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Nigel Farage: Equal marriage means ‘opening up a very big can of worms’

  • Pablo

    I’ve never really wanted to punch a politician in the face until now.

  • David

    What a bear swilling moron, I heard the chat this morning and the debate on Thursday. I really don’t know how people thought he won, he lied about facts all the time.
    Mr Farage, Equal marriage is here already, its law, so by saying you want a debate about it is actaully saying you would try to take this basic right away from us again. You’re clearly as bigoted as the weather man from your party just to scared to come out and say it.
    He claims to be straight talking but dodges and weaves around this topic, the man is a dangerous fraud..

  • Madgeographer

    Bullying Poles and other people from Central Europe, and calling them “Eastern” European, blaming for bad weather and anything the head brings and mouth pronounces is not enough. Now it’s time for us, LGBT. This guy should think what he says. Who’s next? Women? All Brits for not being Celtic enough? Oh, sorry, English are Anglosaxons!

  • CHBrighton

    I would suggest to Monsieur Farage that UKIP is a very big can of worms. I dread the day UKIP’s objectives ever come to pass. No European Human Rights laws; no European legislation to protect workers, no freedom to travel and live across the EU, no internationally policed measures to protect minorities etc. what a miserable future.

  • Liam

    The bill is watertight, a religious leader can refuse to wed a ss couple in the same way they can refuse to marry divorcees if it goes against their religious beliefs. Stop making things up.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      But, Liam, we have an election coming up, and legislation can be modified, or even reversed. Throughout history it has happened time and time again. Farrage is a force with considerable support. We must not underestimate the damage he could do if after an election he and his cronies wielded power in a coalition. Remember: IF UKIP were to become part of a coalition their toxic views WOULD impact on the rule of this country. They would have the authority to force changes. A massive swathe of discontented miserable Little Englanders are behind UKIP.

      • Liam

        I’m with you. I was aiming the comment at Farage, I’m amazed he’s not called out on the fact the whole thing is opt in every time he brings out the religious freedom argument.

  • pooksyuk

    This man is a dangerous loon. I told my father what this ass meant for gay people, thankfully he listened.

  • Paul

    Is this privileged moron even capable of individual thought.

  • Ray

    What he ducks out of aswell is that it was Tory Churchill who sent British Lawyers to play a leading role in drawing up the ECHR.
    He is a stuck in the 1950’s man who; from his hospital bed called people crossing London Bridge ‘worker ants’. Shows how he views even most straight working people.(Yes, there were no doubt some gay people too on said bridge, and likely he’d have thought even worse of them…)
    He is the son of a stockbroker and became metals trading.. Seems all the ‘iron filings et al’ went to his head and rusted.. and ‘stewed’ by all the beer swilling….
    Of course the likes of some tabloid press made him out the ‘winner’ of last weeks clash with Clogg (and i mean clog) ; but th enbeing rabidly anti-EU; they would. Pity ther’s not a 100mile landbridge to Europe; we’d likely be much less insular about it. (Yes, needs through-going reform away from corporate control etc; but Farage is too ‘frit’ for the needed fight in my view; so wants to run away into some fake golden era/rose tinted view of the Empire past…..)

    • Unfortunately, one look at the BBC HYS comments on the debate suggested that the majority agreed with him, but then the BBC only mentioned the Gay marriage issue as one of the subjects discussed – surprise, the BBC thinks this wasn’t worth elaborating on.

  • Adam

    Again as many pointed out in the other article, why confuse the ECHR with the EU. And has a can of worms been opened up in other European countries that have had marriage equality in place for years? NO.

    This berk is the like an audio version of the Daily Mail stuck on repeat. Giving this mornonic bunch of xenophobic, homophobic lunatics credibility is the bigger can of worms for the UK.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      I agree, Adam. And WE are all convinced, aren’t we. But go to the Daily Mail and other papers, and you’ll find there’s a massive number of people who think that this berk IS the answer. If they vote for the berk and the berk gets to wield power in a coalition he WILL make negative changes. He will have the authority to do so.

