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Archbishop of Canterbury: Church’s resistance to same-sex marriage is over

  • Ra

    Religious delusions can simply be modified as needed. Just believe and it will be – lol.

  • john

    Just read an encouraging letter on the Camden Journal from a group of vicars also giving their “blessing” to same sex couples on Sat! Perhaps they aren’t all so bad?

    • Truth

      WHAT??? Not so bad?!!!! After everything they have done to persecute gay people throughout history?? You’ll be saying next that nice Mr Hitler did some very good things for ‘non-Jewish people’.

      • john

        The correct parrallel is not between Welby and Hitler but more Welby and Angela Merkel. Neither are going to throw us into the gas chamber but neither are particulary forward thinking on gay issues, in particular equal marriage.

      • Chris B

        The point is that actually Welby doesn’t speak for the whole church. There are plenty of clerics, both gay and straight, who would happily perform blessings and indeed marriages for same sex couples, but are prevented from doing so by the overarching policy imposed from above.

  • Sparkyu1

    Oh what rubbish is this!

    The resistance is over? Because the church LOST! It’s settled law. The church has no chance of overturning the law now. This isn’t the church not resisting – this is them realising they cannot resist any more

    Are they going to accept marriage equality? Bless marriages between people of the same sex? Stop discriminating against LGBT people? No?

    No – they’re just going to stop fighting a battle they already lost. Their war against us continues

    • Truth

      I think this is a realisation by them that the ‘opt out’ hey demanded for themselves is likely to marginalise them even more. By swimming against the tide of history, they are becoming more and more irrelevant and anachronistic.

    • Cal

      I don’t like the CofE either but this is positive and I welcome it. Compare Welby’s statement to the position of the RCs, Muslims and Orthodox Jews who are still grubbing around in the Dark Ages.

      • Sparkyu1

        I don’t think there’s any difference, to be honest, just the context they’re in

        Welby is focused on one country – sure, the Anglican church is global, but you’ll notice the global church is hardly supporting us – in fact, in Africa it is one of the chief forces behind vicious sodomy laws (the Anglican church in Uganda loves the new law there). Since Welby is focused on the UK and doing nothing to encourage the global church not to be bigots, he is focusing on an issue that is settled here and trying to dig himself out of the hole he’s buried himself in

        The RCs, Muslims and Orthodox Jews are sticking to their bigoted guns because they’re not just focused on one country’s laws

        • Cal

          I do see your point but the global CofE community is extremely important to any Archbishop of Canterbury. Welby knows his words are scrutinised by those African bishops who are twitching to break away. He is certainly speaking out more positively on GLBT issues than his predecessors. His recent statements may not be enough, and they may be in some ways disingenuous but they are not entirely negative. Every positive statement by church leaders helps in some way.

  • Truth

    Seems that old rule book from which they quote so often is not a rule book after all ..! If it was responsible for so much murder, division and hatred over the centuries, it would all be a bit silly and pointless, wouldn’t it? Perhaps the bish could now have some serious words with those of his flock who seek to use his religion to persecute gay people in Russia, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, etc.etc …..

    • de Villiers

      Those who think the bible is a rule book are misguided. It is no more a rule book that Marx’s Das Capital which could also be said to have caused much murder and hatred.

      Regardless, at the time of the debates over the gay marriage I said that it appeared that the Church of England under Archbishop Welby was preparing to abandon its opposition to it. That is happening before our eyes and can be only something about which to be pleased.

      When gay people consider that the Church is no longer against them and does not threaten them, the antagonism to the religion will dissipate.

      • Rumbelow

        Don’t get all teary-eyed in gratefulness for mercy drops from heaven just yet de Villiers.

        After a relentless campaign of the nastiest, most vile and spiteful opposition to equality they lost calamitously. Welby is now trying to sound ever so reasonable while the church is clinging tightly onto the last shreds of anti-gay discrimination they can still wring out while staying on this side of the law.

        “Welby’s comments do not reflect a change of policy in the church”

        • de Villiers

          I was not teary-eyed and wonder why you would want to misrepresent me. It is not about mercy drops from heaven. What a straw-man you raise.

          I said months ago that Welby’s comments about gay marriage and homosexuality seemed to presage a change in the church’s position on them. And look – that has now happened.

          It is nothing to do with being teary-eyed. Just observant and realistic rather than hysterical.

  • doug

    Oh, well, what can they do? Parliament has spoken.

    • MarkB

      You have to remember that we live in a democracy. So leaders and party’s can change. It is not so many years that homosexuality was illegal.

      Thought I don’t think UKIP have any real chance of power in the near future, we should not be complacent. Many people treat Farage and his ilk as a bit of a joke. Didn’t Hitler get treated like a joke in his early ‘political’ career as well?

      Just remember what

      • Jones

        Yes. But nobody will be laughing when (if) Nigel Farage gets into government.

  • Michael Walsh

    No, for as long as the church refuses to perform marriage ceremonies for same sex couples, they oppose it. This man and his congregations remain twisted in hypocrisy and willful stupidity until then.

  • Yesh U R

    Religious delusional with an invisible magic boss performs like a chameleon walking on a rainbow flag. First they hate us and try to destroy the wellbeing of as many LGBT people as they can, then they fear us and change laws to discriminate and exclude us, then they try to pretend that they really don’t care that much either way and cease “resistance” while dancing hysterically and demanding politicians give them greater and greater protection from us. The sooner they disappear up their own vestments the better it will be for society.

  • MarkB

    Resistance is futile!

  • Clivejw

    “Resistance” is a polite word for what was nothing more than a giant sulk, a refusal to accept defeat with good grace. It is significant that this comes just after news that the Quakers are eagerly awaiting to marry their first same-sex couple – in other words, to exercise the religious freedom that the CoE, the Catholics, and the Muslims sought /seek to deny them.

  • jlvnv

    The rhetoric is the same as before. There is no change. Anyone who thinks this is a significant step forward needs to step back and take a deep breath. The church folk are a cunning lot.

    • Rumbelow

      Cunning, duplicitous, mealy-mouthed, disingenuous…I could go on.

  • Paul

    This is the trouble when you have a state sponsored religion unelected members of which have a vote in one of your parliaments debating chambers.

  • Adam

    My resistance to how this “church” rips families apart with their crap will never be over

  • gingerlycolors

    After all the Church of England was founded by Henry VIII because of his dubious sex life 500 years ago.

  • Robert in S. Kensington

    Resistance doesn’t mean acceptance while upholding the ethos of the CofE, but a step in the right direction. That said, I suspect this has a lot to do with the reality that some of the clergy do not support the church’s stand against equal marriage and some of them will defy the hierarchy and marry. I very much doubt it would take retaliatory action if it wants to reverse the rapid decline of church attendance, now at an all time low. I think this may well be paving the way for an eventual relaxation of its stance against equal marriage. I think it will be inevitable now that female bishops are no longer an issue. Women in the hierarchy will do more to hasten acceptance. I would be content if it would just allow individual clergy freedom of conscience to participate in SSM and conduct them accordingly and wouldn’t necessarily have to compel it to make it church policy although that would be the ideal. I say this as a non-believer.

  • Riondo

    That’s it, Justin, suck it up. You know damned well that a state church can’t deny the right of Queen and Parliament to make laws it happens not to like. Unless it wants to be on the fast track to Disestablishment. Which is what this waffly soft-soap is all about.

  • Don_Harrison

    I understand that you the head of the Anglican of the World and what you say here in England, makes things difficult in counties which and not as liberal as here.
    Here there are many who wish to see “Our Church” behind then when they get married the way that mixed marriages happen in Church. That is being equal, but this is not.

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