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US: Small town vice mayor in big trouble over accidental Fred Phelps endorsement

  • Ah the sound of hurried back peddling!

    Typical right-wing Republican, reading the God bits and ignoring the rest, skimming over something to be the first to jump in proclaiming nonsense and bullsh*t!

    The man is clearly not intelligent enough to be using the internet, let alone being vice Mayor in the ass-end of nowhere.

    I love how he jumped in to mention the military – so he clearly thinks the anti-gay stuff is freedom of opinion, but attacking the military is what he’s really embarrassed about supporting?

    I’ll bet he’ll be out next week kissing babies with his local press ready to publish some glowing stories about how he supports the military. I foresee a visit to a military base coming up, highly publicized of course. No doubt he’ll steer well clear of the gay people, seeing as he thinks the USA should go back in time to the dark ages where women were slaves and he could trade his daughters for an ox cart.

    He should get in touch with that violent bigot in New York preaching stoning of gay people, I have a feeling they’ll get along real well, unless this guy is racist too – which is pretty likely.

    • He’s racist too, don’t worry.

  • Bikerman

    Another small town eejit

  • Truth

    Small town, small mind, BIG brainwashed religious nut job.

  • Gotta love how many of them “have gay and lesbian friends” and think it’s okay to blast their hateful crap. Gotta have those token minority friends!

    • I love that too, I really love it when you point out to a racist all their friends and colleagues from various racial groups, and they say “but they’re different!”

      I often wonder how these imbeciles manage to tie their own shoelaces.

  • one.second

    I always wondered if those comments to Onion Videos that didn’t get that it was satire were trolls or for real. Well, now it is confirmed, there are reaaaaaaaaaaaally stupid people out there.

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