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Bishop of Portsmouth: Catholic MPs who voted for equal marriage should be banned from communion

  • doug

    He’s been dipping his face in the chip pan again.

    • Rumbelow

      Yes, it looks sore, what’s going on there? A bit of calamine lotion applied might help

      • doug

        I imagine a lot of drink is going on there.

      • Truth

        God works in mysterious ways ….. :)

  • Valksy

    Yes, good, squabble over the assumed wishes of your fairytale – may it rip ever-growing schisms within your organisations and hasten the LONG overdue demise of what is no more than grown men arguing over the care and handling of dragons.

  • Cal

    Nasty old buzzard.

  • That There Other David

    Wonderful. This should turn a few more Catholics into ex-Catholics :-)

  • GulliverUK

    Tomorrow you will hear him say he has withdrawn his comments and doesn’t think politicians should be denied communion. It’s happened with half a dozen Catholic bishops in the US and elsewhere. They always have a little think about it, then decide not to do that.

    I would remove all the Church’s tax exemptions, immediately, just for spite – this this fossil. Why should the tax payer be losing hundreds of millions, possibly billions, to fund churches when most people don’t follow these religions? Why has the government just given £20bn for church repairs, but won’t chip in £19bn to put the pensions of gay couples right?

  • Psychologist

    Bishop Philip Egan says “Nobody is forced to be Catholic. We’re called by Christ and He’s chosen us, it’s a free choice. We live under the word of God. It’s not my truth, its God’s truth,” ………..!

    He couldn’t be MORE WRONG – on every level !

    First of all, we are NOT born with any innate religious beliefs – ALL religious beliefs are CONDITIONED into us, by other religious believers. That is NOT a “free choice” (as he claims) it is actually the result of a very clever (but highly damaging) piece of psychological process called OPERANT CONDITIONING ! (openly administered by almost all religions – who call it “WORSHIP” !)
    Operant conditioning (in layman’s terms “brain-washing) can be extremely effective in conditioning people to believe whatever the CONDITIONER (religion in this case) WANTS you to believe – especially if conditioned when being a child, PRIOR to reaching an age where logical questioning would occur.
    These people then go on to delude themselves, in order to make their previous operant conditioning MAKE SOME SORT OF SENSE ! Because without any delusion (they call it “faith”) none of it actually makes ANY sense at all.
    As most religions (especially Catholic and Islam) are institutionally homophobic in attitude, it’s no real surprise that he thinks he has the right (he certainly has the arrogance) to deny others of basic human rights and equality. Typical !

    We ARE however, BORN with our sexual orientation (whichever that is) ! It can NOT be changed, (it could only be DENIED – which then produces homophobia).
    So, our birth right and HUMAN RIGHTS (in terms of our sexual orientation) should NEVER be over-ridden by anyone’s religious beliefs, as religious beliefs are merely a product of conditioning. Whereas our sexual orientation is who we innately are born as.


    • Colin

      Beautifully put. Thank you.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Yes, yet another leader of the Catholic cultists once again demonstrates their predilection for, and recourse to, outright bribery and corruption.

      Despite the mention of a special conference there’s no genuine appeal to reason. Rationality, discussion, and open debate are simply not on the table with these loons.

      This deluded nutter says “It’s not my truth, its God’s truth” while at the same time it is he, not any “God”, who is bitterly railing against treating homosexual citizens with equal respect and dignity!

      • Psychologist

        To JESUS_MOHAMMED – Yes, indeed !
        If this guy came to me for therapy (and he needs to) I would first of all ask him … WHY is he SO OVER-concerned with the sexual orientation of OTHER PEOPLE ? :)
        Truly heterosexual people have NO ISSUES with other people’s sexual orientation ! (ie They are INDIFFERENT to the homosexuality of others – neither attracted to, nor repulsed by). The ONLY people who DO have issues with OTHER PEOPLE’S sexual orientation, are the ones who have internal-conflict issues WITH THEIR OWN ! (it is a PROJECTION of their OWN issues of denial).

        • Truth

          “Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case”.

          • Psychologist

            TRUTH – Yes, indeed, you’re correct.
            Homo-PHOBIA (as with ALL PHOBIAS) is a psychological disorder. A PHOBIA is “an irrational fear of …. something”. Homo-PHOBIA is an irrational fear of homo-SEXUALITY (NOT, as some people think, of homo-SEXUALS – that is just the displacement/projection of their fear). The (apparently) irrational fear of homosexuality is actually the fear of THEIR OWN supressed homosexuality breaking free, through the suppression (denial). The reason it became denied/suppressed to begin with, is due to negative anti-gay and homophobic conditioning from society, ESPECIALLY perpetuated by religions, where they have a great deal of influence over people’s thinking and behaviour. Religious conditioning that gay is wrong, then causes SOME people who are really gay to suppress their TRUE feelings and gay desires, and then they FEAR (NOT-consciously) those feelings in their unconscious, in case they break though their suppression system, and become consciously KNOWN and acted upon – as this would be in direct conflict with the religious conditioning (which often CAN’T be undone so easily – at least not without therapeutic help).
            So yes TRUTH – there is not ONLY a “correlation” between being in denial of being gay, and homophobia – but it is a direct CAUSE of it. Religious anti-gay conditioning being the biggest culprit in causing this, because it is THAT conditioning which leads people to supress their homosexuality in the first place – which in turn manifests into homo-phobia.
            Sadly, once a person who is homophobic gains a position of power & influence, they will often use their power & influence to get others to COLLUDE with THEIR homophobia (strength in numbers) which helps HIDE why they are REALLY homophobic. This then becomes SOCIAL homophobia, where groups of people on mass, collude with a “person of influence’s” homophobia.
            “Thinking people” don’t collude so easily – however “followers” (sheep-like, as in a religious FLOCK) as SO disempowered by their religion, so rarely think for themselves, will collude much more readily, especially if told it’s “God’s Will”. !


