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London vicar: Gay couples have ‘perverted love’ and blessing them is ‘disrespectful to God’

  • Valksy

    The magic-boggled may squabble amongst themselves, theirs is a fight I would not waste on single breath upon.

    I do take umbrage at the kind of despicable language they use against us though. Their deity of choice encourages genocide, endorses sexual violence (word may not pass moderation), looks on as the infant children of the enemy are dashed against the rocks, does nothing as body parts are hoarded from the dead as trophies and WE are the “perverted” ones? What a pathetic joke the frocked and cloistered are.

    And let us never forget – the Church of England was founded to facilitate a brutal woman-killing swine of a King. So them to try and assert moral authority makes me laugh out loud.

    • cantake8

      Well said!

    • Soho-Knights

      So much of what you say is true! however, homosexuality, adultery, fornication et al! are not acceptable. Homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle, and as there is no evidence hereditary or genetically to show that is not a chosen lifestyle, enjoy! but please do not rewrite history or change the language or expect others to share your views. I will not waste time explaining what you obviously will not accept.

  • Harry Underwood

    And this is why he fails at life.

    • cantake8

      What a simple, beautiful statement. It made me smile.

  • Cal

    He’s a brutal man. In the wrong job. The words he chooses to defend his position are cruel and sadistic. Shame on him. I feel sorry for people who believe in his cold-hearted god.

    • Truth

      Sounds very like a self-hater to me. ONLY people with ‘issues’ are this obsessed and vitriolic about homosexuality. Would any ordinary heterosexual man care to this extent what consenting adults get up to? His virulent, rabid homophobia says MUCH more about his own suppressed sexuality than he would ever dare admit …….

      • Psychologist

        Indeed TRUTH ! – Truly straight men have no issues with the homosexuality of SOMEONE ELSE ! They are INDIFFERENT to it – ie neither attracted to, nor repulsed by homosexuality of others.
        The ONLY ones who do have issues with the sexual orientation of OTHERS, are the ones who have issues as a result of suppressing their OWN! (using a defence mechanism called PROJECTION in order to project what is THEIR issue, as though they have issues with the sexual orientation of OTHERS) !
        So your expression “show me a homophobe, and I’ll show you a gay man in denial” is psychologically correct, with much research supporting that, as well as many experiences I’ve encountered in therapy sessions.

  • MOA

    Says a
    man, running up and down in a dress, burning incense in a little metal handbag
    and believing in a fantasy book as the real truth… Love to you vicar…

    • cantake8

      …and offering samples of FLESH and BLOOD in homage to the torture porn he calls religion.

  • Truth

    And insulting gay people isn’t disrespectful? He’s just another brainwashed religious nut job. They really are best ignored or, preferably, locked-up somewhere secure where they can rant their homophobic bile in a straight-jacket.

    • cantake8

      Religious people are quite fortunate that so many gays and lesbians are far more polite than they are. Imagine if we went around announcing our opinions on their relationships. I may start: “Are you Christians? I hate the way you only have sex in one boring position; she never has orgasms, only babies; and you can’t get a decent blow job.”

      • Truth

        What I’ve never understood is why we ‘defer’ to belief? Is it a hang-over from the days when you could be burned at the stake for disagreeing with the church? Is it fear of superstition? Whatever the reason, it’s pathetic. Nasty bigots, especially eligious ones, need to be (a) challenged and (b) ridiculed.

        • Steven Gregory

          From my point of view, I was raised in a religious household, went to religious schools and then religious college. I had an ingrained “respect” that only took three good years of undoing. I began by simply calling out nonsense by saying, “That’s bu||sh!t,” but found that made me sound crass in too many settings. Now I simply say, “That is wrong and you know it,” and faces fall like melting wax.

        • William

          You guys are as bad as anyone who is homophobic!

  • Beelzeebub

    “….saying doing so is “disrespectful” to the Church of England, “unfaithful to Christ” and “ultimately confusing”.”

    “Disrespectful” – What is there to respect in a misogynistic, homophobic institution run by old men for old men.

    “Unfaithful to Christ” – Please show me one passage in your new testicle bilebull where jesus even mentions gay people.

    “Confusing” – You need to sort that one out yourself.

