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Ghanaian ex-deputy speaker: ‘Homosexuality is the new sodomy slave trade’

  • Valksy

    Brain damaged fallacious drivel.

    Whole continent is fast becoming a cesspit of theocratic and poorly educated simpletons, easily bamboozled by nonsense, mired only in illiteracy and poverty, with pathetic life spans, chronic infant mortality, no medical, technological or scientific (or any other) accomplishments of any note whatsoever, and all other such associated privations that come with clinging to ignorance like it is a badge of bloody honour (and a habit of incessantly sticking out a begging bowl, which I am quite comfy now in completely and utterly ignoring).

    • The Halcyon

      Careful there, that tirade is not entirely unlike a news article you’ve just condemned…

      • Toby

        You have to be kidding me!
        The opinions of the lunatic in the article are false, ignorant drivel from a mentally ill religiously deluded bigot, and the above comment you criticize states facts that are plain for all to see.

        These countries are filled with poorly educated religiously brainwashed backward people, attacking their fellow citizens for reasons that are none of their concern. They are no better than any brainwashed dictator, or their public, of the last hundred years.

      • Rumbelow

        Valksy’s comment is pretty much on the button, to pretend otherwise is to collude with what is going on in large parts of Africa presently with the uncontrolled spread of Christian dominionism and it’s extremist propaganda and agenda.

    • Rumbelow

      Corrupt politicians taking the foreign handouts to fill overseas bank accounts, too many children born into poverty and infants suffering from malnutrition, they never develop normal mentation due to the damage cause by lack of nutrition, I hope this is not taken in the wrong way but I really do think there must now be millions of adult Africans with subnormal intelligence and the corrupt politicians and churches can manipulate and take advantage of their child-like mental limitations, and they encourage more breeding when the already out of control population in Africa has more than doubled again in the last twenty years.

      Some of the childish arguments presented for the targeting and persecution of gay people could only fool a child or those who think like children.

      • Dr goop

        Racist Twerp in the colours of the rainbow.

        • Rumbelow

          Malnutrition stunts brain development, it’s not racism it’s a medical fact. Do some research and Google this “malnutrition stunts brain development” for some scholarly studies and articles.

        • Rumbelow


          Many children younger than 5 years in developing countries are exposed to multiple risks, including poverty, malnutrition, poor health, and unstimulating home environments, which detrimentally affect their cognitive, motor, and social-emotional development. There are few national statistics on the development of young children in developing countries. We therefore identified two factors with available worldwide data—the prevalence of early childhood stunting and the number of people living in absolute poverty—to use as indicators of poor development. We show that both indicators are closely associated with poor cognitive and educational performance in children and use them to estimate that over 200 million children under 5 years are not fulfilling their developmental potential. Most of these children live in south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. These disadvantaged children are likely to do poorly in school and subsequently have low incomes, high fertility, and provide poor care for their children, thus contributing to the intergenerational transmission of poverty.

        • So now stating the truth about a country (not a race) is considered “racism”?

          I think you need to go and do some “book learnin'”

          • slunrew

            Africa is a country?

          • Ghana is a country. There are several countries within Africa. We are talking about African countries in response to this piece, specifically Ghana.

            I’m sorry if this fact wasn’t made clear for you, I just assumed you wouldn’t need a long essay about it.

      • Q

        Ridiculous and highly offensive comments. Why do people on the site INSIST on equating the views of politicians with the views of the general public? Let’s replace most of what you’ve said with ‘I hope people don’t take this the wrong way, but there must be millions of gay men who are born with a psychological defect that makes them subnormal and attracted to the same sex..the gay agenda then insist on manipulating the normal majority into accepting what they do and who they are.’ Doesn’t this sound like something you’ve heard before? Ignorance perpetuated by misinformed views and prejudice?
        From reading your comments on this site and the comments of other users, it appears you don’t know anything about Africa or any Africans apart from the ones you hear about on PN, and we all know how reputable their coverage is.

    • ian123

      Are all these people from the same mould as Idi Amin? There seems to be a pattern emerging.

