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UKIP Councillor: Bisexuals and trans people are ‘part time homosexuals’

  • Rumbelow


  • Wingby

    This idiot again….

    Better to be silent and appear a fool than to speak removing any doubt.

  • Rumbelow

    Samuel Fletcher is a full-time twit, I hate to think what he’d be likely to attract to himself with those bizarre tangerine lipstick smackers.

  • doug

    Oh, no, not her again.

    • Steven Gregory

      BOL! (Burst Out Laughing!)

  • James Campbell

    Why is it that moronic, no brain in gear ‘public figures’ declare that their witterings are a proven fact? No mention of “I believe that …..” oh no, instead they speak as if an authority on a particular subject. The fact is, most of these people would be safer of they didn’t trouble their limited intelligence with the complexities of sexuality and gender identity, as it invariably makes them appear to be what they are … Idiots.

    • Rumbelow

      If Ugandan scientists are doing cheap brain transplants these days, I think Sam Fletcher must have bought himself one of those.

      • GulliverUK

        If that’s the case they haven’t quite perfected it :)

    • Serkan M

      Don’t you think its true though? Most bisexual men I have met are never really bi. They just say they are because of family, because they are not ready to accept themselves or they just don’t want to choose when really in most cases they do have a sexual preferance.

      • James Campbell

        I agree that SOME men who say they are Bi may be in denial. However, my criticism of this idiot is that he states his opinion as if everything he says is a fact, when it is obvious that he doesn’t have a clue. His statement (if reported correctly) implies that ALL bisexual men are gay and his comments re. trans people are inaccurate and insulting.

      • Barry Scarfe

        To be a bisexual it is only necessary to be NOT EXCLUSIVELY attracted to one gender. Most bisexuals do lean towards either the straight side or the homosexual side of the spectrum. There are extremely few who are 50/50 in their attractions.

  • thenumber2goose

    I know it’s unfair to comment on how people look; but he is one of the strangest looking human beings i’ve ever seen.

    • Rumbelow

      And he said that he thinks queers are strange (lol)

      • Steven Gregory

        I think I cracked my butt again laughing so hard at that picture! THANK YOU

    • Stevie

      Honestly , if that ain’t a warning about the results of incest I don’t know what is !!!

  • Leigh_Oats

    Mmm. Lovely photograph of her. Does she protest too much?

  • Jj

    £10 he’s had a sex change in 3 years, Blimey he needs something done..

    • Neil Rhodes

      A bus to the face leaps to mind.

    • Tiger Lily

      Wow…Thanks for the transphobic comment to add the discussion.

  • CHBrighton

    I guess this is the UKIP anti ‘political correctness’ drive – although I notice the daily mail is doing the same sort of thing but more on disability equality rather than sexuality equality. Either way, it’s deeply unpleasant and insulting.

  • That There Other David

    I take it that haircut is a result of all his double face palm moments?

    • Steven Gregory

      What explains the big orange kisser? Has he been testing hot skillets by kissing them?

      • That There Other David

        Hurt it trying to get his foot out of his mouth maybe?

  • Joe McDougall

    … says a guy that wears makeup.

    Seriously – nothing wrong with that, be COMFORTABLE with yourself pal.

  • Daniel

    Clearly the man hasn’t heart of a little thing called the internet filled with wondrous information about the things he doesn’t understand. Or rather he’s just a bigot who chooses to live in his own little world and say ridiculous things about that which he doesn’t understand.

    • Barry Scarfe

      He is a typical UKIP moron. I wonder what other bits of bigotry he would like to reveal to the world? UKIP is a party filled to the brim with the more wacky elements of the Conservative Party (not that the Tories are not also filled with loonies). Next, he will be agreeing with those ex Tory councillors in Windsor who have joined UKIP and said unemployed people should be deprived of their civil right to vote!

    • Steven Gregory

      He strikes me as one of those who believe “Knowledge” and “Information” are just liberal bullshit.

  • thomas

    I really hope he is not one of us!

  • barriejohn

    Another one who’s literally obsessed with the subject. Draw your own conclusions!

    • Rumbelow

      I seriously doubt that he’s ever really had sex with a woman anyway, he sounds like a virgin schoolboy when he describes his imaginary sexploits.

