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Bishop of Buckingham: Allowing gay people to marry enriches the public understanding of marriage

  • Sparkyu1

    Except his church still maintains its bigotry – and why didn’t we hear more of this guy when the law was actually in issue and his church was viciously opposing us

    I appreciate his (belated) movement towards the side of justice – but he has to acknowledge that his church is STILL not welcoming or supporting us. He can’t ignore that with platitudes about equality being a Christian value (not when 1,000 years of persecution says otherwise)

    • Chris B

      But it’s a clear indicaton that Justin Welby assuredly does not speak for the whole church. For that, I think, we should be pleased.

      • Sparkyu1

        He could have done to speak before – when it was relevent. Not after, when Welby has indicated it’s time for the PR spin

        Since the Anglican church has apparently “stopped resisting” is this guy and Welby going to ask for the quadruple lock to be removed?

        • Geoff McLarney

          He could have and he did! It’s not like this is the first we’ve heard from Alan Wilson on the subject. It’s not even the first time he’s written about it for PinkNews! Not to mention his fairly prolific blog. No one could say he’s been shy!

  • ian123

    I welcome his words. We shouldn’t stoop to the level of some of the haters during this campaign?

  • June Butler

    Alan Wilson has been speaking his mind about equality for LGTB persons for years. Google his name. Read his blog, “Bishop Alan’s Blog”. Look for his posts on Facebook and Twitter. He’s no Johnny-come-lately for the cause.

  • de Villiers

    People in England really do not understand what they have. I have read a number of people criticising the bishops who have spoken out in favour of the gay marriage.

    You have a Prime Minister on the political Right who has brought in the gay marriage – not the left but the right. You have high religious ministers who have spoken in favour of the gay marriage. The political establishment considers discrimination against gay people to be socially unacceptable.

    This is more than many, many other European countries and is something to be welcomed and for which to be very happy,

    • Glen Hague

      Exactly! Too many moaning Minnie’s who just can’t applaud someone who is supporting them. Thank God for the Anglican Church – if England was catholic it would be much more difficult – now there’s an evil organisation!

      • Robert W. Pierce

        Although, look at Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Portugal, Belgium although France had a more difficult time than all of them, even more than we had in the UK.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      Well said!

    • William

      The gays will never be happy. Until they make everyone think like that do. Now that is bigotry. And just one of the many reasons why I am against the gay life style. The more I read on this website the more homophobic I actually become. Even though I wasn’t anti gay before.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Now if only people such as the good Bishop were Archbishop of Canterbury, the CofE would be a whole lot better. Perhaps Welby is allowing dissenting bishops and vicars to bring about change instead of doing it himself. There doesn’t seem to be any retaliation and I doubt if there will be so that’s a good thing indeed. I just hope more clergy aren’t intimidated and speak out in support.

  • Chickpea


  • Chickpea

    Oh William, on gay websites, strange, you need to come out darling xx

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