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The PinkNews guide to the history of equal marriage in England and Wales

  • Dewey

    Can we add another chapter for when civil partners are finally able to upgrade? Then marriage will be a little bit more equal.

  • Sue Wilkinson

    Great history – thanks – and on such a momentous day! Just one small correction to the chapter “2006 Canadian couple denied UK marriage equality”. The couple are BRITISH (I should know – I’m half of it!). We married in Canada and returned home to England, where we brought (and lost) our High Court case for marriage recognition here. Can’t believe that – only 8 years later – we have it! Congrats to everyone marrying today – and onwards …

    • Andrew Maund

      And a special thank you to you for fighting all those court cases, and writing such excellent journal articles about them! I used many of them in my civil partnership dissertation a few years back. :-)

  • David Greensmith

    I find Stonewall’s trumpeting of marriage equality as their success quite sickening given their downright hostile attitude towards it back in 2009/10 and the ammunition this gave the anti-equality bigots.

  • Andrew Maund

    I am so very pleased that we now have equal marriage. My fiancé and I have been engaged since 2011, and have been holding off till equal marriage since I never saw civil partnerships as equal. ‘Separate but equal’ never really works does it…

    Thank you everyone and anyone who helped make it possible! :-)

  • David

    Help to sign: prenume=first name; nume=family name; oras=city; tara=country.
    Also can use Google to search “vrem parteneriat” and translate it into your language
    You’ll receive a mail and have to click on the link to confirm your signature.

  • It’s a step forward having same sex marriage but there still some points in the bill stopping it from been Equal.

  • So that no-one has their hopes dashed, we’re sorry to say that there is absolutely no prospect of the Scottish legislation being in effect by July. There never was; it was a story in the Sunday Herald newspaper that started that rumour.
    The Scottish Govt are currently saying that they hope that same-sex marriage in Scotland will start by the end of the year. We’re pressing of course for it to be as soon as possible, and we’ll publicise immediately any further information we get.

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