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Pastor who succeeded Ian Paisley warns against legalising equal marriage in Northern Ireland

  • CHBrighton

    Is the Rev Brown really saying that equality has no legitimacy if a prospective law might only benefit a small number of people? I hope not for not only is his his position untenable for the place of gay people in Northern Ireland, but also for all other minorities in the Province. He’s also railing against political pressure from the advocates of equal marriage – but sees no contradiction in his own advocacy of the status quo. Personally, I say it’s a disgrace that an integral region of the United Kingdom is allowed to be so cavalier with regard to the well-being of gay citizens. Remember, too, that Northern Ireland’s refusal to move forward on this issue means that people legally married in the rest of the UK have that status removed if they put a foot in the Province.

    • Edward

      In connection with the statement that “people legally married in the rest of the UK have that status removed if they put a foot in the Province,” unless I am mistaken, I believe that that status is lowered rather than removed, that is, Northern Ireland now considers same-gender civil marriages lawfully performed elsewhere to be the equivalent of its civil partnerships. Please let me know if I am wrong.

      • CHBrighton

        Well, lowered to civil partnership if you like, but their married status is removed.

  • Truth

    ” ….but I am always aware that we are campaigning against a huge propaganda campaign.” Oh – the hypocrisy! Of course, there has never EVER been a ‘propaganda campaign’ by religion has there? Forcing populations to behave as religion demands. When are these dinosaurs going to get the message that the game is over? The VAST majority of people now want to live their lives without religion’s nonsense, power and control. Just grow-up and stop causing division and hatred. Do as your founder bid … and allow consenting adults to love each other.

    • Edward

      “The religious persecution of the ages has been done under what was claimed to be the command of God. I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do to their fellows, because it always coincides
      with their own desires” (Susan B. Anthony, 1820 – 1906, quoted in Equal Human Rights and Civil Rights for All Persons, No Matter Their Gender, No Matter Their Sexual Orientation: A Newsletter,” available on line).

      • Truth

        Nice quote Edward ….. and how true …..

  • Alan O’Flynn

    The majority of the Ulster-Scots were always a bitter narrow-minded hate-filled entrenched bunch throughout history, never wanting any status quo to change once they had achieved some kind of ‘ascendency’ from their political masters of the day.
    Time has changed on many occasions but still they resist, willing to disenfranchise every minority they can.
    But create enough disenfranchised minorities and they will become a skilled majority ready to overthrow the bigoted indulged dinosaurs.
    Bring it on.

    • Truth

      They are still commemorating, on an annual basis, a conflict from the 1600s. What does that tell you about their outlook on life …..?

  • Cal

    Their position cannot be allowed to stand. Minority rights are important no matter how small the minority. Every civilised person knows that. But these Orange, DUP, Loyalist apes are living in a different time. Their long abuse of indigenous Irish in the region and this latest spite will scupper them eventually.

  • Valksy

    Injustice is injustice, whether against one or a million people. Perhaps the words of a fellow religious sort might help this fool understand:

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    (M. Niemoller).

    There is a general principle that unless all have liberty and justice, then no one does. That said, I am well aware that asking those with privilege to actually recognise and acknowledge will often fail due to the “Just World” Fallacy. So long as people can convince themselves that everything is fair, just and reasonable (and often that those who deal with the truth of that not being so somehow….deserve it) then they may be comfortable in their apathy and never seek change.

    That this man’s belief in the world order being as it should be – with equality for some – is underpinned by ridiculous bronze age fairy tale doesn’t help raise his argument beyond the asinine, or give him grounds to assert the moral authority I’m sure he likes to believe that he has.

    Personally, I believe in concepts of liberty, justice, fairness, and trying to actually live up to the so-called “Golden Rule” (a humanist statement, with many iterations pre-dating Jesus) – All while never once needing skydaddy to punish or guide me.

    Pathetic man invoking a pathetic religion – no different from the worship of Odin, Ra, Enki, Zeus or every other security blanket created by humanity for as long as we have history. Is it any wonder I mock them?

  • Rovex

    Well I am shocked! OK, not really.

    When a religious person has something new or insightful to say, please wake me up.