      • Rumbelow
        • Rumbelow

          Well there is a slight resemblance although Violet Carson was a true British national treasure unlike Mike Ocquaye who is a national disgrace for Ghana.

          • ian123

            “His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor
            Idi Amin, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of
            the Sea, and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and
            Uganda in Particular.”
            The titles that Idi Amin, president of Uganda, gave himself, as reported in “A Clown Drenched in Brutality”, Sunday Times, 27 July 2003. That Idi Amin.

        • ian123

          “His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor
          Idi Amin, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of
          the Sea, and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and
          Uganda in Particular.”
          The titles that Idi Amin, president of Uganda, gave himself, as reported in “A Clown Drenched in Brutality”, Sunday Times, 27 July 2003. That Idi Amin

    • Q

      Utter trash.
      You’re the type of man who freely uses racist language at home and in the same breath bleats on about equal rights and discrimination for LGBT people.

  • Rehan

    “Indeed, our socialisation process in Ghana from time immemorial, excludes homosexuality and this is generally African. In fact it was also universal. It was also European. It was also American until some people slept and thought otherwise and if they have changed their minds, we are not about to follow them wherever they go,” Ocquaye said. [from the article on Ghanaweb]

    Really, one despairs at the thought that such unbearable fools are prominent people in developing countries.

    You might think they have more important things to worry about than some of their citizens’ consensual adult behaviour…

    • Keith;;

      There you go again implying that adult consent makes it fine.
      So it is not wrong for a father to have sex with his consenting adult son then?
      How about a man marrying several consenting women, currently a criminal offence in most places.
      Let’s also not forget that the Paedophile Information Exchange, which sprung from the London gay rights group, sought to lower that age of consent to 14.
      Lovely community you are part of.

      • Rehan

        Oh hello Keith, you poor dear, back yet again in your desperation to justify your faecal obsessions? How we [didn’t] miss you, my pet.

        I see, however, you have not lost your truly magnificent inability to concentrate on the subject at hand. Well done, old fruit.

        • Keith

          I see you have no rebuttal as usual after I have corrected your view that adult consent makes a sexual practice moral or acceptable.
          Scat (legal) male incest (legal in many lands) polygamy (legal in many lands) are all either disgusting, immoral or both. Right minded persons also find homosexuality disgusting. The fact that it is often practiced by consenting adults changes nothing any more than it does with legal incest or scat. They are still disgusting.
          Some people are moral….get over it!

          • “I see you have no rebuttal as usual after I have corrected your view
            that adult consent makes a sexual practice moral or acceptable.”

            Here’s your rebuttal, pay attention so you don’t miss it…


            You are not superior to anyone, your nonsense about morality shows that you think you have a right to dictate to and control others, making you no better than religious fanatics like the Taliban. There are plenty of fascists throughout history who tried to control people to fit their moralistic delusions, and you are absolutely no better than them.

            If you really want to get into “morality” you need to go back to that fairytale you call a Bible and look into the rape, murder, slavery and child abuse it sanctions, then come back and try to preach to people about your so-called “morality”.

            Hypocrite Christians try to ignore all the blatant examples of violence in the Bible, claiming they they know what morality is. While preaching about such morality, their cult is continuing to deny women in Africa birth control, continuing to deny health education to entire communities, and continuing to brainwash the young in these vulnerable countries into thinking they can “pray” food in into their stomachs.

          • Keith===

            I have never tried to dictate to people how or with whom they have sex. I have merely stated my disgust and when called homophobic or bigot for being disgusted by an act that is consensal and adult, I have pointed out that adult consent does not make an act any less disgusting.
            These are my views and I am using my freedom of expresssion to express them, not to enforce them as you ludicrously assert.
            It seems you have an issue with legally expressed dissent.
            That is your problem , not mine.
            Don’t take it personally that I view homosexuality as disgusting and obscene.
            There are many consensual adult acts that you likely view as disgusting such as scat and consensual male adult incest. Your disgust of these things would label you bigotted and phobic by your own standards would it not?

          • You can’t play that card here, your comments are there for all to see. You have attempted to connect consensual adult same-sex relationships to child molestation.

