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Nick Clegg: This nation will never forget the first day of same-sex marriage

  • Dewey

    “But finally, after years of committed campaigning, any couple – gay or straight – who wants to get married can now do so in our country.” unless you are one of the 65,000 couples who have a cp….

  • Truth

    Nice of the BBC to be so supportive….

    • Cal

      I wrote in to LBC radio this morning to complain about Nick Ferrari, as usual gleefully presiding over homophobic calls. On the subject of the “1 in 5 would not go to a Gay wedding”, 3 out of the 5 calls were from fundamentalist Christians foaming at the mouth and using terms like “evil, punishment, abomination” and that old chestnut “Sodom & Gomorrah”. Only one Gay person was allowed access to the phone-in. None was properly challenged. All were thanked for their contributions.
      No other cultural minority has to tolerate this level of bigotry being given a platform by broadcaster.

      • Robert W. Pierce

        Good for you. I’ve no doubt that after the first weddings take place tomorrow, we’ll be subjected to hearing and reading more vile comments and hateful rhetoric in the right wing media and their supporters and the butt of some equally disgusting jokes and they think that’s not bigotry?

    • Robert W. Pierce

      Blimey, something a little positive for a change. The BBC is playing both sides after it’s extremely biased and negative coverage throughout the equal marriage legislative process.

      I don’t buy the opposition’s argument that opposing equal marriage isn’t homophobic or bigoted. They always play that card when push comes to shove, then have the gall to accuse us of not being tolerant of differing views. I’ll play the devil’s advocate and ask them how would any of them feel if they were barred from marrying if they couldn’t procreate. Would that be construed as discrimination, bigoted? Of course it would and they’d be the first to rant about it. Marriage existed in varying forms (including SSM) long before the bible and the Abrahamic cults were invented to control the masses. They seem to think it all started in that vile book of fairy tales and myths replete with misogyny, violence, sexual abberations, as if they own marriage. Even Archbigot Welby concedes that it doesn’t.

      So one in five would spurn an invitation? Who cares? I’ve declined hetero wedding invitations for various reasons. All I can say to that, especially if its a parent is that it is quite apparent that they do not love their children unconditionally. What kind of a parent is that?

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Yes, indeed, Mr. Clegg you are correct to say “there is more to be done before equality is reached”. The truth of that statement was made worryingly clear during last night’s episode of “Question Time”, from Brighton, when 2 members of the audience said with strong conviction that they believe that allowing us to marry is wrong, their main argument being that “Marriage is for a man and a woman” and that “Marriage is for the procreation of children”. And these 2 members last night were not alone: they received applause from, I’d say, about 20 or so other audience members. And this was from Brighton, renowned for its LGBT population, it’s greenness, it’s alternative culture!

    This morning one reputable paper has revealed to us that a poll has shown that at this time 20% of Brits would say No to being a guest at a gay wedding. That’s disturbing news, because while 20% would turn down the invitation, there’ll be others who will accept the invitation but not fully support the wedding. I just hope that this 20%+ will get used to SSM, and that with the passing of time, they’ll just give up their homophobia.

    But for the moment we mustn’t deny the fact that 20%+ of the Brits around us are homophobic. Indeed, 1 in 5 Brits are so homophobic they’d reject an invitation to attend an SSM.

    • Jones

      I think the BBC should have said 80% of Britons support same-sex marriage instead of putting a negative light on it.

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