  • Robert W. Pierce

    All hot air. American bishops tried the same threat even as far as excommunicating gay supportive politicians but never even carried out their threats. They’re like children throwing toys out of their prams when they can’t get their own way and they play the victim card when there is anticatholic bashing. They invite it.

  • George Penfold

    Perhaps he should consider excommunicating all the catholic priests that shagged young children instead of meddling in political freedoms. !

    • MarkN

      Not to mention the bishops and Popes who shifted them from parish to parish to continue their abuse, and did everything in their power to prevent the abuse being discovered in order to protect the reputation of ‘Holy Mother Church’…

  • Joe McDougall

    They seem to be under the illusion they have sufficient power to carry out such threats.

    The Catholic church seems to honestly believe it has any relevance anywhere other than the third world. They haven’t yet figured out that the civilised world is increasingly secular.

    Such threats only work when you’re on top. They aren’t.

    • That There Other David

      Oh they completely have the power to carry out the threat and deny communion. What they seem to overestimate is how much their targets would actually care. I mean, if a man who had built his life and career around myths and false hope decided you couldn’t eat a magic wafer would it really bother you? I’d probably shrug, laugh, then be on my way.

  • Rumbelow

    It is totally an attempt at political blackmail and controlling manipulation by Bishop Philip Egan and nothing more, another illustration of the Catholic leadership’s moral bankruptcy.

    • Rumbelow

      If Catholic MPs did follow the Catholic church’s directives on demand as Bishop Philip Egan would like, then it would make their position as MPs untenable, they would then simply be place-men for the church instead of representing their constituents.

  • CHBrighton

    I thought it was catholic policy that it does not enter the political arena. Or does blackmail of politicians not count?

  • Russ T

    No one should pay any attention to the ridiculous rants of this paedophile enabler.

  • ian123

    So glad to be living in a time when these people are being increasingly seen as alien and really quite unpleasant. Imagine life in the twenties and thirties (and before of course) when they really exercised some power. When I read or listen to people like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett and many others I am filled with a feeling of gratitude and relief.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Me too! They are just brave souls, speaking out so strongly. We all ought to publicly support them much more than we do.

  • JD

    Really – well then Evil catholic priests who abuse children – while hiding behind an outdated and spurious superstition should be shot in the groin – seems balanced.

  • Leigh_Oats

    I invite the medieval bishop of Portsmouth, Philip Egan, to quote any of Jesus Christ’s documented utterances about homosexuality or homosexual behavior or homosexual marriage.

    Um—the written record mentions not even one such utterance.

    Apparently Jesus had more important things to talk about.

  • lee

    And priest that abused boys should be brought before the courts

  • Leigh_Oats

    About the adjective “catholic” my copy of the 1986 edition of Collins English Dictionary says, among other things: “[. . .] comprehensive in interests, tastes, etc; broad-minded; liberal.”

    So much for dictionaries.

  • JackAlison

    God id hate to be under his sermon near the pulpit
    fiery hangover alcohol breath like the bottom of a parrot cage and an irrascible red face thundering home the christian soldier message
    the man is a caricature
    you can only laugh

  • Tobias

    It is clear that some Catholic bishops have not understood the principles of democratic representation. If Bishop Egan’s understanding of democratic representation were adopted Muslim MPs would be seeking to impose Sharia law on everyone.

  • Laurence Stevens

    Cardinal O’Brien did enough wooing – these hypocrites have lost all authority to pronounce on moral issues. He should just FOAD red faced bigot.

  • Wingby

    Likewise any Catholic MPs that voted against marriage equality on the orders of Rome (such as Teather) must be thrown out by their electorates next year.

  • Andrew Holt

    I live in Portsmouth. The cathedral would make a fabulous gay club .

  • It’s easy to be angered by these opinions, but we have to remember that the power of all religious cults in the UK, the US and elsewhere is collapsing. Their influence is diminishing year after year, churches are closing, their presence in media is shrinking, men like this can preach all the bullsh*t they like and it won’t bring them more followers, it’ll just push the younger generations further and further away.

    We should be thanking this guy I suppose, he’s just helped push another few people out of the cult and diminished it further.

    • Truth

      Absolutely correct. The evil Westboro cult did more for our cause than anyone. If god existed, I would thank her for making Phelps, Lively, Fischer et all, such homophobic imbeciles as they drive rank-and-file ‘believers’ away.

  • Truth

    …. and I think unelected religious bishops, sitting in the House of Lords, should be barred from their life of privilege. When is the UK, which loves to lecture the world on the merits of democracy, going to disband this anachronistic, embarrassing, unelected Hall of Dinosaurs?

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    Hopefully in 20 years time the Bishop of Portsmouth and his superstitious cult will be considered as significant as a f*rt in a Canadian blizzard.

  • BudClark

    Repealing The Act of Toleration would be a good start.

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