            You are clearly a bigot and a homophobe, and that isn’t asserted because you have an opinion on what you like and don’t like, it’s asserted because you believe you have a right to dictate what morality is and what others should be “permitted” to do.

            The entire debate here, unless you’ve forgotten, is about an ignorant religious man attempting to stir up intolerance, violence and hatred towards LGBT people based on his own religious delusions, and this is what you are defending with your equally bigoted and ignorant comments.

            Don’t try to play the victim here, you have expressed your homophobic views, and you believe that you (and your fellow religious crazies) should have the right to control the lives of other free people.

            Thankfully, you are one of a dying breed, and pretty soon religious dogma will be a thing of the past. You already have diminishing control in the world, with plenty of countries moving forward and passing equality laws.

            I long for the day when religious fascism exists only in history books.

          • keith

            You are deluded. I have not mentioned molestation. I have merely said that just because there is adult consent involved does not make a practice any less disgusting,. I used the disgusting practices of scat and consensual male adult incest (legal in many lands inc Russia) to demonstrate some thing that are consensually adult yet also disgusting.

            You hold that if state that I find homosexual acts disgusting I am a bigot and homophobe because there is adult consent. Therefore , by your own standards , if you fingd the consensual adult acts of scat and legal male adult incest disgusting, you yourself are a bigot.

            This is what they call being hoisted by your own petard.

            Do you find scat disgusting?

            Incidentally, your frothing at the mouth about religion is wasted on me since I find that religion does not teach the bible and is self serving. I too long to see religion banned, especially the homosexual child abusing priests, however, those that find homosexuality disgusting and obscene are not a dying breed.

            PS How exactly in your deluded world do my legally expressions of disgust regarding homosexuality equalte with religious fascism. As I understand, individuals such as yourself that would curtail free speech and label any dissenting voice as mentally ill (homophobic) are far closer to the spirit of fascism.I seek not to ban your thoughts but you would ban my opinions being heard if you could

      • Rumbelow

        You are unable to fault consensual adult gay relationships which are perfectly healthy so you are forced to bring in the unrelated themes of familial incest, polygamy and paedophilia. Reeks of madness and desperation son. Give the solitary masturbation a break and get a life Keith.
        I won the lottery when I was born gay and so did all my gay brothers and sisters.

        • Keith—

          Since male homosexuals are 50 times more likely to contract HIV and have a lower lifespan on average than heteronormal males, exactly which which component of homosexuality is it that you laud above normality?

          • No one is claiming that homosexuality is any “better” than heterosexuality, this is your delusion, not ours.

            And again, what business is it of yours what other adults do?

            Only those with significant mental instability spend so much of their time thinking about what other people do in the bedroom. I would recommend you go and see a counselor, because you clearly need some psychological help.

          • Keith

            Your fellow homosexualite ‘Rumbelow’ a few posts up claimed he had won the lottery when he was ‘born gay,’ I think that qualifiies as a claim that homosexuality is better , don’t you?

            PS. Someone should tell him there is no gay gene and homosexuality is not genetic.

          • “homosexualite”?
            Let me guess, you weren’t too good at learning?

            One translation of another opinion does not dictate the attitudes of an entire group of people, just as your opinions do not make every Christian a frothing-at-the-mouth bigot.

          • Keith—-=

            You said “No one is claiming that homosexuality is any “better” than heterosexuality, this is your delusion, not ours.”
            and I showed you a person that was actually claiming that. Don ‘t be a sore loser.
            Go away and remember what happened here!

          • Rumbelow

            I’ve never had a sexually transmitted disease in my life, my relationships have been monogamous ones.
            My sexuality is perfectly normal and natural for me as it is for other LGBT’s.
            I seriously doubt from the evidence of your comments that you Keith are normal in any sense, whether it be sexually, intellectually or emotionally.
            You certainly cannot claim to be a moral person when your main interest, when you persistently come here to a gay comments board, is to attempt to upset and abuse other commentators and to try to derail any sensible discussion with your vile, puerile nonsense.

      • Ah, the ever-present last resort of the bigoted – compare consenting adult relationships to illegal, criminal and socially unacceptable abusive relationships to try to prove some ridiculous point.