  • Serkan M

    Funnily enough, I kinda agree with the bisexual comment. Let’s be honest, how many bisexuals have turned around and said that their gay? In my experience….the plenty.

    • James Campbell

      The magic word he left out is “some”, whereas he implies “all”.

    • Toby

      Why is it the business of you or anyone else to decide for them what they are at any given time?
      Why does it make any difference to you, or to this smacked-baby-faced idiot, how others live their lives?

      • Serkan M

        It doesn’t to be honest. I’m just telling of my experiences and while someone may say there bisexual, most of the time, they are not. How many times have you heard of the Im bi and later no wait Im gay stories, because I have herds loads.

        • Ding.
          “in my experience, most of the time, they are not.”
          Which experience are you referring to?
          Bisexual experience?

    • Rehan

      Let’s be honest, how many bisexuals have turned around and said that their gay? In my experience….the plenty.

      Fine, so you’ve met a number that have decided that they are, after all, gay – so have I. But how likely are you to have met those who’ve decided they’re not gay?

      • Serkan M

        none actually.

        • Rehan

          I’m not sure you get my point: if a man who’s bisexual decides he’s really heterosexual and, for instance, then gets married and moves to the suburbs, how likely are you to know him?

          How wide is your circle of non-gay friends? You’re basing your observation on your own experience, but your experience might not be all that wide.

          • Serkan M

            So I think fundamentally what you are referring to is confirmation bias. While there is a strong argument for this, the larger picture would demonstrate something different.

            There are studies with sexual attraction relating to arousal and pupil dilation showing that men are very likely to swing from either male or female attraction, whereas women have spectrum of attraction.

            Im not saying that it 100% doesn’t exist but from what I have scientifically evaluated, it seems that men do not have a spectrum of sexuality like women. The area of course is complex and there is a separation between mental and physical arousal and so on.

          • Barry Scarfe

            From what little scientific evidence exists on the specific question of bisexuality, it looks like it is far rarer in men than it is in women but it DOES exist. Apparently, with regard to its increased incidence with females it is something to do with the fact that having same-sex behaviour enabled women to raise their children with other women.

          • Studies?

  • Christopher in Canada

    I just figured it out! This guy could do Drew Barrymore in drag, if she’d recorded any songs.

  • Jordy

    Gay, Straight, Bi, Transsexual or whatever, can you imagine waking up in the morning and seeing that on the pillow next to you!!!

    • BudClark

      Oh HELL no!

    • Gary D. Sargent

      That is what we call, in the U.S., coyote ugly. After a night of drinking, you wake up with something like that with its head on your arm and you’d rather chew it off than wake it up.

  • Erns

    In truth, I agree with him about bisexual guys. But it is just a opinion.

    • Serkan M

      Glad someone has a brain. I was beginning to feel alone lol

    • Barry Scarfe

      Why? Bisexual guys DO exist although they are very rare. Yes, some bisexuals do pretend to be bisexual when they are really gay but not all of them do. SOME people genuinely DO have sexual attractions to SOME people of BOTH genders.

      • Erns

        understood other thing. I agree with the sentence “part time
        homosexuals” because a lot of bisexual guys “are gays” when it suits it.

  • Why do these morons equate transexuality with being gay/bi? TS has nothing to do with sexuality and everything to do with feeling you are born in the wrong body.

    • James Campbell

      You know that, I know that and most of the people here know that (I hope!), but to this prat it is all a mystery. He is probably still wondering what his navel is for ……

      • MicroSupport

        Someone could tell him to unscrew it – of course he’d have to watch his arse!

    • Malin

      A greater proportion of trans people identify as LGB than amongst the general population.
      But judging by the quote – this isn’t something the councillor is aware of, as he clearly doesn’t understand some of the most basic of trans information, such as the existence of trans men.

    • Steve Cheney

      To be fair, it’s partly because of the whole “LGBT” thing. We’re grouped by virtue of being different from “the norm”, then people assume we have other stuff in common – even though really, the main thing we have in common is the ignorance of people like Samuel Fletcher.

      • Steven Gregory

        One of my favorite t-shirts reads “STRAIGHT is not NORMAL, it’s COMMON.”

    • Steven Gregory

      You answered your own question: because they’re morons. They refuse to learn or understand, they are morons by defiant choice.