    • Valksy

      Might as well re-name yourself Rip Van Rovex now, it’s going to be a long nap….

  • That There Other David

    Doesn’t matter if it affects 1%, 5% or 49% the principle is exactly the same.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Mr. Ian Brown, backward and deluded protestant religionist of Northern Ireland, needs to remember that he and his party are Ulster unionists, that they vehemently desire to remain members of the “United Kingdom”. As that is the case, they need to get up to speed and fall in line with “United Kingdom” legislation! Either that or they need to go the way of an independent “Northern Ireland”, an independent nation of deluded protestant loons. But the deluded Catholics of Northern Ireland, of course, would be having none of that! And, actually, the Catholics of the Irish Republic have recently shed a great many of their religious delusions and have shown that the majority of them welcome granting homosexual citizens equal status with heterosexual citizens.

    • Barry Scarfe

      The Republic of Ireland is due to have a referendum on this issue next year and it looks as if civil marriage for gays will pass by an very large majority of 75% to 19% so that will be yet another country to add to the growing list. At this rate of progress, the homophobes will only have the Islamic countries, huge areas of Africa, Russia and the ‘deep South’ of the USA to show as ‘examples’ of their irrational bigotry.

      • Edward

        So far as I can tell, the most detailed description of where equal marriage has been fully achieved and almost fully achieved is “Report 9 – So far, civil marriage for all consenting adult couples, no matter their gender, no matter their sexual orientation, is legal in…” (in Equal Human Rights and Civil Rights for All Persons, No Matter Their Gender, No Matter Their Sexual Orientation: A Newsletter,

        By “almost fully achieved,” I mean, for example, Ecuador, where civil partnerships are equal to civil marriages except that civil partners do not have the right to make application to adopt children.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    What galls me is these bigots are allowed to sit in Westminster Parliament and vote on our legislation yet there are none from Westminster in Stormont because of the devolved Assembly. 8 DUP bigots voted against our marriage bill with some of the most vile rhetoric in the entire House. Where does this clown get the 1% from? It’s the same figure Tory MP Edward Leigh and other Tory bigots raised during the legislative debate and earlier this month during final regulations for the bill. Surely, there must be a way for Westminster to prod these dinsosaurs into the 21st century.

  • NickDavisGB

    Bring back the lions !!

  • Rehan

    Speaking of tiny minorities, according to Wikipedia the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster has only 15,000 members, which isn’t even 1% of NI’s population of 1.811m. Why does this person feel anyone should listen to him, following his own “logic”?

    • Shaney

      Bravo….nice stats

  • George Broadhead

    Unsurprisingly he is following in the footsteps of his predecessor “Save Ulster from Sodomy” Paisley.

  • Edward

    A question from the United States: do civil partnerships in Northern Ireland confer all the benefits and rights that civil marriage does there (as is the case in the Isle of Man and in Gibraltar, where the only difference between civil partnerships and civil marriage is in their names) or do civil partnerships in Northern Ireland confer fewer than all the benefits and rights accruing from civil marriage there?

    • Truth

      I believe the rights are the same. But that’s not the point. The argument for gay ‘marriage’ has always been about EQUALITY ….. and the clear signal that is sent out that the love between two people … of whatever combination of male / female … is equally valid. The religious are so blind and brainwashed that they cannot see this. All they are concerned about is that their ‘tradition’ is being eroded. Slavery and the burning of witches was traditional. Doesn’t mean it was right …..

  • Edward

    Where equal marriage has not yet been achieved in the United Kingdom, its Overseas Territories, and the Crown Dependencies (which is to say: Northern Ireland, the Bailiwick of Guernsey, and all the British Overseas Territories except Gibraltar and the Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia), would it not be a good idea to resort to the courts of the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the Council of Europe?

  • halling

    Play the propagandists at their own game. Complete the OFMDFM sexual orientation strategy consultation questionnaire.

  • Steven Gregory

    Interesting how Northern Ireland so closely reflects the Southern states in the U.S.: perceived as religious, intolerant, violent and not-too-bright. They will have to be dragged waling through courts. The hyperbole will not be pretty — it never has been.

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