        • Keith—

          Consensual adult Incest is not illegal in Russia and many other places you fool as is polygamy.

          I have shown however that just because there is adult consent it does not make it right. Some things that consenting adults do are filthy. Scat and homosexual sex are two examples.

          Do you thi nk that the consensual acts of adult bincest (where legal) and scat are filthy and disgusting?

          • In all honesty, what other consenting adults do is NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

            You see, this is the part that religious dictatorial bigots can’t get their tiny little brains around – it doesn’t affect you, you have no say, keep your religiously based moralistic crusading TO YOURSELF.

            I don’t have to disagree with something someone else enjoys, because (again, pay attention here) IT HAS NO BEARING MY EXISTENCE AND IS NOT ANY OF MY BUSINESS.

            If two grown up people want to do something, and no one else is harmed, inconvenienced or threatened in any way, they can go at it.

            You are not God, you are not a judge, you have no authority over anyone else and you have absolutely no right to be telling other consenting adults what they can and cannot do.

            Got it now? Is this simple enough for you?

          • Keith

            I asked whether you think scat between consenting adults is disgusting, not whether it is your business. You seem to have avoided answering yes or no.

          • Whether I think it’s disgusting or not is irrelevant, I don’t participate in things I don’t enjoy, and neither do you (I assume).

            The question is why are you fixated on these things?

          • keith=-=-

            It is relevant to the question of whether you are a hypocritical bigot. Your refusal to answer is there for all to see.

          • Keith”’

            Do you find scat disgusting even when engaged in by consenting adults? If so, that makes you a bigot since you hold that anyone that finds any consenting adult sexual practice disgusting is a bigot.
            If you don’t find consensual adult scat disgusting, then you truly belong in the sewer with the rest of your degraded ‘community’.
            Either way, you lose!

  • CHBrighton

    He gods! Where to begin?

    • Rumbelow

      ““It has persistently been argued that homosexuality should be accepted because some men and women are born with hormonal and other deficiencies and that the same applies to lesbians.”

      Er …actually no, that’s a lie.

  • Liam

    It’d be laughable if it didn’t have such dire ramifications.

  • BudClark

    Since when is Pink News censoring comments??? I said “f**k” and my comment went to moderation!

  • The Halcyon

    Ah, the internet, bringing you hate speech direct to your monitor since 1989.

    • Rumbelow

      Switch off if you’ve nothing worth saying to add to the conversation.

  • Toby

    Educational standards in these countries are so below international norms that these ignorant opinions are actually believed by the deluded religious public.

    We can sit here in the educated West and laugh at the ludicrous “village idiots” of these nations, but the intelligent people of these countries, the ones often attacked for disobeying religious dogma, are significantly threatened and harmed by these ignorant fanatics.

    It’s no longer good enough to simply complain and plead with them to join the 21st century, we have to boycott, sanction and work hard as an international community to limit their reach and influence while assisting those who want to flee this authoritarian religious nightmare to get out of these dangerous backward countries.

    If a nation refuses to live by the Human Rights standards of the rest of the developed world, there is no point in trying to include them in international affairs. It’s time to resolutely reject these nations and tell them in no uncertain terms that if they want to be a part of the developed world and gain the economic and social benefits that other nations enjoy they have to abide by certain standards.

    Corporations need to pay attention here (I’m talking to you Orange, Coca Cola, and all the other corporations who conveniently overlook the hypocrisies of working in these countries) the world is going to start rejecting brands that do nothing while cashing-in.

  • Barry Scarfe

    I wonder why so many people in Britain and France during the 1950’s thought our colonies were not fit for self-government? Couldn’t be anything to do with the fact the people inhabiting virtually all of them show some disturbing signs of being backward as this amply demonstrates, could it?

  • Barry Scarfe

    I wonder why these countries are called developing countries? It seems as if they still have a few centuries to catch-up with us in West (with the exception of Russia and other nutty places)

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    How evil can a “human being” get ? Looks like Hitler has a very big family in so many countries. Religion, suppression, hatred, violence. We are real strong, WE- the LGBT-community needs extremely active politicians to spread the truth all around. This should be more claimed in future elections. In The UK. In Europe. In Scandinavia,in The US. Everywhere. DO not give Your vote to people who refuse to talk about gay rights !

