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Tennessee: Bill to permit anti-gay religious discrimination in schools passes

  • James Orpin

    The constitution protects free speech and religious belief. However for free speech to work it can’t be free from repercussion. Actions and words have consequences. You are free to say what you like about us gays and we are free to call you a hateful bigot.

  • Bikerman

    Does the constitution defend the right for gay students to smack homophobes in the mouth?

    • David Jordan

      Maybe if you claim it as part of your religion.

  • Ivan

    Lets just wait until some student uses this bill to justify anti-Christian sentiments based on their religious beliefs – there will be major backtracking then.

    • sJames6621

      nope the standard reponse by these haters is to claim they are the victims. Its a reversal of the situaiton similar to how their alimentary canal is reversed

  • David Jordan

    This law will never survive when its challenged under the 14th Amendment, but that could take over a year, in the mean time the fundamentalists will be free to bully gay students and call it religious freedom.

    • That There Other David

      I hope they do. Those students and their parents will quickly learn that even in Tennessee the younger generations are very much against hate, whatever the source. Wait for the reports of Christian children being “victimised” by their peers to surface because nobody wants to hear their dogmatic nonsense.

      • Truth

        VERY good point. Can’t a sympathetic supporter orchestrate this. ..?

  • Halou

    The idea of free speech held by these bigots would allow someone to cause a panic stampede by shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.

  • Christopher in Canada

    Chely Wright and k.d. lang, it’s time to move record your next albums somewhere other than Nashville!

    • Jon (Malaysia)

      About that 49th parallel splitting. Maybe a good time to give it good shove. It’s laws like this that makes me happy to be buying retirement land in New Brunswick rather than Maine.

  • Truth

    So. Jews and Muslms can now discriminate against Christians? This is just what we need … more regulations enabling hate … and all in the name of ‘belief’. I despair ….

  • There are times, like this, when I don’t think PinkNews really gets the American notion of freedom of speech. Those of us in the BIGALA spectrum can survive disapproving words of others, and we can offer our own words right back at them. Banning discourse is a sad and stifling way to deal with these things.

    • kore

      Most Americans don’t understand what the limits of ‘free speech’ actually are. There are things such as ‘libel’ and ‘harassment’ that are not protected by free speech. Guess what? You can’t just go around saying anything you want to people without consequence! Just because a group complains that their free speech is being suppressed does not make it true.

      • Maryland Kid

        Not to nitpick, but that’s not actually free speech. I’ve always been strongly opposed to some of the laws concerning public speech in Europe and Australia. It’s very easy for a society to agree to permit freedom of speech when what is being said lies in accordance with their prevailing values. What is more difficult is having the conviction to protect dissenting speech.

        However, this bill is absurd. It doesn’t even concern speech, really , it mostly restricts what teachers can say or do in their own classrooms. And while the LGBT aspect of this story is concerning, as any student can claim that abusive behavior is protected speech, what I find even more disturbing is how this will affect grading. Will a Biology professor be unable to mark down a student who refuses to write an essay on natural selection but instead discusses intelligent design?

        I guess the point I am driving at is that there is a little bit of merit to what both of you are saying. I think the ideal speech protections are those that you find in the liberal states like California; no restrictions on speech you disagree with, but no twisting the concept of free speech like here or in Citizens United.

  • Pádráig O’Gáirmléadháigh

    This could turn out to be no bad thing as 99% of the discrimination will be religion or faith on faith hate. It started out as hate the Gays, but I’m betting we will be able to take a ringside seat and guffaw as we watch them gut each other ….. literally!

  • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

    DOA. Dead on appeal.

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    I feel awful for the people who live there, not just the LGBT kids who can be bullied but also the guys from there who are against hate but have this idiotic idea forced upon them

  • Cal

    Big surprise from the redneck South.

  • Tom Cotner

    Tennessee is not exactly noted for having the brightest bulbs in their legislative chandeliers. Just as all homophobic ideas eventually come and go, this, too, shall pass, and even residents of Tennessee will wonder how they could be so stupid.

  • This stance will also support bullying against any Queer Students under the guise of ‘religion’, which will lead on to other more serious physical action/s. In history, wars have been started for less, this state should look at its own past/current conscience, where I am sure racism is still allowed, in the name of ‘religion’, of course. I am most thankful to live in a ‘safe’ democratic country (NZ). Thankyou. xx


    TN Politicians are GREEDY MONEY HUNGRY BASTARDS who believe they are above the law. For example, take the GOV HASLAM, crooked as the day is long.
    Unable to pass any laws that help the average citizen, unless he’s able to swindle a couple million for himself. Hmmm, hey GOV, how did brother Jimmy avoid FRAUD Charges and Jail Time…… Ohhh, too RICH to go Jail…

    In TN, BIG BAPTIST rules … State is Unbalanced…. ALL REPUBLICIANS, House and Senate”…. These elected politicians Purposely keep TN DUMBED DOWN because
    BIG BAPTIST has. BILLIONS to put in their DEEP POCKETS.
    It’s really amusing when election time comes around, these FAITHFUl Politicians all speak about family , religion , values..etc… BUT IN REALITY THEY ARE HIPOCRITS….


  • Will

    This from the same state that was issuing LEGAL driver licenses to ILLEGAL aliens a couple of years ago – wow.

  • sJames6621

    Tn w here former gov huckabee (who appears regularly on racist fox news) said at a conference – ” Renewing God in ameica” last year

    We’ve gpt tp get them to pray at the point of a gun if necessary

    So similar to Mao Tse Tsung in 1960 – “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”

    There were 14 of these conferences sponsored by the hate group FRC whose president tony perkins………………….

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