    • Truth

      ‘Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case …’

      • cantake8


    • William

      Here is the passages from the NT which prohibits homosexual behaviour:

      Cor. 6.9-10 Paul writes, “ Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Do not be decieved: neither the sexually immoral,nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality

      Tim. 1.10 along with fornicators, slave traders, liars, and murderers as “contrary to the sound teaching of the Gospel.”

      Homosexuality is also classed as fornication as its outside the marriage between a man and woman.

      Here’s a third text from the New Testament., which is the most lengthy treatment of homosexual activity, and comes in Romans 1.24-28. Here Paul talks about how people have turned away from the Creator God, He says,

      Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen.

      For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.

      God bless!

      • Peter Dev


      • ChrisInLA

        All of these quotes are from letters by St. Paul, who also told women to obey their husbands. He was very much a conservative man of his time. These are the people who also stoned adulterers. It is interesting to note that sayings of the Pauline kind are never attributed to Jesus. It is a pity for Christianity that Paul became a follower and then wrote so much nonsense that continues to be lapped up. What was the conversion on the Damascus road? A man suffering from severe guilt and a bad case of migraine. Hence, the bright light, the voice he heard, and the short period of blindness — this latter simply signifying that he needed to be in a dark place. If you and people like you want to be taken seriously as Christians, quote Jesus — and try to live by his teachings.

      • tom_beauchamparnold

        The word “homosexuality” didn’t even exist until the 19th century.

        So, when was your NT written, again?

  • Marc Webster

    Yet another religious loon spouting crap… can God bless gay marriage when he doesn’t exist?…..considering just how much acts of violence (which are still happening), evil actions (we all know what they are) and passages in the bible proven to be wrong, you would think the cultists would hang their heads in shame and keep quiet but no….they are beneath contempt….it is them that will be going to hell if there is such a place which I doubt sadly

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Oh, this poor, poor, Hannah man! To be a man, to claim to be an adult, and to be so tied, ball and chain, to a book of ancient parchments written by deluded simpletons! It’s sooooooooo sad! This man needs taking into intensive mental health-care immediately. And that book, and all such books, need to be burnt, en masse! Gather ye Korans, and Torahs, and Bibles while ye may, and burn ’em!

    Meanwhile, please feel free to save my avatar pic and use it freely! Be imaginative!

  • doug

    Please drop dead.

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    Happy day for me today ! Reading all these comments proves I have a lot of friends in The UK- and other countries. Thank you so very much friends- we are lovely people, we are gay and lesbian, transgender and BEAUTIFUL ! Norway is my country, but right now I feel -there are no borders !

  • David Greensmith

    So he calls us “perverted” and then claims we’re disrespectful. The self destruction of the CoE continues.

  • Craig

    Silly sad man

  • Neil Rhodes

    What the fck would he (or the bible, for that matter) know about ‘love’?

    Another day, another religious nut job. Sigh.

    • Von

      Well, how about Jesus preaching to love enemies, and even dying for them? That’s probably the kind of love most don’t know anything about. It has owt to do with sexual desire. The entire tenor of the NT is about sacrificial love; this includes telling the truth without hatred; a concept totally foreign to modern liberals.

  • Daniel

    Hm, given the bibles generally confused/contradictory stance on relationships and love, “perverted” is possibly the most ironic statement he could use.

  • Lettice Protheroe

    Not exactly gracious in defeat the God Squad are they?

  • white squirrel

    ‘disrespectful to God’

  • Joe McDougall

    Exactly WHY are these idiots allowed to say such things against gays, but the same things said against black people would be illegal?

    Imagine this headline:
    London vicar: Black couples have ‘perverted love’ and blessing them is ‘disrespectful to God’
    Hate speech charges would be filed :-/

    • Terry

      Because Black is an intrinsic aspect of someone whereas living a promiscuous lifestyle is a choice

      • tom_beauchamparnold

        Being gay is an intrinsic part of who you are.

        There are both straight and gay people who are promiscuous. There are both gay and straight people who are not.

        If you don’t understand this, why should we take your moral advice?

    • liam nolan

      but its ok for you to call christians because they dont agree on your life style ? get a crip of yourself

  • CHBrighton

    Poor sad, deluded man. He can only understand other human beings so long as they conform to the same mystic belief and behaviours that he does. He needs to look around and see that the world is diverse.

  • Angela_K

    It’s time that religion be classed the same as Homophobia and racism – completely unacceptable.

