioned above before it was quickly deleted. You can read it here though:

      • Stuart

        Prefixing a rant like that with ‘I am not judging’ is Simpsons-worthy farce.

      • David Greensmith

        His “I’m not judging” replaces the usual “but” with elipsis. He certainly comes across as someone who a) most definitely is judging; b) a bigot. The price we pay for freedom of thought and freedom of speech is that people may not always agree with us and may say things we don’t like hearing. Even here, there is nothing he has said that looks to me like hate speech – it’s certainly nothing that wasn’t said by purported Christians and church officials during the marriage equality debates. His homophobic rant actually makes so little sense it’s a waste of time to even start picking holes in it. Personally, I prefer that these people out themselves as bigoted idiots. Anyone with half an ounce of brain power can see the flaws in what he’s saying.

  • pendorran

    Obviously he’s a bigot but how on Earth would that make this a police matter? I hope this a joke.

  • jayjonson

    Apparently, Gill’s opposite-sex marriage hasn’t exactly been blissful if this Daily Mail story is accurate.

    Husband jailed for stabbing millionaire zoo owner after catching him in bed with his wife

    A millionaire zoo owner in bed with another man’s wife was knifed in the neck when the jilted husband stormed into his home, a court heard.

    Richard Creary hacked at David Gill’s throat and threatened to kill him after finding him half-naked with Alison Creary in the middle of the night.

    He shouted: “You’re sh***ing my wife – you’re going to die!” The pair grappled at the top of the stairs before the Ferrari-driving zoo boss escaped and fled for his life in his pyjama bottoms.

    Creary, 38, a former rugby league player, was arrested for suspected attempted murder.

    Scroll down for more…


    He told police: “How can I compete when he’s got a Bentley and a zoo?”

    He later admitted the lesser charge of aggravated burglary with intent to cause actual bodily harm and was jailed for five years at Preston Crown Court.

    After sentencing, his 46-year- old victim, who owns the South Lakes Wild Animal Park at Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria, said: “I’ll never feel safe again, even though I’ve spent a fortune on security cameras and infra-red beams around my home.

    “He said he was going to kill me and I’m convinced he’ll try to finish me off when he’s released.”

    Creary and his 34-year-old wife split up early last year.

    At 2am on August 17 he climbed the security fence at the zoo, whose lions, tigers, giraffes, kangaroos, hippos and bears attract more than 150,000 visitors a year.

    He slashed the tyres on Mr Gill’s Bentley convertible and broke into his house.

    Scroll down for more…


    Mr Gill, a colourful character with four children from two previous relationships, said he went to investigate a noise.

    “This figure appeared, banged me against the wall and tried to strangle me.

    “He stuck a knife in my neck. There was blood spurting all over the floor. I later found the knife narrowly missed two arteries – it’s a miracle I’m still alive.

    “Alison was able to distract him long enough for me to get out the front door, and I ran more than a mile to the nearest house and begged them to call the police.”

    The terrifying episode was only the latest in a string of colourful events involving Mr Gill.

    In 1997 a three-ton white rhino went on the rampage at the park and had to be shot dead.

    Mr Gill was fined £10,000 for failing to keep it adequately enclosed.

    Later that year he was exposed by a Sunday newspaper for having an affair with teenage zoo hand Shelley Goodwin, who had left school at 16 and begun looking after his kangaroos. His then wife left him, taking their two

    young children. Gill married Shelley but the pair have since separated.

    In 2001 Mr Gill was ordered to pay £30,000 to a pregnant zookeeper whom he had ordered to clamber up a 16ft pole to feed his tigers.

    Lara Kitson, 23, complained that scaling a ladder to leave raw meat for the big cats to retrieve at the attraction’s daily feeding display put her baby at risk.

    After splitting from Shelley, Mr Gill began a relationship with a woman called Caroline with whom he had two more children.

    Then last year he began seeing burly Creary’s wife after meeting her in the playground of the primary school their children attend.

    Five years earlier, Mrs Creary’s father, Stewart Rushton, and his nine-year-old son Adam walked out on to dangerous sands off nearby Ulverston in thick fog and drowned.

    “She’d had a bad experience and we just got on,” Mr Gill said.

    “We starting seeing each other over the summer.

    “There was no warning of what was going to happen – the only time I saw her husband was when he came over to me at school sports day and said, ‘I want to know what you’re doing with my wife’.

    “I just said I didn’t want to discuss it.”

    Mr Gill, who is standing as a Conservative councillor in this year’s local elections, revealed that he and Mrs Creary had failed to make their relationship work after the traumatic attack and he is now single again.

    Creary’s mother Nancy said his five-year sentence was “far too long”, adding: “It’s all because of Alison and David Gill – he’s got a hell of a reputation with women.”

