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Evening Standard prints rainbow masthead in celebration of equal marriage

  • How very odd.
    This is a newspaper owned by a Russian obliarch

    Are we to assume that this a very obvious courting of gay readers?
    Or is it a slap in the face to Putin

    The current 75% owner of EN is an ex-KGB Agent

    • Gerry

      The Evening Standard, and its sister papers The Independent and The ihave consistently and frequently been very strong supporters of gay rights.

      As long as its policies and news reporting are good, which to me they certainly seem to be, does it really matter that much who owns them? Evgeny Lebedev seems far preferable to Rupert Murdoch.

      The Standard is far, far better than when it was in the Daily Mail stable. I believe that it’s recently increased its circulation to about 900,000 copies per day now that it’s given away free, so that makes it much more influential than when it sold about half that number at 50p.

      Best of all, it has a much bigger circulation that the rabidly homophobic Telegraph’s 560,000 !

      • Thomas

        Actually the Daily Telegraph is moving with the times too and now has some very gay-friendly articles – just look at today’s paper online – an article on married people enjoying better health is accompanied by a photo of a wedding cake for a gay couple as natural as can be, just as it should be.

        • Gerry

          Yeah, right…

          It’s always 1950 in the Daily Telegraph.

          They’ll hire Ben Summerskill any day now !

  • ian123

    The Evening Standard and the Independent have been supportive from the off and are both owned by the same man. So thank you EN and Independent.

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