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Televangelist Pat Robertson: Jesus wouldn’t have baked a cake for a gay wedding

  • Truth

    Correct. He would have baked a loaf ….

  • David Greensmith

    It’s quite striking, isn’t it, that when born again Christians talk about Jesus they portray him as being as narrow minded, bigoted and judgemental as they are? I wonder if any of them have actually read any of the New Testament Gospels?

    • Daniel

      Excellent – the stoning of gays is OT, whereas Jesus makes no references whatsoever to gays. Mind you… it’s all a mouldy book of myths.

  • Auntie Babs

    Is he on record as baking anything for a str8 wedding?

    • Truth

      No – but I understand he did do conjuring and party tricks at them….

      • Steven Gregory

        You bring up a good point: Jesus was a magician!
        “Miracles” are “magic tricks.”

        I was watching UK magician Dynamo walk on water across the Thames, and in no time a huge crowd gathered on an overlook. I imagine this same act astounded ancient peoples.

  • Ray

    But he’d have turned water into wine and the bread into cakes!! And the curtains into party outfits; and of course all done with five loves; or even loaves!; and two fishes….
    Blessed are the cheesemakers to!

    • Truth


    • Steven Gregory

      You’re awesome!

  • Darren McCabe-Hay

    Can we just stone this old relic to death?

    • Steven Gregory

      But just pretend to be “tossing” stones in his direction for a gardening project.

  • Rumbelow

    Jesus was an enthusiastic baker, he collected all the recipes from his Mum Mary’s friends, fruit and nut cakes, carrot cakes, banana cake, pineapple upside down cake, battenberg sponge cake, madeira sponge cake…you name it …he baked it.
    Never once did he bake a cake for the wedding of an opposite sex couple, it’s the truth…honest.

    • Truth


    • Steven Gregory

      Sounds like Jesus was the Mary Berry of his time.

  • Mrs-Slocombes-Pussy

    Apparently, it’s written somewhere that the Big J hated working with fondant icing, which is why he wouldn’t have made a wedding cake. It’s written in the book of Mrs Beeton that he preferred a sponge finger.

    • Steven Gregory


  • Connor Larkin

    This fakir is a real Hee-Haw Xtian Theologian!

  • That There Other David

    What an utterly bizarre thing to say. Does Robertson view Jesus as a cross between Nigella Lawson and IKEA?

    • Steven Gregory

      Do you imagine Robertson even knows about Lawson or IKEA?

  • Jonathan

    I can honestly say that the name of my baker was Jesus, and he did bake a cake for me and my wonderful husband … he said he was from Los Angeles and I believed him .. so piss off PR, you old bigot !!!

    • Steven Gregory

      The new “trinity” is Tres Leches.

  • ian

    Yes you got to look to the Bible and remember to have your non virgin unmarried daughters stoned to death. That right Pat?

  • Mary Welsh

    As usual Robertson assumes he knows what Jesus would do but seeing as he is my brother and he loved us all unconditionally as Father made us he would have been there dancing at the wedding making the cake and the bed for them to lay in

  • Christopher in Canada

    I don’t think that I can take it,
    ’cause it took so long to bake it,
    and I’ll never have that recipe again.
    Oh, no!

  • Maryland Kid

    That’s fair. Carpenters make lousy bakers.

  • tjt72

    I like how some people think they know Jesus and what he would do like if they were alive then and talked to him.

    • Truth

      The whole of organised religion is based on a ‘bigots view’ of the world, using old books to justify their extreme opinions ….

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    Hard to believe this guy was a serious US presidential contender once.

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