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Amazon commissions new trans-based TV series ‘Transparent’

  • LD

    you couldn’t have hired ONE single trans actor for your main cast? wtf

    • Emily Hirsch

      they have a casting call for “real live trans people” for some support group scene… that’s visibility… or not.

  • First there was Transamerica, a movie about a trans woman taking a road trip across America.

    Now there’s Transparent, a series about a transgender parent.


  • Jas Devi

    How can this be a victory of visibility if cis actors are tapped to play trans* people? How can trans* actors and actresses create a dialogue when they are being written out of their own story? How can this be ok when an actual trans* person could benefit from both the exposure and finances that this opportunity would provide while being able to actually lend their experience to the storyline? oh wow. gtfoh.

  • Robin Lynn Frank

    Another “trans people are good for laughs” series. Some things never change.

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