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Video: Lesbian asylum seeker faces ‘death sentence’ if deported to Nigeria

  • Truth

    If people were routinely being imprisoned, tortured and killed in, say Sweden, simply because of their skin colour, there would be international outrage. WHY is the ‘civilised’ world still so complacent about homophobia? Is it going to take a gay holocaust before something concrete is done? It is disgusting that people are being treated in this inhuman way simply for whom they love. I am appalled that the world is still being so held back on human rights by Neanderthal religious beliefs. The UN MUST do more …..

    • Halou

      “Is it going to take a gay holocaust before something concrete is done?”
      Most likely yes.
      Homosexual survivors of the last holocaust were almost unique in that the saw their convictions upheld and were told that time spent in concentration camps does not count towards their sentence so must be served again.

  • Halou

    The shariah “court” passed a death sentence on her, well that pretty much guarantees the stupid British immigration authorities will do everything they can to send her back.

  • James Campbell

    In a recent case I followed, a young African lesbian was told she had to *prove* she was a lesbian before she could be considered for asylum. By comparison, many non gay/lesbian people, including those who do not come from a place as dangerous as Nigeria, are granted asylum by claiming their lives are in danger without having to provide proof as difficult to demonstate as in the case of LGBTI people. I am sure that many of these claims are genuine, but why is there such an onous of proof placed upon LGBTI people?

  • cashback

    you can marry your girlfriend now …it is legal here

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