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Catholic priest to face prosecution for entering into sham civil partnership with Pakistani man

  • TomSatsuma

    “we would be ready and willing to help people who have gone down that road”

    Run… Run for your goddam lives…

  • Cal

    This guy has real psychological problems. Another mad priest/vicar/imam/rabbi etc

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Weird! So this “honourable” Anglican priest defected from the Anglican church because it wasn’t behaving honourably and traditionally, because it was supporting the inclusion of women and because it wasn’t denigrating LGBTs as much as he would have liked. So he defects and then joins the Catholic cult instead. And then what does he do? He actually attends a civil registry office and takes advantage of legislation which he knows to be in favour of gays and lesbians in order to enter into a civil partnership with a Pakistani man. And now HE CLAIMS that he was doing it only so the Pakistani man could live in the UK, citing as “evidence” the fact that the Pakistani man once married a woman and that there is, nor ever has been, HE CLAIMS any sexual relationship between himself and the Pakistani gentleman!

    Jesus, Mohammed, Mary, and Joseph!!!!! These religions loons are soooooo screwed up!

  • Truth

    So, a bastion of truth and honesty (ha) – a priest – uses the civil partnership law (for gay people, whom the catholic church claims to abhor) to assist an immigrant? Yet another example of how totally morally barren is this revolting cult. I’m gob-smacked how many people still support and defer to this bunch of self-serving con-artists.

  • CHBrighton

    He complains that the Church of England has become a buffet (as he ignores the various debates taking place within that organisation that lead to its policy decisions) while at the same time treating British law as a buffet (as he knowingly entered an illegal civil partnership with a man who is already married). The man is a charlatan and has no respect for others.

  • Rehan

    An individual in a generally confused state for quite some time now, it would appear.

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