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US: Gay politician announces he’s HIV positive and resigns to run HIV charity

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    I hope that Carl Sciortino hasn’t given up his role in the Democratic party for work as head of a local state AIDS organization because of any fears he may have had that public knowledge of his HIV status might have jeopardised his political career. All walks of life, including politics, need people who are proud to say, “Yes, I have a medical condition, and it’s called HIV, so what?”.

    • Serkan M

      I don’t think you should be proud to HIV, but I do think you should be proud of the positive things you have done in society as a result of this. You don’t have people saying that they have cancer and their proud.

      • Christopher in Canada

        Again, what’s your issue here? Are you judging and then imposing some sort of moral code on a person for their sexual conduct? Couldn’t it be argued that here is a person who has taken responsibility for not only knowing their status (as many do not get tested – EVER) but sharing it? Truth is always in the public’s best interest, is it not? Or would you recommend silent secrecy? There are those in the States, for instance, who deride Universal Healthcare as not the responsibility of society, despite their so-called Christian beliefs. Instead of being their brother’s keeper as their Jesus commanded, they assume ANY illness is the fault and responsibility of the sufferer… So, do explain your opinions of the conduct becoming of someone with an illness, be it AIDS, cancer, or toenail fungus.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        Serkan, there’s a big difference between the following:

        A. Being proud of having HIV.


        B. Being proud and self-assured as a human being to be open about having any medical condition, even HIV.

        I was referring to the latter. Sorry, if I didn’t make it clear enough for you.

    • Bluespiral58

      He’s been in office for NINE years and is now taking a position as director of AIDS Action. Unfortunately the article does make it sound as if he’s “stepping down” because of HIV, but the facts do not bear that out.

  • Guest

    Why do people feel the need to announce their HIV status as a positive thing? You don’t hear people say ‘woohoo!!! I got cancer and Im leaving to work for cancer trust’.

    • Bluespiral58

      Where does he announce his status as a positive thing? I don’t see it. Since he’s leaving office to direct a HIV organization, it seems natural to announce his status.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        “Guest”, you’re wrong, one hears of many people who have been through the cancer experience, or who are going through it, and who have decided to divert all or much or some of their energy into working for a cancer charity or organization. And the same goes for many people who suffer from other conditions: they put their efforts into organizations founded to assist others in a similar situation.

    • Christopher in Canada

      What is your real issue here? Please explain, so we can respond correctly to you, rather than jump to conclusions.

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