  • Leigh_Oats

    She looks like someone in Madame Tussaud’s. But who?

  • Gerry

    There seem to be rather a lot of these in UKIP !

  • Jak

    Bisexual men do exist *waves* You can ask my girlfriend and my boyfriend.
    (We have an open relationship arrangement before anyone gets their knickers in a twist about OMG ur cheating)

    • Rumbelow

      Some bisexuals are serial monogamists, they may be in a relationship with a male while it lasts and then move on to a female and so on depending on where their heart takes them.

      • Toby

        I know a bisexual man who is married and has kids, and his wife is fully aware that he enjoys limited experiences with a very close male friend.

        This is not unusual, everyone is different, some people are more secure in their relationships and have a better understanding of Human sexuality.

        Ultimately it comes down to one group of people believing they know what’s right for others, yet more authoritarian bullsh*t about being “right” and “moral”, sitting in judgment of others as if they have a right to feel superior.

        • Serkan M

          Everyone judges, it’s a fact of life. We all believe in different things. How on earth a woman can allow a man next to her husband is beyond me to be honest. I really doubt that he is happy or satisfied with her because if he was satisfied, he wouldn’t go running to a bloke.

          • Steve Cheney

            Serkan, it is not a “fact of life” that you have to “judge” people by telling them that they cannot possibly happy and that their loved ones must hate them because how could they possibly not.

            From your comments in this thread, you seem to have serious personal issues with sexuality. You are rude to people who tell you their experience, pontificating at them with absolutely no evidence other than your own baseless conviction. You’ve got a lot of growing up to do, so why not start today?

          • Serkan M

            Sorry…who asked your opinion?

          • danah gaz

            Funny, I don’t recall anyone ask you anything at all, yet here you are.

          • Steven Gregory

            And who are you to be asking such a question?

          • Ding.
            Know what that was.
            Troll detector.

        • Steven Gregory

          One of my best friends is bisexual and after a couple of years his wife said she would like to see him with a man. He assured her she would not.

    • Serkan M

      You need to go on Jerry Springer.

  • Liam

    Oh man, just stop. It’s so absurd that it’s not even offensive (to me at least). I can’t stand UKIP and I’m actually starting to feel bad for Farage trying to keep his rabble from spewing this verbal diarrhea at any opportunity.

    • Barry Scarfe

      UKIP – the even more loopy wing of the Britain’s other crazy party (otherwise known as the Conservative Party)

  • Glen Hague

    Samuel has never looked lovelier!

  • white squirrel

    so the question to ask
    is this person part time rational or part time BNP?
    and why he assumes that being trans makes you find men attractive is beyond me
    some of us are lesbians / bi

  • Truth

    Labour used to be ‘The Looney Left’. UKIP have become ‘The Rabid Right’.

  • Jock S.Trap

    Clearly coming from a ‘part time human’…

  • I’m Gay, older than dirt and not a scientist. But, I do believe I have gained enough insight to know I don’t have a clue how the human sexuality spectrum is spread amongst the population. We are far too inclined to slap a finite number of labels onto an infinite number of variations so as we may pretend to grasp a complex dynamic. The social absurdity is when people argue about the inherently inaccurate definitions about these arbitrary labels.

    I also know it’d be absurd to project my experiences onto everyone else, claiming it was fact, when it is no more fact than a dolphin’s theories about penguins.

    It is from my personal dating experiences, not any thing any one has said, that has inhibited me from further dating bisexuals. Thus far, each bisexual I have dated requested I move back into his closet. I was as equally astounded at their request as they were when I said. “Sorry, no”. It does not matter about a person’s sexuality, it’s all about their honesty and openness; with themselves, their friends and with me.

    Although I fully understand it is not scientific, nor politically correct, after being bitten too many times, I no longer consider any one not of my own ilk. For me, I must agree with Arnold (played by Harvey Fierstein in “Torch Song Trilogy” – 1988) “I never met a real bisexual. I’d like to see a bisexual who lived with his boyfriend and then saw his girlfriend on the sly.”

    Personally, I don’t give a damn who anyone dates, it has no effect on me. At the moment, it is more important where I put those chocolate covered raisins after I went shopping yesterday.