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  • SGL

    Why are the police even getting involved? This isnt a hate crime, surely we’re all for free speech, there was no incitment to hatred in his words, he was clearly stating how he feels. Non-story.

  • Jones

    Did he escape from his cage?

  • Gary D. Sargent

    “I’m probably the most tolerant person going.” That got me to laughing. Tolerant people don’t have to qualify their actions with those words. They’re just that…tolerant. Looks like that slip of his lip will sink his ship. That’s what I love most about bigots, like him. They’re so enamored with their cleverness that they don’t realize they make themselves look the village idiot.

  • Michele Pallet

    Why does it seem most people assume a same-sex marriage is just for 2 guys, or is there another cerimony for 2 women that we have not been made aware of?

  • Ali Cat

    Whilst I think he’s a vile little man, I don’t believe this should be a matter for the police. I think he’s a joke, he values marriage to such an extent that he sleeps with another man’s wife, and has been married more than once himself. I think the only grounds for complaint would be from his gay employees who could now feel uncomfortable working in a clearly homophobic environment. Other than that, he’s vile but he hasn’t called for violence and so is entitled to hold any warped view he wishes,

  • Darzan

    …Oh dear I regret to inform this tw*t the law has already granted same sex marriages. What exactly is he doing? Being original? Or it might be he’s really not in touch with the real World?

  • Gerry

    Zoos are just animal prisons.

  • Thomas

    David Gill is not only an ignorant, hate-filled redneck he obviously cares little for his business. Does he not realise that the proportion of the population that is gay, has gay friends, family members and work colleagues is now the majority, so he his offensive comments will have alienated a very large percentage of his visiting public who won’t wish to patronise an establishment run by a fascist. If he has a wife or girlfriend I’d advise her to be worried – very worried – as his disgust is highly likely to be the usual form of self-loathing. Heterosexual men who are 100% straight and entirely happy with their sexuality rarely have issues with homosexuality….

  • Gay Animal Care Man

    I visited South Lakes Wildlife park in June as part of a college trip for completing all my course work on my Animal Management Course in time. I am shocked and appalled at what David Gill has said. I was really impressed by the zoo so on the way out I saw his book, so I bought it. This man has no right to be appalled by equal marriage especially as he cheated on his wife with another co-worker who he eventually married.

  • Lee Hobson

    Check him out on Google.Been in trouble before for his Facebook comments along with other things.
    Not a nice person at all.

  • Colin

    Well thats a boycott on his Zoo then. eh?
    For his knowledge there are gay animals. What would he do to them?

  • Yesh U R

    Gill is typical of his kind. Like so many in the Republican Party who stand on top of a dung heap covered in stinking mire yet he thinks he is in a position to moralise, the man is a cretin, a selfish wretch who is incapable of seeing beyond the end of his penis. Another poster boy for the anti-LGBT crew in “Christian Concern”. What a scumbag?

  • RedDevil9

    Men secure in their own sexuality couldn’t give a flying fig about someone’s sexuality. When someone is this ‘angered’ by it, it tells me they’re battling with something inside themselves. It’s their brains that are always thinking about gay sex. Either that or he’s been living under a rock all his life, if he finds the idea of two men kissing repulsive. It’s beautiful actually. Gay, bi, straight, whatever. Who the hell cares?

  • Maryland Kid

    While I certainly believe that this guy is a weapons-grade asshole, I’m afraid that I don’t see why a police investigation is necessary. After all, he does have a right to express his opinion. It’s easy to protect the speech of people who you agree with. It’s situations like this that test your commitment to your principles. Sometimes, you just have to take the high road.

  • “when nature is twisted and society accepts totally abnormal and anti natural (sic) behaviours in humans….”

    Who the hell can say this, and then claim that they are not a homophobic bigot?!

    Was this guy dropped on his head as a baby or something? Someone needs to point out that his opinions are RIGHT THERE FOR ALL TO SEE.

    It’s even funnier that he talks about religion, and makes a blatantly false statement about what’s “natural” while running and fu*king zoo! lol

    I feel compelled to go to his facebook page and post the following…

    1. Homosexual behaviour has been observed in thousands of species (as someone who owns a zoo, you should at least be partially aware of the sexual habits of at least a few of those thousands of different species).

    2. Religion is only found in one species, as is homophobia. Can you guess which species that is?

    Now, tell me again about what you think is “unnatural”.

  • Danielle

    He posted another rant but deleted it fairly sharpish: To me, that goes beyond just “Freedom of speech” which is why the police are involved I would think.

  • Paul

    I’d never have guessed he was tolerant reading the comments he made on Facebook. And I worked for him I’d be looking for another job!

  • myself

    What is natural about ZOO?

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