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US: National Organisation for Marriage co-founder admits equal marriage will happen ‘in all 50 states’

  • Truth

    That’s right! Just like the fight was lost over race equality, so too have the bigots been beaten over their demands to dictate the right of consenting adults to love whom they choose. Human rights will always triumph over those who would use religion as a licence to incite hatred.

    • Keith”’

      Consenting adults do not have the freedom to love whom they choose neither does adult consent moralize any given sexual practice.
      Consenting adults may not have sexual relations in britain if they are immediate family.
      Consensual adult incest is an imprisonable offence even where there is no risk of congenital defect such as a father and son or mother and daughter. Long may it remain a criminal offence.
      the same applies to polygamy between consenting adults.
      This debunks the nonsense from the ignoramus above (truth) which implies that adult consent is all that is required in order to exercise sexual rights. The fact is, two consenting adults can still be considered grossly indecent in certain situations. Many feel that homosexual acts are grossly indecent, even where there is adult consent.
      Do you think that legalizing an act makes it any more moral or any less filthy or disgusting.
      Consider the practice of sc-at, between consenting adults. Perfectly legal yet most would consider it disgusting. Does that make them scatophobic. Of course not. The same reasoning applies with regard to my view of homosexuality. I find it is filthy and disgusting and I don’t want it taught as normal and proper to school children anymore than scat.

      Stating disgust of a sexual practice is not homophobic but even if it were, it is perfectly legal to hold homophobic views and it is perfectly legal to state that homosexuality is degrading, harmful and rotten.
      The difference with the scat- community is that they don’t have ‘Scat-Pride’ Marches or seek to include it in the school curriculum, exposing innocent children to deviance.

      • Riondo

        Irrelevant self-indulgent rubbish, Keith. Be disgusted by anything you please. Like all religious bigots you are a narcisist who thinks your hostility to something is an objective moral argument against it and acceptable grounds for discrimination. There are people disgusted by sexual relations between people of different races and who refuse to recognise marriages between them, but we don’t countenance this as a reason to permit them to discriminate against them. Do you think we should?

        • Keith=-=

          Why do the intolerant (of disenting opinions) lot insist on labelling any dissent as grounded in religion? I am not attached to any religion and neither is my disgust on religious grounds. I , like many homosexuals do believe in a creator that designed humans to behave in certain ways which, if deviated from would result in calamity, as we see in all aspects of sexual immorality. I am sure that the creator would be disgusted by the way he is represented in religion and by the murderous practices of religion in the past..
          The purpose of my post here was to debunk the myth created by homosexuals that adult consent should legitimize any sexual practice. The often repeated phrase is that it’s nobody’s business what happens in the bedroom if the adults are consenting. Clearly not true as I have shown. I also showed that just because a practice is legal does not make it any less filthy and that concerned right minded people are free to voice their distaste, in the way that I have done.
          I have not endorsed discrimination in any way. I believe that a persons sexual preference should be irrelevant to service provider, ie. a man should not be refused a bed for the night in a hotel because he is gay. That is discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. However, he should not be able to cry ‘”discrimination” if he is refused a double bed with his gay partner because the rule of no same sex in a double bed would apply to same sex couples regardless of their orientation. For instance, two straight men would also be denied that service, hence no discrimination.

          • Riondo

            It must have taken you ages to type all this garbage with one hand, Keith. You ought to be careful of dehydration.

          • Keith=-=

            Sorry the lost is long but I did try to use short words. Thanks for reading!

          • Daniel

            @Keith – There are those that consider interracial marriages physically repulsive, or interfaith marriages to be blasphemous. If you try hard enough, you can always find somebody who objects to *something*. Indeed, the interracial matter is an especially ironic one. Many people denounce same-sex marriages on the grounds that they cannot produce children (without external assistance). Conversely, many people oppose interracial opposite-sex marriages specifically because they CAN produce (mixed-race) children!

            However, there comes a point where one can reasonably ask whether society should be run to accommodate people’s individual prejudices, and whose prejudices precisely merit legal support and whose do not. If we tried to accommodate everyone’s prejudices then NOBODY would be able to do ANYTHING!

