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Comment: Chemsex is causing a disproportionate amount of harm for gay men

  • Kim Berlin

    It is hardly surprising that gay men seek refuge in chemsex – after all we have been told our entire lives that we are not equal, we have been told that our “dirty secret” would bring shame on our families — the list of negative statements about us is endless. So there should be no surprise that a percentage of our community seeks refuge in chemicals. I am sure for some those moments of indulgence are the only period of tranquility they have ever had in their lives.

    • Silly Old Bastard

      Love needs drugs? Nonsense!

    • Rob

      Or a proportion of gay men could just indulge because they don’t have the responsibilities of raising a family and because they find it rather, well, fun.

  • Peter

    I have to admit that my first gut reaction when I read the article was that anyone who takes crystal meth is so stupid they can rot in jail rather than have my tax money for their expensive support services. I have moderated my view and admit maybe you should get some decent help to get you out of the mess you have got yourselves into because if done correctly it benefits people in need and society as a whole…

    …But who the hell thinks it affects 80-90% of gay men, even in a specific gay club or subculture? That immediately
    rings alarm bells. This smacks of a government agency scaremongering
    because they are hoping for more (public) funding and think it is fine
    to libel the gay community as drug and alcohol misusers for this purpose. This is not true and they should not say that.

  • Mica Hind

    Is it really a ‘thing’? Like a specific choice? I mean surely loads of people have sex while on drugs, gay bi and straight, but do people really specifically decide ‘Right, lets take drugs and have sex’ in such significant numbers for it to have a name?

    Never really understood the sauna thing either…Can anyone explain it to me? It all seems a bit promiscuous and, well, icky! ;)

    I’m not sure drugs and sex can really be said to specifically raise the rates of disease, but carelessness and excess promiscuity might go hand in hand with drug abuse, and those things are certainly a recipe for increased risk of disease…

    • Friesjones

      Oh definitely. Look up nitrate-based “poppers” and you’ll see that there is an entire over-the-counter INDUSTRY selling gay men drugs specifically to use during sex. Poppers are all based on someone’s discovery a few decades back that using the inhaled heart medication Amyl Nitrate (which came in ampules that were cracked open and sniffed) caused a euphoric sensation during orgasm similar to that derived from erotic asphyxiation.

      • Mica Hind

        Really? lol… that stuff sold in hippy shops as ‘Room Odouriser’?
        I tried that once at a party, uggh, dunno about euphoria, made my head go all funny… wouldn’t call it a pleasant experience! Give me a puff of a joint any day… ;)

        • Friesjones

          Might as well have been selling airplane glue and paper lunchbags as inhalant kits as far as I could see. I felt like the proprietors of the leather shop, a middle-aged gay couple, had made a couple of small fortunes by severely exploiting the local gay community and feeding into some of the worst and most self-destructive vices in the community just to make money.

  • Turned A Corner

    Tina is so addictive for some people it is frightening. One try was all it took for me to get hooked. It isn’t just about chem sex. It is about the drug and what it can do to a person. London Friend are the real ones that are working with the mess this drug creates for people. They don’t discriminate or judge you and they don’t turn you away because you aren’t from their borough or NHS trust. They really helped me get my life back. I’d be dead without them and the support their volunteers provided. Thanks guys. Forever in your debt.

  • Friesjones

    I spent a year once working in a gay leather shop, and the absolute worst thing about it was that I had to sell our customers poppers, knowing full well that they are dangerous and damaging inhalants that would potentially suppress their immune defenses and interact with any HIV treatments they might be on. And as with every other drug-fueled pleasure in existence, it’s never as good again as the first time no matter how much you overdo it.

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