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Openly gay NBA player Jason Collins received ‘gay taunts’ from ‘knucklehead’ player

  • http://batman-news.com Réal Fortin

    It didn’t affect him so he let it go. Good for him, he’s secure enough to disregard the comment. Taunting other players has always been part of the game. “yo momma”, “you really suck, don’t blow that next shot” etc are no different than a taunt because the guy is gay. If it’s between the two players(vice the guy tweeting it for all the fans to see) then it is just part of the mind-game of sports. There will always be taunts, some just happen to be “off-limits” a while. Doesn’t make it right, but at least in his mind he sees it as just any other comment from a knucklehead and is able to overlook it.