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South Africa: Gay man allegedly gang-raped and left in burning house in homophobic attack

  • Truth

    Horrendous. Nelson Madela’s fears were well-founded. The continent could, without firm and intelligent leadership, descend into lawlessness and anarchy ….

  • Kirsty

    Hang on. Forgive me if I have misunderstood the meaning of homosexual activity. But if 5 MEN raped a guy MAN doesn’t that in fact by default mean they have taken part in the very thing that they are so absolutely against? Hypocrisy at it’s finest! Makes me sick to my stomach to think what that poor man went through :(

    • Peter

      Rape is about power and dominance, not sexual pleasure. Rape of gay men and trans* people by other men is well-documented as it’s designed to make the victim look weak, “feminine,” and powerless compared to the “masculine” men who assault them. It further reinforces the heteronormative status quo.

      Rape of lesbians by men is also notable, but frequently explained under the idea of “corrective rape,” i.e. sex with a man, even coercive, will convince a lesbian to be attracted to men instead of women. Just terrible.

  • Cary A Bailey

    Homophobia is only a few thousand years old. Our species has exhibited homosexual behaviour for millions of years. When people suppress a natural desire this is what can happen; an explosion of pent-up libido.

  • wadeisin1971

    This will continue to happen until our community and our supporters stand up in protest. However you can get involved, even by protesting in comments, please do it. We must answer to future generations about how we took advantage of the beginning of social change to make the environment better for them, or we show only failure. I will fight till my death for a better world that includes all gay people!

  • Martin R

    I fail to understand the mentality of men who rape another man because he is believed to be gay. What does that say about the attackers?

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