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Deputy Prime Minister orders rainbow flag to be flown to celebrate first same-sex weddings

  • Truth

    Well THAT will be a first … but hopefully not a last! Well done, Cleggy :)

    • MKMXM

      He’s asked for the flag to be flown on World Pride in London if I remember rightly (or IDAHO, one or the other).

      Despite being an ex-Lib Dem with little inclination to ever rejoin them, I do have respect for Clegg. Gd’ un Nick.

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    I think we should instead give Lord Tebbitt a rainbow Birthday cake , and then shove his dinosaur face into said cake

    • Mrs-Slocombes-Pussy

      Let’s ask Pat Robertson to get on his hotline to Jesus to see if he’ll bake that kind of cake, as we already know he won’t actually bake one for the ceremony itself!

  • RJBrown

    Nice one Nick !

  • Shaney

    Can someone PLEASE do something about the Northern Ireland situation!!

    • Jonathan

      Not unless you are Guido Fawkes, have escaped arrest after failing to launch Westminster Palace into the air, have access to some more barrels of gunpowder, are from ‘ye olde Englande’, and have been transported through time and space using Dr Who’s tardis to assist those of us who still have to put up with the same old ‘them & us’ crap.

      Until the Petition of Concern is removed from NI Assembly procedures, it will be abused to the detriment of all those living in Northern Ireland. As it stands, it only serves to further promote the sectarian division which is still prevalent here.

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    I cross my fingers and wish all the couples the very best ! Well done UK. ( And I support Shaney’s wish ! )

  • Paul

    Cue outpourings of shock horror among some; as if the whole idea had just been thought up.

  • Cal

    Well done, Nick. Your support is very much appreciated.

  • Charles

    Good idea. Perhaps the flag could be hung outside the window of that nasty turncoat closet case Simon Hughes? And invite to Mark Oaten and David Laws to unveil it.

  • SGL

    Nick Clegg this, Nick Clegg that, you would be forgiven for thinking that Same Sex Marriage was a Lib Dem Manifesto committment, when in fact it was a Conservative Manifesto committment and it was a CONSERVATIVE Prime Minister who made this happen.

    Also, the rainbow flag better be flying alongside the union flag and not in place of, as the only flag that should be flying across government buildings is the union flag.

    • Barry Scarfe

      I agree. Fly the Union Flag AND the Rainbow Flag.

    • Gonzolio Martinez

      Yes, because no Tory backbencher threw their toys out the pram about this at all did they?
      The Tories are soooo progressive. (Oh, please!)

  • Tim Chapman

    “any couple who wants to get married can get married”. No, Nick. I can’ together married because I have a civil partnership.

  • Cameron

    Lovely. Any chance you could remove that piece of law that requires trans people to have partner’s permission to transition -even in the case of abusive relationships- now?

  • MikeLDS

    The greatest thing that Nick could do tomorrow would be announce the date when civil partnerships can be converted into a marriage…… that would really provide the icing on the cake for this weekends celebrations. Until that is announced, this piece of legislation that, no doubt, politicians of all parties will be claiming their own on Saturday is INCOMPLETE.

    • Dewey

      We are still kept in the dark over cp conversions…. :(

  • Colin

    Thank you Mr Clegg. It may be history but this law changes the whole playing field in England and Wales and later on Scotland through their own law. Society just became more inclusive.

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