          • keiitthh

            @ Daniel.

            Is it your view then that s-/cat ( the act of consenting adults eating each others poo) is repulsive and if so does that make you phobic? I myself am labelled homophobic for my views that I (as well as the majority) naturally find homosexuality repulsive since I am heterosexual.

          • Rumbelow

            Pastor Martin Ssempa. is Keith.

            Notorious in Uganda for opposing homosexuality, he has screened extreme gay porn to crowds in order to drum up support for the killing of LGBTI people.

            He has also claimed it is common for gay men to ‘eat the poo-poo’.

            – See more at:

          • Yesh U R

            Daniel all you can ever hope to get when attempting to reason with the insane is more insanity, the man is clearly and very sadly quite insane. He comes to this site to get someone, anyone to respond to his madness, but all it does is make him worse.

        • Yesh U R

          I honestly think it is a complete waste of time responding to that individual with the many names and emails we have come to recognise as “Keith” he is clearly insane. His obsession with Jazz is always at the fore of his ranting, its scat this and scat that, quite mad. I do think he is best ignored. My guess is that Pink News cannot keep up with his multiple email addresses and his switching names. The more you engage with him the more he demonstrates his madness.

          • Rumbelow

            I think the police should be called to investigate and go interview him at his home to see if he needs help, before he does some actual harm to somebody.

          • Yesh U R

            This is a constant fear of mine to be honest. He is so riven with hate for himself and for others such as us, I do wonder how long it would be before he boils over and does someone some harm even if that harm is to himself. It is concerning I feel.

  • xrk9854

    They have also pivoted to attacking protections for trans people.

  • Russ T

    Hooray. Now disband your vile organisation, you chinless w!tch.

  • Riondo

    That’s right. Religion should not be used to discriminate against gay people in every day life, but it should be a valid reason for denying goods and services to us in…every day life.
    The contradictory drivel typical of a bigot trying to sound reasonable while expecting legal dispensation to discriminate.

  • Jones

    Damn right it will. Just like the right of women to vote in all 50 states and just like the ban on using black people as slaves in all 50 states.

    I am sure history will view religion in a very dark light on this issue, as it has with many other issues in the past.

  • John

    Reminder: NOM was designated as an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

  • Colin

    Good news….Now can we role this around the Globe?

  • Daniel

    Poor Maggie. This struggle has clearly led to much stress eating. I remember a time when her head and neck were two distinctly identifiable parts of her body.

    To be honest, I do however kind of agree that there should be a legal “floor” so to speak as to compelling individuals to provide services, mostly because I do believe that some people are frivolously suing. For example, I would not want to give my money to a baker that did not want to make a cake for my wedding in the first place! God knows the man might piss in it or something! I certainly would not waste the time, energy and money to take him to court over it. There are, truthfully, better uses of your money for social activism than suing bakers and photographers for not wanting to work your wedding.

    Places like restaurants and hotels I can at least understand, as refusal hearkens back to the days when such places often refused service to non-whites or country clubs would not admit Jews or Catholics. Such public gathering places becoming overly-exclusive does represent a potential return to uglier times.

  • TK

    Haters. They seem to exist in their own demented and warped world, eh? It’s highly amusing that many just don’t get it. They have rights, if born heterosexual, rights that many have taken for granted. What if the heterosexuals had all their civil rights revoked? Forcing them to endure the decades of grief us LGBT’s have had to put up with? How much yelling would they then do? How would they like to be chastised? Well? Not a pleasant thought eh? Or not being able to be near your partner in a hospital, because your not married? So listen up all you closed minded twits, we fight for our civil rights, all of them! We are not sick, we are not demented, WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS (just like you, however, the jury is out on a few of you). So, get an education regarding what the LGBT’s are fighting for, will continue to fight for. Once you get educated, SHUT THE HELL UP AND GO TROLL SOME OTHER BOARD!

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    Oh well then they are now obsolete.

    Go away for ever

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