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US: Kalamazoo Bishop says strike-down of same-sex marriage ban ‘unfortunate and regrettable’

  • GulliverUK

    Bishop Paul J Bradley
    1. Marriage is not “divine” – Christian groups didn’t even have any interest in marriage until the 11th century.

    2. Marriage, or marriage-like ceremonies probably existing tens of thousands of years ago. The oldest recorded written marriage laws, Code of Hammurabi, date back to 1772BC – long before Judaism, and Christianity.

    3. The churches and religions don’t own marriage in any way, all laws belong to the state, and the state has to act in the interests of everybody.

    4. Believers are entitled to hold “reasonable” beliefs but not impose them on anyone else. It’s annoying to hear them advocate their wacky incoherent views, but unacceptable to use money to try to railroad those views on to the secular legal codes.

    5. I don’t know where you got that horsesh^%t about one man, one women. At the time the Torah was written the marriage practice was polygamy – a man could own as many women as he could afford. On the subject of the Bible – have you actually read it ? !

    6. You’re a bigoted homophobe. Also, since you’ve never been marriage, and aren’t allowed to get married, what makes you think we’d come to you for advice. Catholic clergy will never understand women or marriage until they accept women as equals, and participate in marriage.

    7. Why would we want to re-define marriage? We could have easily asked to create an entirely different form of relationship, with an entirely different name, and you would have been happy to support that, but we wanted to be married, like our parents. We didn’t want a different form of recognised relationship, but exactly the same.
    ^ that’s just some thoughts.

    • Truth

      Brilliant response. The problem is these people are so brainwashed by ‘belief’ your words will go in one eye and out the other. They simply do not understand the concept of ‘equality’.

    • Ken

      And let’s not forget the Bible also allows you to marry your slaves, your deceased brother’s wife, etc, etc. Pity these people who spout their nonsense about what the bible says about marriage don’t actually read the bible!

  • Valksy

    Unwad your wizard robes, fella, marriage is – and always has been – a secular mechanism, and you have no skin in this game. Extremely bored of listening to their fallacious and/or mendacious magical drivel.

    • Rumbelow

      All hail him, the great Purple Plonker of Kalamazoo has spoken.

      • Truth

        I believe Kalamazoo is a land, over the rainbow, similar to Oz. The person depicted at the top of this article is The Great and Whale-like Wailing Witlss Kalamity of Kalamazoo who oversees the brainwashing of children to believe in fairy stories.

  • Ray

    Would the Bishop care to explain why the Catholic Church; and others; also backed teaching- even as late as the 1950/1960’s in places- that being left-handed was ‘work of the devil. Was ending that ‘unfortunate and regrettable? Or perhaps the thousand year long scienticfic ‘dark ages’ incl Galileo- 400 years for a tepid apology-modern Creationism; is opposing or ending such also ‘unfortunate and regrettable’- does he suggest withdrawing the Galileo apology perhaps? What’s his view on the FACT of evolution etc.

    • GulliverUK

      Some others;
      1215 CE – Magna Carta – church was against it
      17th + 18th century – justified slavery
      1920 Suffragettes – Christian church fiercely objected to voting rights for women.

      Always on the wrong side of history.

      • Truth

        It’s a pity their continued existence isn’t…

  • Thomas

    No doubt the Bishop of Kalamazoo also regrets the granting of the vote to women and black people as “unfortunate and regrettable”. His kind are inhabiting another planet and so out of touch with today’s world they just makes themselves look ridiculous, spiteful and ignorant.

  • Rumbelow

    It’s only unfortunate for him and I take pleasure in his displeasure.

  • Tanya Laura Pope

    They are losing there hold on the people of the world. people (ok some people ) know the meaning of good and bad, if they wanted to help the people of the world they have so much money,,, all there paintings and gold they could end world hunger,,,

  • GulliverUK

    He talks about “the Sacrament of Matrimony” as if that was something their god invented, but it was until the 7th century started that the idea of sacraments was introduced, and it wasn’t until .1563 that marriage finally became a recognised official sacrament. So it’s only been a sacrament of the Roman Catholic Church for 450 years.

    • Truth

      The church has never allowed the truth to get in the way when its power is threatened. Just count the thousands of people who have been put to death over the centuries because they challenged its dogma.

  • GulliverUK

    As Christians and leaders in the Episcopal Church, we applaud Judge Friedman’s decision to overturn Michigan’s ban on equal marriage

    Also, who does he represent? The few. Most Catholics in the US and UK support equal marriage and social equality. Even recent Catholic surveys have proven how out-of-touch clergy are for most Catholic followers.

  • Truth

    Equality is ‘unfortunate and regrettable’? I doubt America’s black citizens would agree with the nice man in the red frock …

    • Cal

      Oh, but I’m afraid many of them would on this issue.

  • white squirrel

    This creationists statement= ‘Divine design, that marriage is a lifelong partnership of love and fidelity between one man and one woman, ordered for the mutual support of the spouses and the procreation of children if possible’

    Does not match what the bible says

    As i understand the second creation in that book, the first marriage [ of the ‘first’ couple’] was ordered as a punishment for diobeying ‘god’
    a ‘punishment ‘
    and not for ‘the mutual support of the spouses’

    the children are also given as being a punishment of women for eating fruit.
    Which suggests that ‘god’ does not want couples to marry and have children – because that is ‘original sin’
    This can be taken further – if hetero sexual relationships between opposite sexes count as ‘original sin’ then it follows that same sex couples avoid ‘original sin’.
    it follows from this that according to the Adam and Eve myth , ‘god’ hates hetro’s
    and would prefer that all humans be gay so as to avoid ‘original sin’

  • Cal

    “While our faith teaches us to treat individuals with same-sex attraction with respect, compassion and sensitivity…”
    The “faith” has no teachings at all on homosexuality, least of all that one you just made up to disguise your bigotry.
    And if Jesus can be wed to “His Bride” the church (it just gets sillier) then anything is possible!

    • CHBrighton

      Note the use of the term ‘same sex attraction’. It’s the religious anti-gay way of describing our sexuality as a ‘curable’ illness or a perverse psychological condition. They won’t use ‘gay’ or even ‘homosexual’ as they refuse to acknowledge a non-straight sexual identity. I know I’ve said it before in PN Comments, but we really shouldn’t fall into their trap by using their expression. It’s not ‘just words’; it’s an expression meant to denigrate who we are and our relationships.

  • Teva Bruce

    Oh BOLLOX!..if ‘marriage’ is divine and sacred then go tell those Kardashian hags and how man times was Liz Taylor married?.Sacred institution my (hot) ass! get over it,this whole marriage bizzo is getting tired let it go.

    It’s inevitable..

  • Christopher in Canada

    This from a man in fuchsia. And xenophobic to boot: HELLO!!!! Ontario, right across the river, has equal marriage!! Kipling was right: Every dog barks in his own yard.

  • Colin

    We really do not need religion anymore. Good well funded community centers would allow good people to do good deeds.

  • jlvnv

    My words to this sanctimonious ass:

    Give it a rest. Those arguments and whining are getting pretty old.
    My husband and I, both cultural catholics, have long abandoned the intolerance embodied by clerics such as yourself.

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