      • Janet Wall

        That is precisely why, we have to get everyone out of their apathy and vote, for anyone other than UKIP! they only get into power because other people don’t bother to vote. :/

  • If this party gets into government, I will be one of the first to head for Scotland, assuming they have the common sense to leave a nation where these xenophobic ignorant fools have any semblance of power.

    Having read through the nonsense on the BBC HYS comments, I fear for this country. It really does feel like the majority have been brainwashed by the Daily Heil and would vote these nutters in just to spite the other two parties.

    Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face.

    • That There Other David

      UKIP won’t get into government. There is a growing chasm developing between Farage’s leadership and all their elected councillors and activists up and down the shires. They’ll split down the middle and turn on each other eventually, just as they did with Kilroy-Silk.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        David, you really mean you HOPE and you THINK that UKIP won’t get into government. I hope not too. But the massive groundswell of support for UKIP amongst the simple-minded of this country does mean that UKIP could end up as a member of a coalition, and if that happens they WILL wield influence in the cabinet.

        • That There Other David

          I also can’t see that happening. When UKIP announce their policy platform it will quickly become apparent that they really are just disaffected Thatcherites leaving the Tory Party. At that point a vote for UKIP just splits the Tory vote and gives Labour a bigger majority, because the ex-Labour voters will drift away from them.

          Now whilst in groups people are pretty stupid, as individuals most of us are reasonably clever, and in the privacy of the voting booth we’re all on our own. For all the opinion poll results UKIP will do far worse in a general election than they hope for, and they most certainly won’t get beyond a couple of MPs at best.

          I’m still confident they’ll fall apart before then though, just as the last big bad threat (the BNP) did.

  • MarkB

    What a complete and utter load of BS. He is trying to intimate that the reason we have SSM in the UK is because the ECHR have mandated it. The truth of the matter is that The current UK government decided to do this.

    They are currently considering 2 cases brought against Italy under the basis that Italy’s treatment is not equal. However previous cases have failed (Article 12, Schalk and Kopf v. Austria n°30141/04) There is no doubt that in the future the courts may rule differently in regards to SSM and states within the EU. They have however consistently refused to try and force faith communities to take part in SSM as this would undermine the principles of religious freedom (Article 9)

    Why is Farage being allowed to tell a complete and utter pack of lies? I know he is a politician but these lies are so egregious they should not be allowed to go unchallenged.

    The UK legislation is ironclad. Unless a faith group wish to take part they do not have to do so. In fact the Church of England would require an act of parliament (at their request) as they are prohibited by law to take part.

    As I have stated in previous posts Farage and UKIP are a very dangerous. And we should not underestimate them or their intent. If they ever got real power they would destroy our country with their Nationalist agenda.

    As historian John J. Dwyer notes, nationalism is a degenerate impostor of patriotism. “The patriot says, `I love my country,’ works for its good, and defends it if necessary — against enemies within and without,” writes Dwyer. “He strives and prays not primarily that God will bless his country, but that his country will bless God. The nationalist, meanwhile, says, `My country is better than yours.’ `My country is the greatest there has ever been.’ `The greatest nation on God’s green earth.’ `They hate my country because it is so good.’”

    Nationalism focuses on the State, rather than the community. It is unambiguously based on zero-sum assumptions about power, and nationalists define victory in terms of imposing their will on others.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Well said, MarkB. I particularly agree with your thought that “these lies are so egregious they should not be allowed to go unchallenged”. And our problem is this: WHO is going to repeatedly and very strongly challenge Farrage’s egregious views on homosexual citizens and related issues such as SSM? My point is that we cannot afford to RELY on the odd presenter, like Ferrari. It’s WE who really need to be very loudly VOCAL against Farrage. It’s WE who need to think of ways of having him constantly and publicly exposed for the vile inward-turned loser he is.

      The LBC debate the other night showed how dirty he plays. Years of letting rip in Brussels has turned Farrage into a massive vocal force: so massive, so intimidating, that I fear Cameron and Milliband are wary of taking him on in public. And that’s the problem. If they and we QUAKE before this little Adolf, he’ll succeed.

