Retired US figure skater Johnny Weir has publicly announced that he and his husband have separated.

Weir, who is gay and announced his retirement from skating in October, worked as a commentator for NBC as part of its coverage of February’s Winter Olympics.

Taking to Twitter, Weir said that “with great sadness… I announce that my husband [Victor Weir-Voronov] and I are no longer together.

“My heart hurts and I wish him well”, he continued.

In a separate tweet, he said: “No matter what, I am a cheerleader of love and partnership and creation. I am sad yet I am thankful that I was loved and that I could love.”

Weir in December faced criticism from some LGBT campaigners in the US who accused him of turning a blind eye to LGBT persecution in Russia.

In an interview to Vocativ, Weir also apologised for describing Russian anti-gay legislation as merely a “no-anal-sex-in-front-of-children’s-libraries situation.”

Realising that his remarks appeared glib, Weir said: “I apologise, I misspeak, if I’ve offended anyone in this room, sometimes I make bad comparisons, so thanks for pointing that out,” he said.