  • PJ

    Illusionary, formed ‘cult’ of hateful, scared people. God probably made
    the Bible to highlight the misuse of its power from The Word. Who is
    your outcast? Do you exclude? That’s where empathy begins….there’s not
    enough of it in this day and age.

  • cantake8

    Dear dim Vicar: FVCK your superstition and mythology, and a running KICK to your ass for propagating lies and falsehoods.

    • Inis_Magrath

      I’d have gone with a kick to the groin… much more effective.

      • cantake8

        I thought of that, but it would require such precision to strike such a tiny, shriveled target.

  • Colin

    The church must be brought under the full control of the state. No get oout of prison cards. They are a hate fuelled groups of people who seek to make themselves above others and cause death even today. Not one of the main churches has spoken out about what their churches are doing in Africa and Russia currently.

    One inclusive society is what we need. Keep religion personal. No tax breaks or status. It’s a business.

    • Ken

      And don’t forget that the churches are behind what is happening in Africa and Russia today.

  • Craig Y

    Why do these fundamentalists continue to masquerade as “Anglicans?” Can’t they head off to the benighted fringe fundamentalist sects where they really belong?

  • Riondo

    I feel just like the vicar. I love Christians inspite of the superstitious, poisonous, selective hypocritical rubbish they come out with. (OK, you’ve got me. I don’t love them. But I don’t patronize them, as this pillock does gays).

    • cantake8

      “Pillock” great word.

      • Riondo

        Are you not British? It’s a common term in the UK.

        • cantake8

          No. Unfortunately my parents were in the wrong part of the world when I was born, so I speak American English. Far inferior. But I’m willing to learn!

          • Riondo

            Not at all inferior. And a fascinating key to how 16th and 17th century English was spoken, at least in part.

  • dave

    This is so typical of the BBC – debate it, but under no circumstances celebrate it.

  • saintlaw

    Who gives a shiny sh*t about the opinions of this fish-eyed eunuch?

    • cantake8

      Nought eye! Neither two wetFARTS, aye!
      But for some reason religious idiots think everyone cares about their opinion. Imagine if gays and lesbians began announcing OUR opinions of the relationships of others, or their parenting skills, or questioning their sexual practices aloud?

  • Tristan

    If he believes gay people have “chosen” their lifestyle I wonder at what point in his life he “chose” to be heterosexual?

    • Yesh U R

      I wonder at what point did he chose to go mad?

    • AlSee

      He had to say that to get a full house on his homophobia bingo card.

    • Truth

      Nail on head! ONLY people who have themselves made a ‘choice’ NOT to be gay can say, with any credibility, that being gay is a ‘choice’. Otherwise, how the hell would they ‘know’ it’s a choice? And, if they are only speculating that it’s a ‘choice’ … then they are not worth listening to, are they? So, in future, when anyone says,’ being gay is a choice’, ask them how they can possibly know that ….. :)

    • cantake8

      Perhaps he could simply change his sexuality for a year or so, to show us how easily it is done.

  • Christopher in Canada

    The dinosaur surviving the crunch.
    (Let’s hear it for the ladies who lunch, everybody rise!!!)

  • Yesh U R

    London “vicar” announces to his bosses that he is every bit as delusional as they are, and rabid with it too. So, when the next promotion comes along I’m sure that he is sure that he will not be forgotten in a slide up the greasy pole. Let’s not forget, this is a business that makes a fortune annually by maintaining the “faithful” in its hatreds as promulgated in its book of ancient spells.

    • cantake8

      Religion is the largest single INDUSTRY that makes the greatest amount of its revenue off the poor.

  • Liam

    ‘Perverted love’ ‘… love that will actually harm in the end.’ Pretty rich coming from a man in an abusive imaginary relationship with a despotic father figure.

  • Jak Davis

    If homosexuality is unfaithful to Christ, can Rev Hannah please point me to what Jesus actually said about homosexuality, because as far as I can see in the Bible I use as the bedrock of my faith, Jesus said absolutely NOTHING about the subject. Maybe I just have a different version of the Bible to Rev Hannah!
    Rev. Jak Davis

  • Rehan

    …that God himself has not blessed.

    And how exactly do you know what ‘God’ has blessed, Hanna? Hearing voices in your head, perhaps?

    As for the Bible being clear (on just about anything), anyone who thinks that needs to try reading it before making such a stupid assertion.

