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Kenya: Government spokesman says ‘homosexuality as serious as terrorism’

  • Pablo

    These African countries really are the scum of the earth aren’t they? My heart goes out to our LGBT brothers and sisters all over Africa.

    • Rumbelow

      Many Africans are not the brightest crayons in the box due to malnutrition which stunts their mental development as infants, already vulnerable they are then preyed upon by religious extremists and infected with the debilitating and parasitic religious meme which they in turn pass onto their own children. A cycle of parasitic religious meme infection is set in motion and this has now already reached epidemic proportions in Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya. Sufferers of these parasitic religious meme’s become very resistant to rational and reasoned argument and even to hard evidence.

      • white squirrel

        yes it does seem as if the African governments are going out of their way to prove the white supremacists correct – shame on them

      • Halou

        I wouldn’t say it is malnutrition that does it, rather the lack of education on the continent. With the governments either lacking the will or the wealth to do the job they rely on the interest of outsiders. This has led to numerous churches being invited by governments to set up ‘schools’ in which people are not so much taught how to think, rather being taught what to think.
        Of course leading to “experts” telling African nations that they can be trusted to write their laws for them because they know more about “the gay agenda” than almost anyone else alive. The speed at which these victims of indoctrination in Africa can turn a tired and busted phrase is amazing, but present them with a new situation and they get so out of their depth that they go into denial.

      • Rehan

        Yes, but let’s not forget just how recently in so many otherwise advanced nations citizens – not necessarily victims themselves – would victimise others because of their sexuality.

        And at a guess I’d say that malnutrition is not much of an excuse for stupidity when it comes to most of the sleek, well-padded African political classes.

  • Halou

    The talk of homosexuals being as bad as if not worse than terrorists, it all seems familiar. Where have we heard that line before? I do wonder.
    Politicians once:
    Rabbis and self-haters:
    And as always, the hypocritical, the brutal, and the dangerous people who go out of their way to harm others, lobbying foreign governments to make these anti-gay bills and celebrating their passage into law:

    Aden Duale may as well call himself an American since he talks the talk of western evangelicals to the detriment of fellow Kenyans.

  • Richard

    Perhaps the Kenyan Government’s warped priorities explain why they handled the Shopping Mall terrorist attacks so badly.

  • That There Other David

    I take it this would be the same terrorism being caused by religious indoctrination?

    • Mitch Burns

      Well said

  • Christopher in Canada

    History has taught these people nothing.

    • Truth

      … especially their own race’s history of the disgraceful persecution they suffered simply for the colour of their skin. How can black Africans be so totally blind to their own persecuted past and now, with such devastating hypocrisy, target people simply for being WHO THEY ARE ….?

  • Truth

    These are all tactics used by Hitler and other despicable dictators to distract people from the real issues of the day and corruption. The West MUST get tough with these imbeciles. If ‘the allies’ had taken Hitler’s anti-Semitic threats more seriously, perhaps the hollocaust and even WWII could have been avoided. Do we learn NOTHING from history …?

    • Peter Duncan

      The West is not as powerful as it used to be. China is a conscienceless rival. I fear we are only seeing the beginning of African Homophobia. I hope Europe and North America will be welcoming a Gay asylum seekers. That itself will be a form of protest.

  • Colin

    How do these people get elected or become spokespersons? Education please. Can they educate their politicians and spokespeople please. UN demand that that these countries representatives have enough education that you can have evidence based discussions before allowing them into the UN. We do need basic education first.

  • Brett Gibson

    And it’s reasons like this why Africa will never come out of the dark ages and will remain the feral, disease ridden cesspool it is today. Congrats, w*anker.

  • ian123

    They may as well say that – We want to remain amongst the most backward and and dependent basket cases that we have always been, and we see lack of progress as something to boast about.

  • JD

    Reply to Kenyan Spokesman – ‘Oh Shut up you backward Neanderthal – you only hold up organised superstition as you guide so called moral compass because some White Missionary came over and brainwashed your ancestors! – EVOLVE!’

  • Rehan

    Wow, way to sort out your priorities, matey. No wonder terrorists are making headway in Kenya today.

  • Tom Cotner

    I would say that homosexuality isn’t anywhere as serious as terrorism – or fear of housecats, for that matter. But African homophobes who gleefully write terror into their laws regarding LGBT people are most certainly as serious, if not more so, than terrorism. This is sad — very sad – and many people will suffer before they awaken to their misdeeds.

  • masteradrian

    Mister Aden Duale should realize that were he and his mates consider homosexuality and homosexual people terrorists, the consuming of monkey meat (an African tradition!) is real terrorism, as it endangers the whole world health safety, as does religious terrorism! And both hazards to world peace are activities practiced by people like mister Aden Duale!
    We all should be aware of the dangers of people consuming monkey meat, as they are obviously spreaders of the ebola virus, a non-treatable cause of certain death (not that I am worried or concerned about mister Aden Duale dying, nothing lost there!)!
    We also should be aware of the threat that comes from monkeys who have become religious, and which can by being eaten endanger the human roots!

  • citi

    ‘Homosexuality is worse than terrorism’….haven’t we heard that before? Hint – American Evangelical Christian leaders.

  • kc

    dear kenya , if you didn’t suppress ,repress minorities and deny their rights then you will get gay ‘terrorists’ and ‘extremists.’ what a nation of redneck retards

  • to_tell_the_truth

    Well, at least he only said “as serious as terrorism”. An American Republican said it is “WORSE than terrorism”.

  • Joe

    Aden Duele is Somalian. In Somalia a gay teen was stone to death by extremist clerics. A lesbian women was sentence by hanging in the region of Puntland.

  • Tanya Laura Pope

    He says that 595 cases of homosexuality had been investigated by the police since 2010,,,, What he really means is that 595 people have been MDK MURDER DEATH KILLED WHEN WILL IT ALL END

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