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UK: Lone man in Wakefield protests equal marriage next to a kissing gay couple

  • That There Other David

    Looking at that I’d say it shows a gay coupe deliberately kissing next to a lone man equal marriage protest rather than how the headline has been phrased. People as old as this fellow obviously is aren’t the sort to photobomb.

    Pretty encouraging though. All that bluster about the collapse of society last summer and this is the best protest the anti-equality people came up with.

    • ta

      I agree, PinkNews headlines tend to be a bit… misleading sometimes.

      Although I’d say that regardless of their age I’d photobomb some bigoted douche like this guy.

    • All those many protesters we saw in London (I can’t even remember the organization they were protesting under) were shipped in from across several countries because they didn’t have the numbers in the UK willing to protest.

      The majority were French I believe, and their protests were organized by far-right groups with links to the Catholic church.

      These opinions are collapsing across the Western world, thankfully. The far right is always something to monitor and watch very closely, but their “massive European gathering” either last year or the year before saw less than 500 turn up, and that was from all across Europe.

      • marshlander

        La Manif Pour Tous organised the rally in Trafalgar Square in March 2013. I had the opportunity to have some long and interesting discussions with some of their supporters. I took up an invitation from two Irish catholic lads to go for a drink afterwards to further the discussion in a warmer place. I don’t know if my point of view changed any opinions, but I’d like to think I presented some evidence that gay men were not the monsters and demons of their imaginations. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people shouting and not listening at all.

        I recognised many of those same people outside the House of Lords among the lost souls singing hymns, waving their arms at the sky and praying ostentatiously when we were rallying in support of the same sex marriage bill.

  • Truth

    Better headline: Sad Religious Bigot Makes Lone Pointless Protest.

    • Barry Scarfe

      Indeed. Why can’t these people put-down the book of fairytales for one moment and just get with science for one moment?

      It really isn’t that hard to do and they would be so much more enlightened as a result.

      I am loving the reaction of the homophobic bigots over at places like Stromfront Britain and other places as it slowly begins to dawn on them that as from yesterday Britain is leaving their sad, unscientific bigotry and abject prejudice behind and the vast majority of the population is wanting them to crawl back under their rocks. If they express any more frustration at David Cameron and company for having made gay marriage and other rights legal I think they will have heart attacks. The level of hate is really over the top and I just wish more of them would get out of the closet and admit to their same-sex attractions as many of them undoubtedly prove the old adage, ‘the bigger the homophobe, the bigger the closet case’. NO truely straight person has that level of hatred and prejudice for homosexuals and bisexuals as the vast majority simply don’t give a monkey’s over the sexuality of others.

      • Truth

        Barry, you and I definitely sing from the same hymn sheet .. (religious pun intended) :) It makes me desperately sad when I think of the countless lives that have been ruined … or worse … by religious dogma. And for what? A ‘belief’. Every vile word of hatred they spout is based on ‘conviction’ rather than ‘fact’ that there is a sky fairy who frowns on some and smiles on others. Surely, it’s a mental disorder to allow a ‘belief’ to govern your whole life? Self-delusion can never be a desirable psychological trait, can it? Why can’t they work with ‘facts’ like rational people? And to allow a ‘belief’ to shape government policicy is, frankly, scary. I could not agree more about ‘Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case’. It is the ONLY explanation for rabid anti-gay people. WHY do they care so much what consenting adults do? WHY do they obsess about it? Because, secretly, they want a piece of the action that their conditioning won’t allow and they are pissed-off we’re happy with ourselves and they are not. So, outwardly, they verbally and physically attack us when, in reality, they are attacking the ‘gay’ within!

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Well done, those two girls who decided to seize the moment and create a good picture! Who looks the fool? Them or the saddo with the sign?

  • Zebra

    I’ve lived in Wakefield for 15 years and I’m pretty sure I recognise him, as someone who stands with a sign in the centre of town with a sign saying “non-believers go to hell” (or something along those lines) and practically screams about God and the like…

  • Jones

    “Gay couple photobomb lone anti-gay protester” would have been a more appropriate, less misleading title.