  • Rumbelow

    Homosexuality is always anything but homosexuality to these African brain-rot victims, it’s obvious why Africa has always been known as the Dark Continent and it looks like it will continue to be so.

  • Friesjones

    Where he lives, young girls are cornered by the older women in their
    lives, held down, and then a knife or piece of glass is used to cut off
    their clitoris and outer labia, then the outer labia is sewn together,
    leaving a very small hole for urine and menstrual fluid to come out.
    This way, the act of sex is extremely painful, and the act of natural
    childbirth a near-fatal (or often fully fatal) agony that defies

    And he sees same-sex attraction as the perversion? What a creep!

  • Friesjones

    Where he lives, young girls are cornered by the older women in their lives, held down, and then a knife or piece of glass is used to cut off their clitoris and outer labia, then the outer labia is sewn together, leaving a very small hole for urine and menstrual fluid to come out. This way, the act of sex is extremely painful, and the act of natural childbirth a near-fatal (or often fully fatal) agony that defies description.

    And he sees same-sex attraction as the perversion? What an asshole!

  • Cal

    The world’s black people have and always will have an inferiority complex. They are now seeking to select a group of people they can consider beneath them. The fact that this group has a positive and disproportionate influence on art and culture the world over seems to have escaped them.

    • Rehan

      Come on Cal, you can do better than this. In the first place, hundreds of millions – billions – of people live their lives without reference to or reliance on white people; and second, whether some gay people have had an influence on “art and culture” is neither here nor there: either you believe in equality or you don’t – it has nothing to do with artistic contributions one way or the other.

      • Cal

        Rehan, maybe I’m being a bit cheap but I believe there is truth in what I say. I have no doubt that Gays are being scapegoated by African countries in order to thumb their noses at the west. This reeks of inferiority complex.
        Secondly, I am proud of being Gay and that involves, rightly or wrongly, feeling a bond with other Gay people. I am in a creative profession myself and feel that what I do is probably connected with my sexuality in some way. Be it an extra sensitivity or insight, or perhaps the way we are configured gives us the high proportion of genius that is unique to our culture.
        I don’t believe anything I said is ant-equality. Some cultures choose to be bigoted. Am I bigotqq for resenting them? Perhaps.

        • Rehan

          I didn’t say you were anti-equality Cal, just that equality has – and should have – nothing to do with whether a taste for cock (to be blunt) is inextricably associated with aesthetic gifts or not. Personally I don’t believe that artistically we can talk of “our [ie gay] culture”, the sole (and unappealing) example of women’s fashion excepted; and certainly not genius.

          Many African countries are unquestionably scapegoating their own gay populations: my own feeling is that it’s being done as a sop to cover their own numerous internal problems and not in relation to the West, but that’s just my opinion.

          • Cal

            “our Gay culture” is indeed too mercurial and varied to pin down but it has always amazed me that though each of us grow up alone in a sense, there are so many similarities in feeling and experience between us. I know you were being dry but “a taste for cock” is the last phrase I would use to describe being Gay, just as I wouldn’t use it to describe heterosexual women. There is so much more that connect Gay people than that and for the most part I enjoy our commonality.

          • Rehan

            With apologies for going off at a tangent, it’s an interesting point. I think if we are to claim – as I do – that there’s nothing stopping gay people from being, say, sportsmen, we have to consider the thought that, actually, our sexuality is in fact the only thing that links us. I particularly dislike the belief (held by an annoyingly large number of women, in my experience) that being gay somehow equates to an aptitude for soft furnishings. I can certainly say that I myself have come across many many gay men with whom I share nothing in terms of taste or cultural interests, nothing in fact apart from that preference for co… well, let’s say men, and an awareness of being in a sexual minority from a young age (and all its implications): that gives us common experience, but as for taste or sensibility, I’m not so sure.