      Clegg was brave in agreeing to debate with Farrage publicly, but Clegg didn’t have the tigerish force that is necessary to counteract such a forceful and arrogant individual. Farrage’s idiotic soundalike Helmer, last night on Question Time, showed a similar authority and tigerishness. These Ukippers are talking fast and talking loud, and it’s a fact that he who wins is often he who simply shouts loudest and plays dirty.

      Cameron, Milliband, and others MUST rise to the challenge and TOAST this dangerous dolt, or we could suffer – not only in terms of equal rights as homosexual citizens, but on so many other fronts as well, front which concern all UK citizens.

  • ian

    A lot think that UKIP is really just a one issue party. It’s not and some of their most ardent supporters would get a real shock if UKIP ever gained power.

  • qv

    That’s a bit Freudian.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    PinkNews, we HAVE GOT TO keep nailing Farrage on this matter. Well done, PN, for being quoted by Ferrari on the breakfast programme. Let’s get many other journalists to challenge Farrage also!

    Going by the words of this PN report, we all have reason to GREATLY FEAR Farrage.

    1. After being repeatedly asked if he supported SSM, Farrage replied, “I think we are opening up a very big can of worms here and I think there are some very very big risks”. This equates to an admission of NOT supporting SSM, with Farrage seeing SSM as DANGEROUS. In other words, if Farrage gets into power, SSM could, possibly, be repealed.

    2. After being asked yet again by Ferrari if he supported SSM, Farrage replied, “I do not support the idea of same-sex marriages ALL THE WHILE UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS”. Did Farrage then quickly reassure Ferrari that he WOULD support SSM if the UK were not subject to the ECHR? No, he didn’t. If the UK were not subject to ECHR rulings, would Farrage support SSM? There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to think that he would.

    Farrage is extremely dangerous. I believe that in his heart Farrage is a homophobe. Let him exert power and he will encourage homophobia and turn back legislation that has given us equality.

    We all need to CHALLENGE Farrage (and his cronies) publicly, repeatedly, and deeply on this issue. And IF any of them says they DO support SSM, we must not give in: we must DEMAND proof, evidence, demonstration that it is so.

    There is some of little Adolf in Nigel Farrage.

  • GulliverUK

    Is this like when they said Civil Partnerships signaled the end of civilization ?
    Ummm, let me see. I just punched myself to make sure I was still alive, civilization hasn’t ended, TV is still working, and the Internet. I’m going to buy some groceries in a moment – I hope civilization still exists, I need some milk and bread ! What can of worms could possibly be sliding down that slipper slope since it’s will be the same as Civil Partnerships … except we can use the word .. “marriage” ? Every time he opens his mouth he digs a deeper and deeper hole. Zero MPs means zero influence on anything.

  • AndyAS

    The only ‘worms’ are Mr Farage and his cronies!!!!

  • Sparkyu1

    Because the European Court of Human rights has already forced Mosques and the Catholic church to accept female clergy right? Oh… wait…

    Because the European Court of Human rights has already forced churches in Spain – and the number of other European nations that have already legalised marriage equality – to accept marriage of same-sex couples… right?

    Why, no, it hasn’t. Why you would think this man was completely making stuff up to support his bigotry!

    Pink news, why didn’t you challenge his obvious falsehoods rather than just repeating what he says? Is this “journalism” in your book?

  • James Campbell

    Well, Nigel. I am sitting here in the early hours of Saturday 29th March 2014, watching one of the first same sex marriage ceremonies taking place in Brighton. How anyone with an ounce of sense can create such a fuss over two people who love each other, taking vows in public to have their union recognised in law. All around the world, people are suffering, hating, fighting, killing and torturing their fellow human beings (many of the LGBTI) and when two of our species substitute hate with love, the gloom and doom merchants creep out of their holes and forecast the end of civilisation as we know it.

  • Well Farage for one is something of a worm. And his party are their fruity ideas that could crash our economy are the only can of worms I can see.

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