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Zimbabwe: Man who claimed stab victim was gay acquitted of attempted murder

  • Truth

    Oh dear. The old ‘gay attacked me’ defence. Yet more evidence that Africa is on a downward slide into ignorance and religious bigotry. They are best left to their own devices until they see sense. We should end ALL overseas aid to places like this which retain antiquated and imbecilic anti-gay laws.

    • Luke James

      Not only that but cut all contact = leave the commonwealth to the homophobes , end all tourism , end all trade ( total sanctions ) and end all travel for African bigots to any and all western states .

  • Rehan

    PN: …acquitted of murder charge should read attempted murder.

  • wadeisin1971

    Just wait to see how many people will be committing murder and making the same claim. The African society and leaders will reap the rewards of their ignorance.

  • Cal

    Well, that’s handy, isn’t it? Just say someone is Gay = License to kill.

  • Halou

    If only Mugabe was gay…

    • Truth

      Haha. You are closer to the truth than you think! Most rabid homophobes are gay but in denial. That’s why they spew their venom on us when, what they are actually doing, is ‘self-loathing’ …

  • Luke James

    Well it had to happen soon or later that the African bigots said it is o.k. to murder homosexual people = just a matter of time .

  • Hugh Vincelette

    So, this judge has given free reign to those who would attack violently; gay persons.
    The civilized world has a moral obligation to cut all ties with the country & others like it.

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