          • Cal

            Come on, Rehan. You can’t pretend that Gay children’s only common experience is awareness of being in a sexual minority. This would not occur to most young children. Their orientation is often expressed through an interest in unmanly things – like My Little Pony, perhaps, or Abba or Barbie or musicals or Lady Gaga or Barbra or objects d’art. Of course Gay people can be sportsmen. But I don’t think it is bigoted to say that Gay men have a disproportionate influence in the performing arts, fashion, design, retail and hospitality any more than it is to say that basketball is dominated by black men. For the most part we have higher EQ (emotional qualities) than hetero men. Why are Gays generally better groomed than straights? You will probably find more Gays in the Royal Opera House on Saturday night than at Wembley. For all our diversity we have more in common than cock.

          • Rehan

            Being “different” is what I meant, and it’s often manifested in being edged out of the more obvious gender-based activities. My own belief is that a lot of gay people, because we don’t “fit in”, are gently but firmly pushed into the “creative” occupations where, interestingly, we’re seldom allowed to excel (women’s fashion apart – the two biggest names in UK hairdressing in recent decades, for example, weren’t gay), because traditionally we were made to feel that conventional professions weren’t open to us. Now that law/business/politics/sport are not entirely out of the equation it will be truly fascinating to see if it brings about a change in behaviour and associations.

            As for the performing arts, I think that’s a misconception – look at classical music: gay people are, if anything, disproportionately poorly represented in the more successful ranks (conductors, pianists, opera soloists, violinists). Modern art, ditto I’d say.

            The (surely outdated?) idea that gay men are generically “better groomed” than non-gay men, if true (which I doubt), says more to me about anxiety than anything else.

          • Cal

            Well, we must agree to differ. Gay people have demonstrated enormous talent in all walks of life including classical music. I don’t know why you believe we are prevented from excelling. We are a tiny minority with a huge cultural influence. Sorry you don’t see it that way.

          • Rehan

            My observations within the classical and baroque music worlds have uncovered dismally few gay people in prominent positions, though perhaps disproportionate numbers in supporting roles, eg accompanying. If you can come up with more than two examples of gay internationally-renowned conductors, opera stars, pianists or violinists I’d appreciate a heads-up!

          • Cal

            Some may be in the closet. Or dead like Tchaikovsky or Copland or Poulenc or Corelli or Tippet or Barber or Britten. I won’t go on (and those are just some composers). I could make long lists in every category. The performing arts in particular are full of Gay men (only some out) doing superb work. Not bad for 5% of the population.
            I do agree with you that Gays may be able to spread their talents more broadly with the new acceptance.

  • Daniel

    It’s long past time that the UK and other countries stopped funding these countries, and made them stand on their own two feet. If they want to perpetuate hatred, then allow them to do so, without the funding.

    • Barry Scarfe

      I wholeheartedly agree. They wanted to throw-off our colonial ‘yoke’, we relented and gave them their independence yet they still want us to give them money. We should ONLY give foreign aid in exceptional circumstances ie to relieve natural disasters ect.

      • Thomas

        They chose to throw off our good colonial government of their countries when we built them schools, hospitals, fine public buildings, roads, railways, docks, productive farms, fair judicial systems – the list is endless. They have frittered away this great legacy since independence in the 1960s, allowed their infrastructure to collapse and corruption to become endemic, and yet they are happy to remain slaves of the white man’s christian god. Ridiculous.

  • Bill

    “we’ll be worse than the animals.”

    My brother, you already are.

  • Truth

    Oh dear. Another brainwashed religious nut job with a very short memory. Yes dear, black people suffered slavery. They were persecuted by white men. Now you are advocating the same sort of persecution against your own people and white men. A little hypocritical don’t you agree? Learn something about your history of persecution before you start persecuting others, you sad, stupid ignoramus.

  • That There Other David

    It’s African Anti-Gay Leader Catchphrase Bingo!!!

    Perverting our young – Check
    Spreading diseases – Check
    Slave Trade – Check
    Sodomy – Check
    Needing Mental Treatment – Check
    Powerful Gay Lobby – Check


  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    Well I may be a slave….. But not in that way

    Sorry had to :)

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