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Spiked Editor Brendan O’Neill: John Kerry is the real anti-gay villain, not Uganda’s President Museveni

  • Valksy

    O’Neill – nothing but a boring troll. And just like any other troll, the best way to deal with them is to deny the attention they crave, rely on and try to demand with their hysterical snotbubbling nonsense. He’s not even a Poe, there’s no satire here. Just one man, rolling round on the floor like an infant, squealing for notice because his byline depends on it.

    Point and laugh, mock if you want, but don’t assume he has power, influence or any meaning beyond him soiling himself in print yet again for notice.


  • Bobbleobble

    Word salad best ignored.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Another catholic demented loon. I deeply suspect his anti-gay rants say more about the instability of his supposed hetero orientation. A deeply repressed gay man himself perhaps?

    • Truth

      TOTALLY correct, Robert. And the more the mechanism which drives homophobia becomes understood, the more these sad closet cases will hold their tongue. I mean … once the game is up … they’d be foolish in the extreme to keep waving a flag which says, ‘I’m a homophobe – therefore, I am ….!’

  • Spooked

    Quelle surprised. His magazine are currently engaged in a campaign to get rid of Students’ Union safe-space policies, which often challenge homophobia, and to allow fascists and other hate groups on campus. The arguments I hear from them at a debate on Monday are pretty vile.

  • jazatw

    There is very little of merit that Brendan O’Neill ever writes. I wouldn’t pay him much heed. If you really want to see the kind of people he is writing for look at the comments on that Taki magazine. The same kind of dumb-as-sack-of-spanners people who hang out on Breitbart.

    • saintlaw

      Yes it’s a wonder they can breathe and type at the same time.

  • JackAlison

    oh god. It would be mildly acceptable if he was at least entertaining like Baroness Knight. She said: “We’ve all got friends who are homosexuals. They are often extremely, very, very good at artistic things, very good at things like antiques.” He just drones on and on and on. Whats interesting is he has an UNNATURAL interest in gay ppl,…….mmmmmmm

  • Pablo

    That’s odd, Spain has legalized gay marriage for almost 10 years and there are still heteros getting married just fine. I wonder if Brenda O’Stupid knows that America is not the only country in the world.

  • TomSatsuma

    Out of interest, where’s the colonial era racist language promised in the headline?

    • TomSatsuma

      Was it “the Dark Continent’s inhabitants”?

      • Clivejw

        But the ‘dark continent’ was so called not because of the colour of the skin of its inhabitants, but because it was so little explored at the start of the 19th century (below the Sahara, anyway).

      • Pyrroly

        I don’t view that as racist era language iN THIS CONTEXT, because if you read the original article, it’s made pretty obvious that he’s using it satirically.

  • Sarah

    O’Neill sounds gay to me. He’s trying to make a name for himself.

    • Truth

      Spot on, Sarah! Homophobes are driven by self-hatred. They cannot handle their inner same-sex sexual attraction and so they project those feeling of self-loathing outwardly onto those who have accepted who they truly are. ‘Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case’.

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    Brendan is as significant as a f+rt in a Canadian blizzard.

  • Truth

    Oh dear. Homophobic closet-cases are SO passe! No-one can argue with any credibility whatsoever that being gay is a ‘choice’ unless they, themselves, have experienced making a ‘choice’. So, we must deduce that Mr. O’Bore has, at some stage, rejected his natural inclinations to be gay and has ‘chosen’ to suppress his own homosexuality. Just as many former smokers’ become complete and utter evangelists, so too do those who are in denial about their TRUE sexuality. Get a grip dear and accept who you are. Then we can all get a bit of peace without having to endure any more of your pathetic and totally biased theorising ….

  • Clivejw

    O’Neill isn’t worth bothering about. He’s just a silly little boy who never grew up.

  • Bikerman

    Just a large pile of human excrement

  • This is O’Neil, a teenager trapped in a mans body, a guy who trawls through a convoluted mixture of political ideologies to manufacture his own concoction of far-right nonsense, where up is down and black is white.

    It’s clear, if you read any of his ramblings, the guy requires considerable therapy. Or, perhaps he’s just a closet-case who really needs a good seeing to?

    Either way, he has something considerable going on in that brain of his, and it’s led to him becoming a very unstable man.

  • Riondo

    I fully accept that O’Neill’s crass idiocy is not a choice and that he should not be blamed for it. But he is to be blamed for foisting his drivel on others and it would be quite nice if he just shut the f*@# up.

  • sd

    Why does PN print this stuff? Its not news, its just the rantings of yet another homophobe. Why repeat his hateful, uninformed nonsense?

    • Because to ignore it is knowledge lost.

      We get to document who the hate is.
      How the hate is.
      Where the hate is
      When the hate is.
      What the hate is.
      Why the hate is.

      Future generations will thank us for that at least.

  • wadeisin1971

    At least O’Neill recognizes that villains are anti-gay.

  • TampaZeke

    It’s pretty clear that this man is nothing more than a flame bomber who takes joy in pissing off as many people as possible; think Fred Phelps. This article is a confusing, bizarre mess of a word salad that strains to be offensive while making absolutely no point.

  • Celia

    Buzzfeed had an occasional series of “How would the media report the apocalypse/alien invasion/etc?” One of their examples was a Telegraph blogger called Fergus McContrary who would say things like “The elite liberal chattering classes are the real flesh-eating zombie hordes”.

    Anyway, that’s something to remember when reading a Brendan O’Neill opinion. Buzzfeed should feature Fergus much more often.

  • Jones

    I don’t see John Kerry criminalising homosexuality. Your point is invalid.

  • saintlaw

    The plonker is so stupid he doesn’t appear to realise that the west STILL sends Bible bashing missionaries to “the dark continent” – Scott Lively et al.

    But, you know, the only place I read his ravings is this website. As does he you can be sure – his many, many gay related articles always feel like the audience they’re really playing to is, well, us.

    I were editor I’d spike any Brendan O related pieces in future. Sure it’s fun to point and lol at the futile loon, but I’m starting to feel he actually gets off on it.

    Let the frustrated knob-hound go get his knees dirty in the local khazi or cruising ground instead and not be wasting any self respecting homosexualist’s time with his jibber jabber.

  • Spiked Editor Brendan O’Neill has obviously calculated the exact amount of hate it takes to get us clicking the websites link bait.

    Stay Tuned.


    Nobody who opposes gay rights seem to understand the argument that gay people are making. It CAN be a sin to sleep with someone of the same sex. Just like it CAN be a sin to sleep with someone of the opposite sex. It all depends on the context of the situation. The only thing that’s different in the morality of a gay affirming Christian and an anti-gay Christian is the idea that All same-sex sex is inherently sinful.

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