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Video: Stonewall boss Ruth Hunt defends Lib Dems’ equal marriage support

  • Tanya Laura Pope

    Good for her,,and its good news for people like me Transsexual, as least this Stonewall ( on this side of the big pond) includes us, Thank you Ruth

  • Jan Bridget

    Well done, Ruth. We have come a long way and Stonewall have achieved a lot, but so have Outrage and Peter Tatchell, Schools Out, and the many other organisations and individuals, a lot of whom were challenging homophobia before Stonewall UK was born, but who don’t have the same money or visibility.

    Of the six key institutions that create and perpetuate homophobia, we can tick the box for only one, that is law.

    Media has improved significantly but there is still some way to go.

    Medicine has come on a little, at least we aren’t put into mental institutions for simply being gay or lesbian as some of my friends were. But medicine in its broadest sense also has a long way to go before it takes on board the huge health inequalities LGBT people face as a consequence of homophobia – in particular around mental health and substance misuse.

    However, the other three institutions, religion, education and the family have a long, long, way to go.

    In my opinion, to be SIGNIFICANT, as Ruth says in her speech, we need to be challenging the five other institutions. And we will be much more powerful and
    successful if we do it TOGETHER.

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