  • Be-el-zeebub

    I noticed that the Daily Wail and the Terrorgraph were in overdrive yesterday.

    It was hysterical the ridiculous tripe they were espousing, specifically that Amanda Platell woman in the Mail denigrating what is a day of joy for many.

    They really need to understand that “the boat has sailed” and the more they object the less readership they will have as people over time see that the sky will not fall in.

    • ian123

      I think Platell feels discriminated against because she can’t discriminate against others:-)

      • Bobbleobble

        Isn’t Platell an immigrant. As far as I’m aware she never became British. How can the Mail employ her taking a job away from a British columnist. British newspapers for the British i say!

    • doug

      Apparently, Plattell can’t have children, she’s barren, so she must be very
      bitter seeing two men or two women getting married and going on to have
      children of their own.

  • Cal

    Futile protest. Equal marriage is here, dear. Don’t worry. At your age you may not need to put up with it for too long.

  • Lee Hobson

    Sad lonely man upset that he hadn’t been invited to a Gay wedding

  • gary

    everyone IS entitled to their opinion so lets not make a huge deal out of this or we all end up as bad !

  • zashi

    I feel bad for him because he’s not bale to understand that love is love

  • soapbubble

    Bloody loony. And a UKIPPER! What a surprise. Let the old farts moan. We won it. What we need to do next is stop these bl88dy Muslims from insidiously creeping into political power and trying to install Sharia law. They are not to be trusted for one second.

    • Where exactly are all these hordes of Muslims wanting Sharia Law? I’ve seen this suggested several times, but buggered if I know where they are!

      I’m far more concerned about the neanderthal xenophobic idiots of this country, who seem to be much larger in number, and seem to be far more outspoken about all these “foreigners” coming over here and “stealing our jobs”, quoting Daily Heil headlines and complaining about all the mythical millions of Muslims who want to start stoning people in the street.

    • Barry Scarfe

      UKIP is the wing of the Conservative Party which so barmy that even your regular loons in the original Tory Party find them crazy!. I agree with your point about Muslims. Make no mistake, whilst a few are tolerant about homosexuals/bisexuals many are not and would want the laws to put back to the 1950’s or WORSE..

  • gingerlycolors

    Who does he think he is? Westboro Baptist Church?

    • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

      To be fair this is not on the same plane of bigotry as the WBC

  • Neil Rhodes

    I’m sure he simply forgot to put a comma after ‘No’.

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    Obviously a man with no life

    This springs to mind

    • Liam


    • Barry Scarfe

      An excellent comparision! Where exactly do these religious nutjobs get off? We live in a secular society in which the Church has no right to impose its views on the rest of us through the use of the blunt instrument known as the law. I don’t know what the religious are moaning about anyway seeing as religious marriage is being preserved. It is only civil marriage which has had its requirements opened-up to gay couples.

  • lee

    poor old sod – times have moved on

  • John Hodgson

    Recognise this guy from Normanton. Hopefully this kind of thing will die out with his generation.

    • Barry Scarfe

      I think it will. This issue definitely is a generational thing. Older people find it hard to deal with the concept of same-sex marriage because they were brought-up in an era when gays and bisexuals were persecuted by the state and thrown into prison and many simply haven’t moved-on with their thinking on the issue being inherited from that time. Whilst, of course, there are exceptions younger people are far more tolerant.

  • Herman

    Just me that this made a stronger stand for gay rights that the reverse? With that crummy old man and two wonderful young women in love?

  • Daniel

    It’s very sad that someone’s life is so perpetually unhappy that they have to project hatred onto others by attempting to deny them equality.

  • Nathan

    He was deselected as UKIP candidate because of his “extreme views”

    A party spokesman said “We decided he was not appropriate to stand for modern UKIP”

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