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Campaigns demand FIFA bans Russia from hosting 2018 World Cup due to anti-gay law

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    YES, With all my heart, mind and sincerity, BAN RUSSIA FROM HOSTING THIS WORLD CUP !

  • Jones

    They need to be banned from hosting anything as it only gives Putin oxygen to spread his image of ‘Russia is great look at us’ when infact it is allowing a state persecution of homosexuals.

  • Colin

    Human rights are for everyone. Every country who understands this has had to examine itself and change. We all can. Over to you Russia. Change and participate on the world stage or be removed from it. Simples….

  • Bikerman

    Where’s my comment gone? Are you afraid it would upset FIFA. Where are your balls? PATHETIC

  • Snoop!

    I bet you retards dont know where is or how to spell QATAR right ? faggots

    • That There Other David

      A contraction should contain an apostrophe, so cant should be spelt can’t. Qatar is the name of the country, QATAR would be an acronym. A sentence or statement following a punctuation mark that closes a preceding sentence should begin with a capital letter.

      As for where Qatar is, fly to Hell and turn left. You’ll find it there, although it’s slightly hotter than Hell in summer, which is why it’s completely unsuitable for a World Cup tournament. Oh, and Satan treats women better.

      Not quite sure what any of that has to do with petitioning FIFA to take the World Cup from Russia though. Maybe you get the two countries confused. If so, it’s pretty easy to spot the difference. Qatar is the one that uses oil money to bribe FIFA officials for votes, whereas Russia is the one that uses gas money to bribe FIFA officials for votes. Both, however, are run by pretty scummy regimes.

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