    • GulliverUK

      Could it be that our own attitudes are hampering their ability to come out and feel included and supported? It’s comforting to many to use labels, and to have those labels rigidly defined, to stake our where we belong, and where the “others” are. It’s tribal thinking and it’s something humans, and other animals, learn to do really well. We’re mostly pack animals. We know there is a spectrum, but you can’t stick a label on that, only at points along it, and if culture wars are being fought over the very existence of some of those labels, opponents of one label want to be as far away as possible, so everybody is either totally gay, totally straight, or 50/50 ! It’s an inescapable scientific truth that such a claim is preposterous. But given the wars we’re fighting the rigidity of definitions, and the absolute insistence that everyone exists only in two or three labels, I don’t see people being more enlightened for another decade or two.

      Just an observation, I’m seeing a lot of anti-bisexual orientation here in this comments section, mistrust and a bit of mud-slinging. I have to ask — is this the best way to be inclusive and welcoming and affirming to all ?

      • Serkan M

        From what I am aware of I can understand about the labelling theory, however it must be stated that sexuality of men and women are different. Men do not fall onto the same kind of spectrum as women do. Men are far more likely and even exclusively to have pupil dilation and sexual arousal for either one sex or the other, whereas women really do fall onto a ‘sexual spectrum’.

        I really do feel that you have been misguided by liberal views by society and that you are not looking at scientific evidence.

        • Barry Scarfe

          Bisexuality DOES exist amongst men though the latest scientific evidence does seem to suggest it is rarer in men than amongst women.

          • Serkan M

            I suggest you look at this website


            They just don’t Im afraid.

          • Steve Cheney

            Uh, dude, even the HEADLINE of the article only says “may not”. And that’s one article.

          • Serkan M

            Have you read the article?

          • Matt

            No, because the site is currently down but I most certainly exist. I’m bisexual. Hello! :D

            I currently have a boyfriend, my previous two relationships were with women and between the ages of 12-14 I had a string of boyfriends. I love both genders and find them both amazingly sexy

          • Serkan M

            So hang on a second. Everyone can have sex with men and women so that to me is not a bisexual. However, if someone for example was at a gym and saw a guy and a lil feeling then ok. But then you also see a girl and see her and then you also get a lil signal. (attraction)

            So what your saying you feel both of these physiological responses all the time to both sexes in equal measures.

      • Gomv

        We use labels because we are rational beings. Therefore, we try to explain the physical and metaphysical reality by means of concepts and definitions (=labels). Sincerely, I think some people reject to label themselves because it is less complicated, committed and problematic. It is a politically correct strategy because it uses the freedom as subterfuge to justify the hiding and the trickery.

        If a guy admits he is gay or bisexual it is forever, it is a point of no return. For this reason, some guys prefer to use imprecise terms (fluid sexually…) or they, directly, reject to define themselves (no labels…).

        I do not understand what is the big deal… For example…if a guy likes only guys he is gay; But if a guy likes guys and women he is bisexual. It is very easy…

        • Serkan M
          • GulliverUK

            Your very certain of things aren’t you.

            I think people act in ways which custom and culture allow, as well as which, obviously, their biological settings dictate. It is hardly surprising that when most societies haven’t criminalised female sexual contact as they have done with males, that women would be able to seek out greater sexual contact with other women – some men even get off on that

            If men had the same freedom things would have been very different today. It’s got little to do with biology but more to do with what people have been and are allowed to do, how they have been allowed to express themselves. You might need to read more history – what is allowed or encouraged varied widely throughout history and by location, as it does today. And we’re in a constantly changing landscape.

            ps. There is also a difference between having sex with someone who is convenient or the only option, and having a “romantic” attraction to someone. That would be very obvious in prisons.

    • Me too.
      But more diamondish.
      On better days I likened it to consensual irony.
      Give them a kiss a send them out the door.
      There’s polishing to be done.

  • Toby

    It’s interesting to me that so many who spent a lot of money on education seem to have ended up holding the brown end of the stick when it comes to intellect.

    Can you imagine being this guys parents, having spent all that money on his education in a posh boys club, to then hear him spewing such utter unintelligible tripe?

    It just goes to show, spending money on Oxford or Cambridge doesn’t guarantee a greater intelligence than someone attending a struggling school in South London.

    • Steve Cheney

      Expensive education doesn’t encourage genuinely enquiring minds. It encourages people to view learning as a product that you buy, not a process that you participate in.

