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Video: Irish footballer praised for gay-inclusive victory speech

  • Nicolas Chinardet

    Are there gay players in the team, then?

  • funkinwolf

    His speech to me represents true equality. The law can say all it likes, but we also need people to speak inclusive like he did. Top lad.

  • Rehan

    Good for him. Casual remarks like this can have a disproportionately powerful effect in altering attitudes.

  • NT

    Great attitude to go with his great looks.

  • John

    Nice looking guy….what side is he on….

    • Clive

      It doesn’t matter who he “bats” for; but he is fit!

  • Maris

    Also, thanks for translating into English what he was saying, PinkNews… :)

  • Richard

    Are you sure that’s what he meant? He said girlfriends and boyfriends of the players and everyone involved. That could include female members of staff.

  • Brian Mc

    This is more the view of the vast majority of Irish people who are comfortable with their sexuality. Unfortunately the catholic church claims to own the views of Irish peoples views on gay people and make the world think we’re homophones.
    We’re not.

    Gaa player

    Comhionannas :)

  • Joe

    i think this needs to be verified with him is that what he really meant? The wider team would include female physiotherpists etc etc maybe he meant girl team members who support the players- their ‘boyfriends’? It would be great if he means gay members as there are gay people in every walk of life and recognizing like this can help prevent bullying etc

    • ktah10

      He said “girlfriends and boyfriends of the players”.

  • em

    Not sure he meant it in that way

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