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Equal marriage means every gay Tory MP should now come out, says Telegraph columnist

  • The only problem here is utter hypocrisy, both by the tabloid trash in this country and the politicians and their staff. I know for a fact that a good number of those working for these papers can regularly be found at parties on a Saturday night snorting all kinds of crap up their nostrils, they have no legs to stand on!

    Politicians will lie through their teeth about whatever they think will get them approval, even when they don’t believe something to be right.

    We all know, with a fair level of complete and utter certainty, that if this guy had been asked about his sexuality he would have denied it. If asked about the legalization of sex workers he would have gone on a rant about how it’s wrong and should not be legal. If asked about the legalization and regulation of various drugs he would have resolutely followed the party line and preached about how terrible an idea it is regardless of the scientific evidence to the contrary.

    The problem is a complete lack of trust, of reason, and of credibility in our political class, regardless of their chosen denomination.

    As for the tabloid sh*t slingers of this country, I long for the day when gossip mongers calling themselves “journalists” are a thing of the past. The scum these papers employ and the tactics they use to attack people are sickening, and it’s an embarrassment not only to real journalism but to our country as a whole.

    Anyone out there reading this who buys a tabloid paper (not that I think anyone here has such low standards or morals) is responsible for the perpetuation of this twisted industry. You might not have been the one responsible for stirring up racism, homophobia and xenophobia, and you might not have hacked into the phone of a dead child yourself, but by buying such bullsh*t you are funding it, and should be ashamed.

    • jazatw

      “We all know, with a fair level of complete and utter certainty…” Do we? I am not sure. He voted for Gay Marriage and has a very good record on gay rights legislation.
      I don’t agree with Toby Young that all gay MPs should have some mass outing. It is up to everyone to do what they are comfortable doing — if people wish to remain in this “ante-chamber” then so what?
      The ultimate aim of gay equality is that sites like this, organisations like Stonewall and activists like Peter Thatchell are no longer needed, their work being done.
      I long for the day when being gay says no more (or no less) than my life-long — and many would say foolish — supporting of West Ham.

  • That There Other David

    I disagree with the principle of anyone having to come out unless they are ready to do so, unless of course they are well known for their anti-LGBT public views, in which case the gloves come off. That goes for Tory MPs too. Everyone is entitled to a private life providing there’s no hypocrisy covering it up. If they want to keep it truly private that’s their business.

    • Bill Nedra Bill

      I do not get your point. The reason expressed in the article is quite logical. Even though MPs don’t have to call a press briefing to announce their sexual orientation, to LIVE THEIR LIVES openly now should not be an issue. Therefore if a MP wants to attend a function with his partner he should be free to do so, just as how his heterosexual colleagues can proudly and happily do so. BUT if gay MPs have to portray themselves as bachelors without a social or romantic life, then that is NOT living…We do not live in privacy, so this NONSENSE about gays being ‘private’ is rubbish. When you are in love with someone, you go out together, they support you in your endeavours, they accompany you to events…Every straight MP has come out of the closet at some point in their life, the only difference is that the media do not write stories about it. This is where gays are heading; wherein a gay MP can bring his partner to a social function and it is not seen as newsworthy; but we will never get their if we keep this nonsense about privacy.

      • That There Other David

        Then why play the game on the pitch owned by the newspapers? Do you think the Telegraph is looking to better the world, or fishing for a few days worth of stories?

        • Jake28

          Perhaps you are right…perhaps they are only looking for a few days worth of stories…but then the world will move onto other stories. If more people came out then surely it would get to a point where someones sexuality is no longer a story in itself.

  • Darzan

    …for a start I’d like to point out that there are an incredible number of ‘homosexual men’ who are, and still remain in the closet. Regardless of whether their politicians. If all men came out the whole human race would move forward faster and become more excepted..

  • Cal

    I am really against people hiding their sexuality. It is bad for their emotional health and it perpetuates the idea that being Gay is something shameful. People who stay in the closet indirectly do harm to our community. I do understand that it is hard for some people and I congratulate anyone who manages to break free of the closet.

  • Serkan M

    I don’t have a problem if people want to have a private life. However…

    1) People get hurt, so I do not think gay people should be getting with someone unless they are open. It just causes pain for other people. There is nothing worse then crashing someones hopes of love after many years of marriage.

    2) Dont lie about it. How can you be an honest politician if your lying to peoples faces? If you can lie about yourself, you can also lie about other things and I don’t want Mp’s I cannot trust.

  • Ian

    “Menzies is openly gay and was one of the supporters of equal marriage, voting in favour of the bill in February 2013.”
    See more at:

  • Jones

    Coming out is down to an individual. No person should take that decision other than the person themselves.

    • Jake28

      I agree…but the article was not about outing people it was about encouraging people to be open about their sexuality and now would be a good time to do so with the advent of ME.

      • Jones

        “every gay Tory MP should now come out”

        That almost seems as though he is demanding that people come out when they should not feel pressured by others to do so. Coming out is down to them and not some journalist.

        • Jake28

          “What can the Conservatives do to lessen their exposure to these sorts of scandals in future? The solution, I believe, is for all gay and lesbian Conservative MPs to come out in a very public, headline-grabbing way.

          According to the PN article this is what he said (above). Your quote above is just a PN headline (and we all know they are never misleading).

          He is stating an opinion “…I believe…”. He has not demanded that they come out. A

          • Jake28

            Sorry accidentally pressed the the post button…and now I forgot what I was going to say…oh well.

  • David

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