    • Samuel Fletcher

      I went to a State comprehensive school in Keighley, West Yorkshire, actually.

      • Serkan M


  • lee

    twit thats being polite he really does make some stupid and dump statements is their a brain anywhere in his head DOH

  • BudClark

    and isn’t “she” too much for colour TV …

  • ryeatley

    Dear PinkNews people,

    perhaps this chappie hasn’t read his own party’s manifesto:

    2.4 In pursuit of these objectives the Party will at all times adhere to the principle of full equality before the law. The Party shall conduct itself and its affairs in such a way that it does not discriminate against or in favour of any person on the grounds of their race, religion, ethnic origin, education, beliefs, sexual orientation,
    class, social status, sectarianism or any other basis prescribed by law. Further the Party shall at all times adhere to the principles of the rule of law, liberty, democracy and respect for the human rights and the essential, traditional freedoms of the people of the United Kingdom and those under the protection of the United Kingdom.

    These people who don’t (can’t?) think are rather annoying, aren’t they! You could always consider joining the UKIP, eh?


    A “UKipper”.

    • nixiotemba

      sofar genderidentity, not mentioned

    • Leigh_Oats

      I’m trying to make sense of the bit that I’ve italicised in the following quote from the UKIP’s “constitution” at

      “The Party shall conduct itself and its affairs in such a way that it does not discriminate against or in favour of any person on the grounds of their race, religion, ethnic origin, education, beliefs, sexual orientation, class, social status, sectarianism or any other basis prescribed by law.”

      In the field of social (or antisocial?) discrimination I can’t offhand think of a UK law that prescribes something.

      Do the unwitting wags in the UKIP mean the opposite, “proscribed”? If they do then so much for the UKIP’s opinion of the usefulness of the aforementioned “education”.

      • ryeatley

        I’m a member. but I did not write that part of the consttution!

        I hope the idea’s clear enough. There are indeed a number of people in UKIP of different persuasions. It’s worth a look.

  • Jones

    By the looks of him he’s a part time egg.

    • Leigh_Oats

      . . . with a treasure trail, aka happy trail.

  • Whatabouttery

    When I was young I used to date a bisexual guy who had relationships with both men and women. I have two male friends today who are both genuinely bisexual, one who usually has relationships with other men and one who usually has relationships with women – the first is definitely not gay, and the second is definitely not straight. I don’t understand why some people in this thread are so confused about it…

  • Bergman

    Looks like something my dog coughed up, no really!

  • Steve Cheney

    I really wish we could get a different photo of this guy. It doesn’t even have to be a better one. I’m just sick of his face.

  • fortuner_eu

    What an extremely odd thing to say! Coming from someone that looks extremely odd himself!

  • RedDevil9

    Massive assumptions all over the place. Hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about, yet he keeps on going. I can’t believe some people are actually going to vote for this ridiculous party.

    Bisexual people aren’t confused, there may be some who are gay and experiment a bit first before coming out as gay, but there are many who ID totally as bisexual. As for his trans comment, well the ones I know are in same sex relationships after transitioning. Everyone is an individual. Gender and sexuality are two completely different things anyway.

    There are lots of things I know sod all about, the same as everyone else and I’ll try to understand more about something from people who do actually know about it, out of interest. Why do these idiots choose to comment publicly on things they clearly know sod all about?

  • Yootha

    I mean, just look at him… you can see the in-breeding shining out of every pore… don’t let idiots like this in power, please people. They need to be running factory machinery.

  • Steven Gregory

    He’s actually lucky to be such a vocal idiot, the bullshit that falls out of his word hole very nearly detracts from anything else for which he might be ridiculed.

  • Name

    UKIP Councillor claim that both bi-sexual and transexuals are part-time homosexuals. Since he knows so much then he must be full-time homosexual because it take one to know one. He is the biggest JACKASS in the world i have ever come accross. He need immediate BRAIN SURGERY.


  • Ellie

    This man is clearly an absolute legend. I never thought I’d see the day when there was a politician more bumbling than Boris Johnson, but clearly I was wrong. He’ll be one to watch when you want your daily dose of laughing at idiots. Someone ought to fill his house with cameras so we can all watch and laugh 24/7. Oh, the hilarity!

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