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Video: Nick Clegg congratulates same-sex couples marrying this weekend

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Very touching. Clearly sincere. Thank you, Nick. I believe you.

    Now, next time, you meet that vile bit of work called Nigel Farrage in front of the TV cameras, please, pull out all the stops, and fight hard. Raise your voice to a higher pitch, turn up the volume, and just keep talking, like he does. Don’t keep giving way to him. You’ll get no marks for being the gentleman. People want to see you demolish him! Plough right through his garbage. Don’t treat him with respect. He takes advantage of that.

  • Colin

    Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron. Thank you to you and many others for making
    this happen for a minority group. I am sure you and the people of the
    United Kingdom will gain in so many ways from this change in society.
    Our country maybe not perfect is a shining beacon in a troubled world.
    But other countries will now look to the UK for guidance and learn from
    us taking the inclusive society back to their homelands.

    Human rights never mind gay rights advanced. I look forward maybe not in my lifetime to a global human rights bill.

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