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Obama: Russia should protect gays, not target them

  • Marc Webster

    Nice words Mr President but sadly will fall on deaf ears….Putin is a dictator and won’t listen to anybody…..did you say the same thing to the Pope when you met him yesterday?…..I doubt it

    • JackAlison

      I agree with you. But pick your battles. The papacy is slowly falling on its sword. everyone knows they are the worlds biggest institutional child sexual abusers. enuff said. 1 pope cut short his tenure. and reinvented ‘happy hispanic pope ‘ is not gonna cut it. vatican is STILL railing against contraception , women, disordered gays. They know they have to be careful because ppl. in the west have turned off.

      • Marc Webster

        And I agree with you but my point was that if Obama is so big for gay rights its not only countries like Russia he should be having a go at religion too and why not start at the top with the Pope….bet he never said anything

  • mike

    interesting argument guys but whereas putin has brought in nasty laws against gay people and the old pope was just as homophobic, this new pope might actually turn out to be “liberal” on lgbt issues

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