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Do you think penis size matters? This study says it does – but only in some situations

  • @Mike-uk2011

    It’s a funny old world when something so trivial (really) matters to so many.

    • Jimmeh Dubhshlàin

      So many? It was 8 blokes. The “study” is nonsense.

      • @Mike-uk2011

        Even if this particular case was nonsense, it’s true that it matters to a great many men in reality.

        • Jimmeh Dubhshlàin

          Even if that’s the case, it’s not a news story. This is tabloid levels of attention-grabbing headlines.

      • You don’t seem to understand the way in which this study was conducted. There are various methods of research which do not require a large group to be questioned about their own opinions.

  • Jimmeh Dubhshlàin

    This study proves that four straight men and four gay men sneak a look at team mates penises. Therefore this study is bollocks and not newsworthy.

    • Serkan M


  • Jehosefat

    So the University of Brighton is crap then? Who knew…

    They’ll give a PhD for anything these days, apparently.

  • Sample size of 8.
    This is not a scientific study until it has been peer reviewed and repeated. With a decent sample size – over 1000

    • Peter

      It’s not the size of the sample that matters – it’s what you do with it that counts!

      • No, my study* proves that’s not the case

        *i asked 8 random gays that I found in comptons.

    • Stefan

      It doesn’t take 1000 respondents to get a statistically significant response, unless the effect is very minor.

      That said 8 is a pretty terrible sample size. This shows that there likely exists a culture where some people in sports feel penis sizes matter, and that they follow such people as leaders, but a larger study is necessary to get a clearer result.

  • Dr.Morriss-Roberts

    This is a great paper to read about IPA sample size:

  • Rumbelow

    It’s just a bit of fun and the results show that some University lecturer’s like to do research that involves talking with sportsman about penises and penis size.

  • Riondo

    Sounds like a load of cock!

  • Christopher in Canada

    Were they flaccid or erect? Anyone doing a study on size has to see them at full staff, or the results are meaningless. I’ve yet to see one erect in ANY change room, and I’m been a member of a gym for decades. The sad side of this argument is that no one is responsible for their genetic background. A person can’t help what they were born with. I myself am very well hung, and have wasted much time seeking my equal. As the years go by, I remember SOME, but what stays the most in my memory are the kisses. If he’s a lousy kisser, than here’s hoping he makes up for it elsewhere. If he’s a great kisser, and there is a true connection, then size soon becomes irrelevant. As far as the “masculinity myth” the article alludes to, well, I’ve met a lot of bottoms who are hung like elephants and tops who are hung like hamsters! As well, articles such as this assume we will never age!! Who stays 26 forever???
    (I’ve had to post this twice, ultimately editing out any word that applies to male anatomy, proper or slang. Whomever monitors these comments needs to keep in mind the subject matter of the article and the readership.)

    • Staircase2

      “A person can’t help what they were born with. I myself am very well hung, and have wasted much time seeking my equal”

      Lol the second half of that sentence rather negates the attempt at equality in the first half…

      “I myself am very well hung, and have wasted much time seeking my equal”

      …but “I myself am very well hung”…lol

      ‘My equal’…?!


      • Christopher in Canada

        If only we all were as wise as you, and at such a young age. What was once important in adolescence no longer is. I was telling my story, which so far has taken thirty years of sexual adulthood. Now let us hear yours. Tell us all about the people you’ve left behind and why, and how you’ve come deal with life’s disappointments and revisions. Perhaps you might take it a step further and include the views of those who have chosen to leave you in their pasts and not their presents…

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    I remember a young Muslim acquaintance of mine in Kuwait one day bemoaning to me the fact that other young gay Kuwait Muslim men “go completely C.R.A.Z.Y. over big cock. They want it as BIG as they can find it!” He told me this to indicate that in his experience he found that most young Kuwaiti gays were entirely focussed on big-cock. And it wasn’t sour grapes. He had a decent sized thing himself.

    Which reminds me of a confessional email I received recently from a 78-year-old man. He told me his is only 2″ erect, and that this is why he’s never formed a relationship. On the few occasions when he’s managed to get himself to the stage of showing his little cock to other men they’ve vanished pretty soon after. His life has been very sad really, all due to the tiny cock.

    And that reminds me of the report of Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis proudly getting his whopper out in a lift to wave it around in front of a business colleague as an explanation of why he was so successful in life: the women loved it, and as a result of the odd changing-room exhibition every male business associate he came into contact with was also awed by it too!

    • Alex

      I know I’ve been rejected by one or two guys before for having a penis that was “too small” (just under 6″), and often when I’ve visited museums etc with marble sculptures I’ve caught both children and adults of both sexes commenting on “how small the penis is”.

      Similarly a lot of guys and girls have privately admitted that they prefer big penises, or have excitable reactions to them, even if their partners had small ones.

      I think a large penis as a staple of male prowess is simply part of our culture, and I’m not surprised that it plays a part in changing rooms between even straight men. I think if most people were honest size did matter, and those who said it didn’t perhaps only say so because their own penis is smaller or else they’re partnered to someone who has a “small” penis.

  • PRS

    Of course size matters… to some! It’s just an opinion, a personal belief. It is however telling how much controversy this simple question raises.

  • Aconight

    Dat sample size…

  • Tom Club

    I get the distinct impression that this isn’t a PhD that attracted much in the way of funding… Vanity Doctorate in the extreme.

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