  • Tanya Laura Pope

    there is no god ,,,when the world wakes up that there is no god the world will be a better loving place

    • Truth

      If there IS a god, he / she has an extremely weird sense of humour. Giving babies horribly incurable diseases, permitting starvation, sending earthquakes which wipe out whole populations … including churches. I once saw a woman on TV, sitting among the debris of her tornado-destroyed home. She drawled, “God was merciful and spared us”. She said this without a single ounce of irony. So, god destroys towns … but is loving and benevolent enough to spare lives?
      Brainwashed into ‘blind faith’.

      • cantake8

        I watched TSUNAMI: CAUGHT ON CAMERA about the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 that struck several nations. An Islamic woman talks about praying to GOD for her survival and thanking GOD for saving her, while in connected film clips there are people clinging to the bodies of their slain loved ones, pulling dead bodies from under rubble, and children walking among corpses. I guess GOD didn’t love them enough or they didn’t pray the right way.

        The concept of GOD is stupid and cruel, and oddly enough makes some people feel good. They place their hope in an eternal life in a perfect body, and throw away this life because it’s just rehearsal for something better.

        • Truth

          Religious belief is a very selfish pursuit as well. They pray to be spared when in danger. They pray to win the lottery. They pray to have a long and healthy life …. all the while having very little regard for their neighbours’ well-being. It’s all about me me me. Not exactly what Jesus had in mind… if he ever existed.

    • cantake8

      Once upon a time people didn’t know where the Sun hid at night, or why seasons changed, or why childbirth is painful for women, or how to keep stupid gullible people under control. God was a useful invention, much like the Bogey Man or Tooth Fairy.

      • Tanya Laura Pope


      • Truth

        And, when asked awkward questions about the awful things which appear to be the actions of an all-loving God, they invented the devil to get them out of that sticky situation ….

        • Psychologist

          Indeed TRUTH – or they respond with “God works in mysterious ways” ! ha ha ha

  • Bill Nedra Bill

    This vicar can keep his perverted love, I will gladly take his HATE! God tells us in the same Bible that scholars have twisted His words with their lying pens, so it is pointless him sending us to speak to scholars; and if he is such a believer in God, why doesn’t he SHUT UP and allow God to speak? Surely if the All-Powerful God has a problem with gays, He is able to address it. I wish I was the one to interview these religious clowns!

    • Truth

      Ah… but God isn’t always ‘all-powerful’ is he? That’s why they had to invent the concept of the devil – to explain away all the nasty things that happen in life. But if their God IS all-powerful, why doesn’t he just kill the devil and then nothing bad would ever happen …. would it? As a precocious and argumentative child, when I could not obtain satisfactory answers to these conundrums, I ceased any pretence at self-delusion. Pity the world is so full of sheep …..

  • Francis Gallant

    This is what I see. London Vicar: “It is my opinion that gay couples have ‘perverted love’ and blessing them is ‘disrespectful to my way of thinking.” Perverted love – another paradox.

  • Lawerence Collins

    Bless his heart! His dead, cold, non existent heart!

  • LMC1

    Remember – the Church of England was founded in order to sanction divorce, and the abuse of women by Henry Vlll

  • sJames6621
  • Ferin

    This man speaks sense

  • liam nolan

    The vicar shouldn’t of said what he said but hey when a Islamic preacher says it the papers will not mention it ,also The catholic church is the largest private provider of care to HIV AIDS patients in the world, providing approximately one quarter of all HIV treatment and care but some of you will come back and say the catholic church was responsible for the spreading of aids for not allowing condoms lets get the facts everyone is free to leave the catholic church if you dont like the teaching leave it. the Church “provides support to millions of people living with HIV around the world” and that “Statistics from the Vatican in 2012 indicate that Catholic Church-related organizations provide approximately a quarter of all HIV treatment, care, and support throughout the world and run more than 5000 hospitals, 18 000 dispensaries and 9000 orphanages, many involved in AIDS-related activities.” UNAIDs co-operates closely with the Church on critical issues such as the elimination of new HIV infections in children, and keeping their mothers alive, as well as increasing access to antiviral medication
    we do not hate gays fact because we don’t agree to same sex marriages like we dont agree to a man having three wife’s doesn’t mean we are going to leave you dying. but IN ISLAM THEY WOULD.

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